Best Blockchain Books to read in 2024: Top List

You must be familiar with the word “Blockchain” by now. Remember the huge crypto wave especially Bitcoin and its wide fluctuating prices that recently took the financial markets by surprise. The innovative technology behind this crypto revolution or the solid backbone of this digital currency phenomenon is the “Blockchain Technology”.

Just to clarify, cryptocurrency is just one use case of this robust blockchain technology. In fact, the blockchain is a vast ocean where you can dive in to explore all sorts of utilities to simplify things in this digital era.

If you are a developer or a blockchain enthusiast, you would love to dig deeper into the layers of this fast growing technology. Otherwise also gaining some basic knowledge on this trending topic is a great value addition.

Blockchain is fairly big and there’s lot to know about it. The internet is flooded with a whole range of articles and a large collection of books on blockchain. One really gets confused when it comes to picking up the best book on blockchain.

So, here’s we have handpicked a set of some of the popular and Best Blockchain books to help you in learning about this rising blockchain technology and its related concepts.

10 Best Blockchain Books to Read: Learn Basics 

1. Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology behind Bitcoin is changing Money, Business and the World

A brilliantly researched book authored by Don and Alex Tapscott describing the driving technologies that are all set to shape the next era of prosperity in different sectors. The various use cases of blockchain have been explained in a simple manner. Blockchain, a revolutionary protocol goes beyond cryptocurrency to virtually record different things.

2. The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice and Application of the Next Internet Technology

A book authored by William Mougayar unveils the new flow of value and fundamental shifts brought by the blockchain technology. A comprehensive pack of what is blockchain and its implication on financial services plus implementation of this fast emerging technology. A great piece of work for technologists including the business minded people.

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3. Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy

This book by Melanie Swan takes you ahead of cryptocurrency and smart contracts. The book highlights this significant technology demonstrating how blockchain is becoming the next disruptive computing paradigm. You shall get a clear idea of the blockchain concepts, its functionality, creating decentralized depository and its usage in digital endeavours.

4. The Book of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

The identity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto exists virtually in the online world. This book by Phil Champagne contains the essential writings on Bitcoin’s creation presented through emails and posts of what the bitcoin founder thought and wrote himself.

5. Mastering Blockchain: Deeper Insights into Decentraolization, Cryptography, Bitcoin and Popular Blockchain Forums

This book by Imran Bashir lets you scroll though the technological foundations of blockchain and mechanisms behind cryptocurrencies. You also explore different blockchain solutions, its implementation and scope of this powerful technology.

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6. Blockchain Basics: A Non-technical Introduction in 25 Steps

A book by Daniel Drescher, lets you learn the basics of blockchain in 25 concise steps. A perfect fit for beginners or non-technical people that requires no previous computer or programming knowledge. The important technical concepts are depicted through pictures, analogies and metaphors.

7. Blockchain for Beginners: The Complete Step by Step Guide to Understanding Blockchain Technology

This book written by Mark Watney highlights the history of blockchain, mechanics behind blockchain, its applications and much more. A simple way to get acquainted to the blockchain world knowing how it is presently used and its future usage.

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8. The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

In this book by Paul Vigna and Michael J.Casey, you can get details on this powerful blockchain technology ready to disrupt finance, legal and tech sectors. Know about the path this blockchain technology takes. A new operating system all set to revolutionise our economy.

9. Blockchain Technology Explained: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

A book by Alan T. Norman helps you discover how the blockchain technology works and can be used in future. You can capture minute details on cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. You can read technical explanations on what is blockchain, mining and what problems it can solve, can technology make institutions faster, affordable and topics like security of data as well.

10. Decentralized Applications: Harnessing Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology

This book by Siraj Raval, is a great fit for developers or technical people who wish to benefit from decentralization and learn to build decentralized apps or “daaps”. Know what is dapp and how to develop blockchain based dapps and explore them both in theory and practice.

So, this was our massive collection of some interesting and trending books on the budding blockchain technology. Hope you enjoyed scrolling though this exclusive list of books on Blockchain, of course, the next big thing in the digital world.

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Have you gone through any of the above Blockchain books recently? Are you planning to grab one to enhance your knowledge on this hot topic? Which blockchain book are you preferring to buy and read? Did we miss to mention any important name in the list of blockchain books? Feel free to discuss in the comment section.

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