American Express or Amex MakeMyTrip Card Offers : Review

Through this blog we shall be highlighting one of the popular and highly used credit cards from the bunch of American Express credit cards : The New American Express or Amex Make My Trip Credit Card.

You shall become aware about the features,charges and the overall benefits of holding an Amex Make My Trip Credit Card in your wallet.

Have a look at the latest Amex Make My Trip Credit card offers and add to your knowledge as to what’s trending in their latest offers and privileges section.

American Express or Amex MakeMyTrip Credit Card :

As the name itself suggests, it is one of the popular and Best Travel Credit cards in India that is loaded with various exclusive offers and discounts from time to time.

American Express or Amex MakeMyTrip credit card comes packed with multiple rewards and privileges that can be in the form of Payback points, cashback or travel vouchers.The name itself signifies that you are likely to enjoy certain MakeMytrip offers.

After analysing all the features and looking at the overall benefits and rewards, spending a nominal fee on this credit card doesn’t hurt provided you avail the maximum benefits offered through this credit card.

Its indeed a great saving deal for you especially if you are a travel freak !

Key Benefits of Amex MakeMyTrip Card :

  • The first year fee of this AMEX MakeMyTrip credit card is Rs.750. The annual fee second year onwards is Rs.1500 only.
  • You can earn 2 PAYBACK Points on every Rs.100 that you spend upto a total of 5 PAYBACK Points for every Rs. 100 that you spend on MakeMyTrip.
  • You also enjoy multiple PAYBACK Points across more than 50 PAYBACK partners.
  • You also get 3% cashback at leading fuel stations if you pay through your AMEX MakeMyTrip card.
  • You can enjoy 5% cashback on the MakeMyTrip bookings that you do through your AMEX MMT credit card.
  • You also get limited period offers like 70% cashback on your hotel bookings till 30th September 2017.
  • Certain additional offers also prevail like you shall get a MakeMyTrip voucher worth Rs. 2,000 if you spend Rs. 1.25 lakhs. An additional MakeMyTrip voucher worth Rs. 5,000 shall also be provided if you spend Rs. 2.5 lacs during the year.
  • Special discounts are available on dining at restaurants at various cities across the globe.
  • You can also pay in easy EMIs for certain purchases that you make.

A whole lot of welcome gifts await you in the form of MakeMyTrip vouchers to make you enjoy a great holiday experience.

Now, if you have a good credit history and meet all the eligibility requirements, you can easily avail the American Express MakeMyTrip Credit card and start enjoying the range of offers it brings for you.

If you are looking for a high rewards card, you can also checkout a popular name : AMEX Membership Rewards Credit Card.

This might be a good fit for the ones who wish to earn great cashback plus are fond of travelling since there are a lot of payback offers and travel, hotel bookings vouchers, flight offers etc. that you get on different occasions.

So,if you are planning for a holiday trip, this AMEX credit card might prove handy giving away amazing offers including MakeMyTrip vouchers, hotel bookings and special flight discounts etc.

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Are you planning to apply for the American Express MakeMyTrip Credit card ? Do you already have one ? Do share your valuable feedback and any important information thereon.

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