Best Citibank Credit Cards India: Review 2024

Get ready to explore an exclusive range of some of the Best Citibank Credit Cards India. Citibank offers you a wide variety of credit cards to meet your shopping, travel, lifestyle, fuel and other specific needs.

You can enjoy numerous Citibank Credit Card offers based on the type of credit card you choose and the spending that you make on the credit card.

So, here we present to you 5 Best Citibank Credit Cards through which you can enjoy unlimited privileges that can include anything ranging from shopping offers, dining or travel offers, cashback or rewards, easy EMI options and so on.

It is anyways better to apply through the links directing towards the bank’s site. We have added few such links in association with the respective bank that redirect towards the banking website, so that you can easily grab the choice of your card and get quick approvals. This post contains affiliate links. You may get some really good offers at no extra cost, we might earn a small commission if you purchase.

Best Citibank Credit Cards in India: Review

Looking at the overall features and benefits Citibank Rewards Credit Card emerges as a clear winner for me. Its one of my favourites. No joining fees and easy annual fee waiver also…Wow! That’s what I probably look for while searching for a credit card, not to bear any additional cost.

In fact, I really enjoy using Citibank Credit Cards due to the wide range of cards they offer suiting one’s different needs (You can checkout the details as well as apply below). This seems to be a great choice for salaried individuals.

Moreover,if you spend Rs.30000 or above using the Citibank Rewards Credit Card, you also get the annual fee waiver. Now,that’s a real bonanza ! Isn’t it ? Looking at the cost of living these days, you are likely to spend this much amount during the year. So, you can easily avail the annual fee waiver benefit. That’s how I saved some money. You can too, if you get hold of this credit card.

And yes…if you are looking for a great fuel credit card, not to miss out Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card another highly popular credit card. You enjoy zero annual fee, if annual spending exceeds Rs.30000 through this card.

Further, Citibank Cashback Credit Card also seems to be a great choice for the ones who look for cashback cards. You can avail cashback on movie tickets, utility bill payments and telephone bill payments. So,you are likely to save a good sum on your spending and bills through the Citibank Cashback Credit Card.

Its your turn to find out, which one suits you and fits your choice.


However, each Citibank Credit Card is unique in its own way, the credit card names themselves specify their main features and what kind of credit cards they are like:

  • Citibank Cashback Credit Card: A Cashback Credit Card
  • Citibank Rewards Credit Card: A Rewards Credit Card
  • Citibank Premier Miles Credit: A Travel Credit Card
  • Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card: A Fuel Credit Card
  • Citi Prestige Credit Card: A Premium or Luxury Credit Card

Best Citibank Credit Cards India Review

1. Citibank Cashback Credit Card:

This is a good credit card for earning cashback rewards and also for paying your utility bills online.

Key Benefits of Citibank Cashback Credit Card:

  • If you love watching movies frequently, this credit card can give you 5% Cash Back on movie ticket purchases.
  • You get 5% cash back on your utility bill payments like electricity bills.
  • You get 5% cash back on telephone payments.
  • 0.5% cash back on other amount spent.
  • Please note that cash back is restricted to Rs.100 per month for each category mentioned above.
  • The annual fee for this credit card is Rs.500 only.

Looking at the cashback offers associated with the Citibank Cashback Credit Card, this seems to be a great fit for the ones exploring a good cashback credit card.

2. Citibank Rewards Credit Card:

Citibank Rewards Credit Card, as the name suggests, is a credit card that is good at offering reward points that can be redeemed easily for exciting gift vouchers and other offers as available.

Key Benefits of Citibank Rewards Credit Card:

  • Citibank Rewards Credit Card has no joining fee. This is an attractive offer for any credit card user.
  • If your annual spending >=Rs.30000 then you can get the annual fee waiver as well. Otherwise, the annual fee is Rs.1000 only. Now, this sounds really cool!
  • You earn 10 reward points for every Rs.125 that you spend on apparel and departmental stores. You can also pay with your reward points while shopping both at 700+ outlets and e-shopping sites also.
  • You earn 1 reward point for every Rs.125 on all other purchases that you make.
  • You can also avail fuel surcharge waiver for the fuel purchase that you make through your Citibank Rewards Credit Card.
  • Citibank Rewards card is an international credit card that can be used globally i.e. in India and abroad.

