Best 6 Finance Podcasts for Your Financial Freedom

Want to manage your finances but don’t get time to research about it? You need expert advice but can’t afford a financial planner? The answer to both these problems are Financial or Finance podcasts you must subscribe to. Grab insights from experts of the industry, and a little added chit-chat about new market trends and innovations all from the comfort of your home, car, or even a treadmill! Financial podcasts are convenient, economical, and a hassle-free way to tap into expert knowledge and gain clarity and a better understanding of handling your finances.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a working individual, student or a homemaker financial podcasts are for every niche. From millennium savings to student loans, achieving financial freedom for women, and increasing your earning potential at the current job, If you can think about it, Somebody’s probably talked about it on a podcast!

Podcasts Insides have reported an approximate of 10,00,000 running podcasts as of 2020. This means thousands of the financial genre podcasts waiting for you to set your ears upon. We have curated a list of some of the best ones you must subscribe to. But before that, We’ll answer the question that might be troubling you. What exactly is a podcast?

What is a Podcast and how does it work?

Just think of all your shows, blogs, or movies converted into an audio style that you can tune into from your mobile devices!

A podcast is an online, on-demand, and niche specific talk show that users subscribe to, on platforms like SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. They are sometimes episode wise like a show or story-telling on any and every topic in the world. The portmanteau ‘Podcasts’ is known to arrive from iPod and Broadcast initially started to join individuals of similar interests or issues to build a community.

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However, today everyone is out there hosting a podcast from individual storytellers to companies and TV and radio networks, to comedians. Hosting a podcast is rather easy these days. just select a niche, know your audience, and deliver good audio content for people to catch a hang of. There are no set parameters for length, style, or production level. You can easily speak into a mic sitting at home broadcasting your voice to thousands of potential subscribers. Exciting isn’t it? You can also monetize the podcast after reaching a certain level of listeners.

What’s more, is the ever-growing popularity of podcasts. according to the Podcasts inside research 60 million homes in the USA are podcast fans. What is often referred to as ‘Netflix in Audio’, The most loved genres include comedy followed by education and news.

So, now that we know the what and how of podcasts, let’s get to the list of top financial podcasts separated as global and India specific for you to try out!

Note: This is just a list in no specific order and NOT a ranking made by us.

Best Finance Podcasts: Global

Here we have shortlisted some of the popular finance podcasts to listen to:

1. So Money

Hosted by Financial expert Farnoosh Torabi, So Money is the podcast for you if you’re a beginner in Finance. Torabi covers the basics of money management in her weekly chats with finance authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers. So Money has been rated as the top female hosted podcast by the entrepreneur magazine and also holds the award of the top financial podcast from Plutus. You can learn everything from making your first budget or paying off debt to launching and growing your own business. But don’t worry, you won’t get bored. Torabi interacts with her guests rather candidly and is sure to be your source of infotainment.

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Duration: 30 minutes/episode

2. The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is a celebrity finance guru known for his niche of helping people pay off debts and loans. He is a big name when it comes to getting out of the debt trap. taking ‘baby steps’ Ramsey is known to formulate strategies to take you out of student loans, home and car loans, and high-interest mortgage for you to move towards the path of your financial freedom. 40 minutes long, each episode shares inspirational stories of ordinary people that extraordinarily made financial success in their lives.

Duration: 40 minutes/episode

3. The Mad Fientist

Have you heard about the FIRE movement? it’s the Financial independence retire early. Believed to be started by a man called ‘ ‘Mr. Money Moustache’, the movement focusses on shifting the traditional retirement age to 30s or 40s for people to enjoy the retired life to the fullest. What do you think of the movement?

So anyway, on the Mad Feintist show the pioneers and followers of this movement are brainstormed in the form of an interview to extract advice on planning and executing your perfect retirement.

Duration: 30 minutes/episode

Best Finance Podcasts: Indian

1. Bloomberg Quint All you need to know

This is my personal favorite which as they like to introduce it “gets you ready for the business day ahead”. With Bloomberg’s global leadership and Quintillion media’s insights on Indian markets and the economy, Bloomberg Quint is a multi-platform Indian business and news company. they release date-wise episodes that compile all the news and insights that took place in the finance and business world in a day that you need to know.

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Duration:8-12 minutes/episode

2. Paisa Vaisa

Sponsored by Paytm Money, Paisa Vaisa is a talk show by Anupam Gupta where every week he talks to industry experts like CEOs, CIOs, startup founders, and financial advisors where they dig into the wide spectrum of the banking and financing world covering almost any and every aspect of it. If you want to make informed decisions and listen to industry experts talk about their niche, to guide you in your financial journey, then this is the podcast for you.

Duration:30-60 minutes/episode

3. Naval

Also, one of those I personally follow, Naval is kind of different than others mentioned in this list in two ways. First is the reach to platforms as it is one of the very rare podcasts to have an Instagram page with about 30k followers, and second, the kind of content Naval Ravikant delivers. Not only wealth creation, but he also talks about issues like the path to peace and self-improvement virtues. Former CEO of AngelList, Ravikant goes by @naval on twitter and Instagram and is an Indian-American investor and entrepreneur.

Duration:2-30 minutes/episode

The Bottom Line

Podcasts are the new wave and improved source of infotainment. Do you think it could replace traditional radio as video on demand i.e. streaming platforms like Netflix have replaced Cable TV? and more importantly, are you a regular listener of one of these podcasts? Do let us know how they influenced your financial journey to help others too! Do share your favourite finance podcast with us.

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