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We have been getting various general finance queries on our different blogs through emails. So, this section has been introduced to encourage readers to engage in a healthy conversation on general topics, other than what is shared through our blogs and comments thereon.

So, if you have any query on any topic of your interest, you can initiate a discussion to grab the ideas from like-minded people. Be a part of this active and growing community sharing views and opinions on a variety of financial topics.

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9 thoughts on “Q & A Forum”

  1. This seems to be a good platform for clearing your personal finance queries.I have been following it since long.I usually enjoy reading all the investment related articles.Your career section is also a great initiative in the right direction. Thanks.

    • Hi Mohan, Thanks a lot for your appreciation.Getting such a positive feedback really encourages us in our knowledge sharing initiative on this platform. Keep visiting to read our latest posts.

  2. Hi, I really appreciate your efforts on creating financial awareness. Quite a lot of good posts to go through. This is indeed a great platform to learn on financial basics.Thanks a lot !

  3. I read your blog about the http://fintrakk.com/best-courses-after-12th-commerce/. And I truly liked the information.
    I am gonna pass through my 2nd PUC of Karnataka Board this year, with a determination of shining marks. But, I’m very tenses as of now because of inability to take a strong decision. Decision between CA or CS. A coaching institute is telling me to opt for CA and that CS is pretty messy and is full of mass theories. They also told me that if I wish to pursue a full time B.Com course from a college (which I do), I would have to wait for extra 2 years & then complete my 3 years of articleship which will sum up for a total of 5 years after IPCC. Those words were enough to drown my Titanic of dreams of pursuing CA because I already have wasted 1 year before my 1st PU due to severe health issues and I can’t afford to consume more of those years. Also, we are not very rich. My dad manages our family of three with a salary of INR 11,000 p/m (with a appreciating savings knack of my Mom-Dad combo).
    A relative of mine is telling me to go for MBA after B.Com (saying she would do her best to help me with finance), & that does attracts me because I love managing things (I’ve worked as a volunteer for a NGO for children). But, I am also thinking of keeping CS as a backup option.
    Am I going towards correct direction? I need to register before 31st of this month. I hope you would help me with this confusion.

    • Hi Ashish,
      Looking at your situation the first and foremost thing you need to decide is what you exactly want to do.
      Select one course as primary one and put all your efforts and hard work on it. 1.If you want to become CA your main focus should be on it,in such a case B.com should be a secondary option like you can do B.com through correspondence alongwith CA.Since,articleship is a must in CA,so doing a regular B.com is sometimes unmanageable.( There are certain tie-ups between institutes where you can avail exemption for few exams in B.com also)
      Similarly,if CS is your choice,that should be your primary focus and do B.com alongwith it.
      2.But,if you wish to pursue MBA in future,you can go for a regular B.com now and MBA later on.Since,you love managing things,that might also be a good option for you.
      4.CA and CS are quite reasonable as far as cost is concerned.
      5.CA needs a lot of hard work and consistent efforts and is tougher than CS. But,CS does have a lot of theory subjects.That’s true.
      Hope,this helps you in taking a decision.
      Just follow your passion and interests so that its easy for you to achieve your dreams.All the best ! Feel free to discuss any queries.

      • Thanks for taking your valuable time out for replying my query.

        “Discontinuing the college life” is what I don’t wish to do. Actually, it’s pretty tough for me to keep my mental health constant if I stay all alone for some years & not interact with others. And interacting with others is what the college life gives me as a gift.
        Can’t I pursue CS along with a regular degree course? And also please let me know if it is true that one cannot pass his/her CS course without coaching?
        I would be thankful if you do give me some advice for now. Because I guess the last date for enrolment for CS Course is 31st of this month.

        • Hi Ashish,
          If you are so interested in pursuing a degree course alongwith CS you should follow your interests.Its upto you how you manage both simultaneously.Moreover,looking at your determination it seems you can carry around both by putting in your hard work.In such a case keep CS as your primary focus.Further,coaching is not a must to clear any professional course.In CS there are various theory subjects which you can manage well with your consistent efforts yourself.For practical subjects you may need some guidance but if you understand the concepts that’s also not a big issue.
          In CS,the Foundation Programme can be pursued by 10+2 pass students.The next level is Executive Programme that can be pursued by a Graduate directly or after foundation(if you have joined this course after 12th).The final level i.e.the Professional Programme can be pursued only after clearing the Executive Programme of CS Course.
          Clearing foundation level is easy while some extra effort is required at the executive and professional level of the CS course.
          Also,You need to undergo practical training of around 15 months during your CS course at a later stage,so make sure you can manage all the things well.
          All the best !

  4. Not a great move. They should have given us some time before closing banks and ATMs.
    How will people survive like this. Those who have black money will any ways find their ways to turn into white. This is just a way to trouble people and not going to help. All this happened because of the mistake done by RBI by printed incorrect notes and they are faking the reason to curb black money.

  5. The news that Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes shall be abolished from 9th November onwards came as a big surprise for every Indian.
    The new currency notes shall be available from 10th November onwards in banks and ATMs.This is a bold move by the Government to fight black money,fake currency and corruption issues.
    What are your views for this giant move or we should say a complete gamechanger !


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