A good card for offering a whole range of reward points plus the Nil joining fee is an added advantage on this credit card.

3. Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card

Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card, the name itself displays its a popular travel card i.e. you can earn benefits in the form of miles on your travel transactions.

This is a credit card for frequent flyers where you get reward points that can be redeemed for hotel stays, booking flights,car rentals etc.

Key Benefits of Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card:

  • The annual fee of Citibank Premier Miles card is Rs.3000.
  • You get to earn 10 miles on every Rs.100 that you spend on all your airline transactions.
  • You get to earn 10 miles on every Rs.100 that you spend on travel as well as stay booked at the website
  • You can redeem the evergreen miles at over 100 domestic and international airlines.
  • You can also transfer your miles to any of the hotels & airline partners of Citibank.
  • If you spend Rs.1000 or above within 60 days of getting the card, you get 10000 bonus miles. This sounds really appealing!
  • You also get another 3000 miles at the time of card renewal.
  • You also get complimentary access at various airport lounges thereby adding comfort to your travel experience.

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4. Indian Oil Citibank Platinum Credit Card:

Indian Oil Citibank Credit Card is a popular fuel credit card i.e. you get benefits and save money primarily on your fuel payments.

You are likely to grab more benefits if you use this credit card at Indian Oil Outlets for fuel purchases. However,you get avail benefits on your other spends as well.

Key Benefits of Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card:

  • The annual fee is Rs.1000 only. But, the same can be waived off if your annual spending is Rs.30000 or above.
  • If you purchase fuel at any of the authorised Indian Oil Retail Outlets, you earn 4 Turbo Points on Rs.150 of fuel purchase.
  • You also earn 2 Turbo Points on Rs.150 that you spend at grocery and supermarkets.
  • You get 1 Turbo Point on Rs.150 that you spend on your other needs like Shopping and Dining.
  • 1 Turbo point is equivalent to Rs.1 of free fuel. You can redeem your turbo points instantly at authorised Indian Oil outlets or accumulate your points to redeem later on.

This is a fuel credit card primarily offering benefits and rewards on your fuel purchases.

5. Citi Prestige Credit Card:

Citi Prestige Credit Card is a luxury credit card that typically suits the ones who love to travel and enjoy a luxurious life. This might be  a good fit for frequent travellers, businessmen who travel a lot abroad for business meeting or even for family trips.

So, if you wish to have a king like feel and get enticed by the luxurious lifestyle and unforgettable travelling experiences across the globe that this credit card offers, then only you should go for it.

Key Benefits of Citi Prestige Credit Card:

  • The annual membership fee for Citi Prestige Card is Rs.20000 that seems to be quite high and may suit only the high business class.
  • You get 10000 bonus air miles and vouchers worth Rs.10000 o annual basis from Taj Group or ITC Hotels.
  • On every Rs.100 that you spend you earn 1 reward point locally and 2 reward points overseas.
  • You also get to enjoy 1 night complimentary stay when you have minimum booking of 4 nights stay.
  • You also get a personalized welcome and an elevated status on various loyalty programs of British Airways and Taj Group.
  • You also get access to some of the picturesque golf destinations.
  • You also get exclusive city guides while your stay in the different beautiful cities of the world.
  • You can redeem your reward points for exciting gift vouchers from various brands through the Citi Prestige Rewards catalogue.

This was our list of Best Citibank Credit cards that may suit a different set of people based on their individual needs and priorities. You just need to pick up the one that meets your purpose and usage.

Just remember one thing, excess of anything is not good. So, don’t overspend using credit cards so as manage your finances in a better way.

The details of the above mentioned credit cards are on “as is” basis obtained from the respective bank’s website. There may be changes in offers and deals from time to time. Please check all the respective Terms and conditions (T&C) carefully with the respective banks/companies before applying for any of the best credit cards in India.

Do you have any of the Best Citibank Credit Cards in your wallet? Do share your valuable experiences on any of the above Citibank Credit cards to help our readers take wise decision.

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