Best 10 Forex Blogs: Top Trading News Sites & Strategies

Through this post you’ll become familiar with a list of popular and Best Forex Trading Blogs to follow, some important details on each of them.

Forex: Meaning & Overview

Forex stands for “Foreign Exchange”. Forex is the global marketplace where currencies of all the nations are traded. As the reach of trade is worldwide, Forex markets are considered to be one of the most liquid markets in the world.

You would be surprised to know that the average volume of trading per day for Forex is above $5 trillion which is more than the combined volume of all stock markets that are present in this world.

So, yes the currencies are traded and the purpose of trade may differ from individual to individual and organization to organization. One may trade for commerce and other may trade for tourism. Trading is done as per the ongoing exchange rate in the Forex market and the prices keep on changing due to supply and demand similar to a stock market.

Best 10 Forex Blogs to Follow: Trading News Insights

Here’s a list of trending blogs and sites sharing information and insights on trading:


Bloomberg is one of the most trusted and credit worthy platforms which provides you with the latest global news not only regarding business and finance, but also on topics related to new government policies, about companies and industries, upcoming technologies, and many others which add to the reader’s knowledge. Not only forex, but you can read any kind of trending financial news on this financial website. Gather the hottest international market news and information.

The robust analysis backed with data helps users to make informed decisions. Whether you are an investor, a trader or a broker, you will find all information about new trading opportunities here on Bloomberg.


Etoro is a community platform where investors and traders associate, cooperate and exchange their experience. So the platform has made it easy for amateur investors to follow trading activities of professional investors and gives them an opportunity to learn more.

Etorto is also popular for facilitating trading of crypto-currencies like bitcoin.

Therefore if you are a trader who can work well with others or you are a new trader, eToro could be a great choice.

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3. is a comprehensive platform which covers the latest financial news, financial tools, charts, streaming quotes and data about global financial markets ranging from stocks, options, futures, ETFs, bonds, and commodities to currencies.

So, users can try different drawing tools, charts and technical analysis to build their own strategies.

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Best Forex Blogs & News


Professional traders follow it a lot over social media and love it for its great insights and commentaries which cover matters from finance and economy to Wall Street.

Its editorial opinions are very popular among traders which covers a wide variety of topics like fall and rise of dollar, national debt, inflation and deflation, hedge funds etc.


This platform is run by the professional trader Nial Fuller and traders/investors value him worldwide a lot. He is a great mentor and author who shares his experience and expertise on forex trading.

He provides various analysis on a day-to-day basis and gives great insights. A lot of resources are made available from videos to articles which will make you a specialist along with a lot of money.

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6. Daily

Daily FX is the leading portal when it comes to foreign exchange. It justifies ‘fx’ in its name by giving you every needed information about currencies you could think of.

The collection includes all data from past to present with a pattern and analysis. Great suggestions are provided about future possibilities and fluctuations as its technical analysis always remains robust.

It also provides you reviews of economic calendars, charts, indicators with various other services.


This portal is also run by a real time and experienced trader Nick B. Since the name suggests, this portal was created for amateur traders, it has a lot of educational stuff. With education, weekly technical analysis is also provided by Nick to assist traders.

Free videos, articles, and guidance, this is really a great platform to understand and start trading currencies as a beginner.

8. Baby

Again similar like Forex4Noobs, Baby Pips is also one of the best educational websites for beginners who want to learn forex trading. Because of huge community support, it is recommended to every beginner.

So when it comes to building fundamentals with dedicated sections like pipsychology and piponomics, it’s really great.


The vision of this portal is to make traders a hero which symbolizes moving towards perfection.

Therefore, Tradingheroes provide strategies, perfect advisors and software for professional traders and help them to move towards perfection.


When it comes to guidance, Goforex is one of the best platforms. Its guiding ability is excellent like where and when to invest, what combinations to choose, which timeframe will be most suitable and the list goes on.

If you as a trader want to promote a product, it can also partner with you and this is one of the primary reasons why this website is popular.

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Forex Blogs: List to Add On

Some of the other good websites which are not included in our top 10 rankings are listed below:

1. Forex Crunch

It’s quite a good platform as articles are posted regularly and you also get quick answers to your comments.

This site also provides you with a great trading community of active traders. Experienced teams help you learn a variety of trading styles and strategies.

2. Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates provide you valuable information about the forex market and its rules and regulations. It provides you great insights about brokers and trading tips.

3. Finance and Markets

This website helps you get your trades profitable as well as important news on a regular basis. It is one of the best websites which teach you to manage your finances.

4. Forexfraud

Forexfraud will help you learn what to do as well as what not to do. The platform provides you various reviews, articles, rules and regulations etc.

Forex Blogs: The Bottom Line

When experts of the industry make their portals and share their knowledge and analysis and help you get educated, it gives you immense motivation.

You will learn a lot if you follow these blogs and your trading skills will be improved. A lot of risk is involved in forex trading. You can’t become an expert by merely reading these blogs. Act wisely and follow due diligence before investing in any risky asset class.

Which is your favourite forex blog? Did we miss an important name here? Or do you have any other forex blogs to include in our list? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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