American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card: Lifelong Rewards and World Class Service

Looking for a credit card with an attractive rewards program and exciting offers, you have just landed at the right place. We shall make you familiar with one such popular and a unique rewards credit card: American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card or Amex MRCC, as we simply call it.

American Express is synonymous with  world class products & services. We have already discussed the incomparable quality of American Express services and the 24*7 personalised assistance that the Amex card members enjoy in our previous post on Amex services. Now, we shall be digging deeper into the quantum of rewards plus some other offers related to the Amex MRCC, that are surely going to entice you.

The privileges that you get using this American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card are just irresistible for any frequent credit card user. If you are the lucky one to get hold of this credit card, you will definitely love exploring a world full of amazing rewards and fabulous offers.

Now, let us get acquainted with the various attractive rewards and mesmerizing offers that make this American Express Card stand out and attract thousands of different sections of users from around the globe…

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card: Best Rewards and Offers to enjoy

Just keep counting and collecting the bulk of rewards, benefits and innumerable offers that you will get through this American Express Membership Rewards Credit card.

Amex MRCC,Membership rewards credit card

1. Bulk of Exciting Reward points you will love to add upon:

A Welcome Bonus just for you:

A big welcome bonus knocks at your door, once you get the card membership! Simply stating, you shall be awarded 4,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points on using the Card 3 times within the first 60 days of having the Card membership, upon payment of the annual fee. This 4000 bonus points is a pretty good number to grab. Isn’t it!

Bonus Membership Rewards:

You can enjoy 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points if you use your Amex MRCC just 4 times on monthly transactions of Rs.1,000 or above. To Spend Rs.1000 or above just 4 times in a month is not really a big deal. In fact, looking at the cost of living and inflation trends these days, the monthly expenses are likely to shoot up towards the higher side. So, you can easily grab these 1000 membership reward points.

Additional Rewards on Card Renewal:

You can earn 5,000 Membership Rewards Points on First Year Card Renewal when you pay your annual membership fee. These reward points shall be credited within 90 days of your credit card renewal.

2. Travel benefits: A Real treasure for the frequent travellers:


Enjoy Rs.2500 off for your first booking on Airbnb. Use your Airbnb coupon to rent local accommodations on any budget and choose from unique places just anywhere in the world.

Terrific Tuesdays:

Every Tuesday, you get to enjoy upto Rs.2000 instant savings by booking via Cleartrip. You can choose from over 15000 local experiences across India & domestic/international round trip flights through your Amex rewards credit card. Planning for a holiday with family or friends, this “Terrific Tuesday offer” can give you a wonderful experience.

3. Dining discounts in store for you:

You get up to 20% off on your restaurant and dining bills, if you eat at selected partners. So, eating out and paying through this Amex Membership Rewards Credit card can help save some of your hard earned money.

Redeem your Reward Points: Exciting Gifts and Awesome Deals:

Here, comes the best part…Redemption of your Membership Reward Points. This is the most interesting thing to experience while using any credit card. However, this is based on how many reward points you have been adding through your card.

The biggest benefit of using the Amex Membership Credit Card is…Your reward points never expire, yes…keep accumulating your points and redeem them whenever you wish to. The higher the reward points you have accumulated, the better options and choices you can get to redeem them.

Redeem these fabulous reward points to get maximum benefits and the best deals whenever you desire to, your points are safe and yes they never expire.

So, American Express Cardmembers get to choose from the stunning gold collection of 24 carat and 18 carats on earning reward points up to 24,000 and 18,000 respectively. Options on the 24 carat gold collection includes INR 13,000 worth Good Earth gift card, Amazon gift cards and INR 10,000 worth of statement credit. 18 carat offer is inclusive of BOSE SoundLink speakers, vouchers from Tanishq, luxury stay at WelcomHeritage hotels and INR 7,500 worth of statement credit. Redemption points do not stop with the gold collection. Also Cardmember enjoy the flexibility to redeem your rewards points from over 500+ exciting redemption alternatives. This includes options from leading airlines, hotels, electronics and more. You will love shopping and dining out with your reward points at selected partners.

What more, you can also convert your membership rewards into Air Miles for complimentary flights and partner hotel points for a free stay. So attractive it is…Right!

American Express EzeClick:

The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card is also equipped to enable a faster, smarter and secure revolutionary payment experience for online shoppers through the “EzeClick” feature. No need to fill in long forms with lengthy details, your online shopping has become just so easy through this advanced option. One ID for all transactions makes it lighting fast, and this is not all, you can add multiple American Express Cards to your EzeClick ID to make unlimited transactions and manage your multiple accounts. Online transactions can now be much simpler!

A Final Note

This is a short glimpse of the American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card, the actual advantages can be known once you actually use it. There are other additional benefits and offers that keep on enhancing your bucket of offers from time to time. Like the fabulous offer that is presently running: Lifetime Free* Membership on the American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card valid for a limited period.

I mean, just look at its wonderful features, this seems to be an exclusive rewards card that comes with the American Express Zero Lost Card Liability and not to forget the 48 hr Emergency Card Replacement. If you are the one who is searching for a comprehensive package and a complete rewards card, American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card might be a perfect fit for your wallet.

“A penny saved is a penny earned”. Just imagine, how much overall savings and benefits this Amex MRCC can provide you. Above all the host of privileges, the awesome benefits and great offers associated to this American Express credit card accompanied by the super friendly customer service, is what one usually looks for.

The convenience and the friendly assistance that you get in even small things like getting hold of a good and a reliable credit card can make your life so easy in this busy world.

What’s your take on this American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card? Have you used it, or are you looking forward to apply for the Amex MRCC? Do share your valuable experiences and any opinions thereon.

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    • No, on the Amex MRCC card you have to do 4 transaction of 1k and above in a month and you will get 1000 rewards points.But, on Amex Gold card you have to do 6 transaction of 1k in a month and then you will get 1k rewards points.Both,have same charges. Another difference is that you will get a fixed limit in MRCC and on Amex Gold card there will be a shadow limit.It will depend upon your expenses.


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