10 Best Gig Apps and Websites to Make Money in Canada 2024

Do you want to make extra bucks? Looking for an alternative source to make passive income? Gig Apps are getting a lot more popular these days to earn money.

Gig Apps are basically platforms that provide freelancers the tools and opportunities to work and earn up to $30 an hour. In Canada, they are a very lucrative and flexible source to earn part-time money.

Usually, the work is short-term, contract, and part-time. A freelancer is free to do it from home or any place he wants. You might be interested to know some of the gig apps in Canada. Let us dive in straightaway.

10 Best Gig Apps & Websites to Make Money

Gig Apps offer multiple ways to earn money. It can be as simple as completing a task, taking surveys, and filing forms. Obviously, there are other options. 

You just have to explore and select the right job description for you. Given below are 10 amazing Gig Apps for Canadians. 

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is only for people above the age of 18. In this, you can select local jobs that are generally related to furniture assembling, moving, home cleaning, gardening, etc. or as per your skill and routine. Whatever money you make, you can keep it.

To work on this platform, you must have a mobile, a decent internet connection, and a bank account to get your income. If you have all these things, you are already a “Tasker”

2. UrbanTasker

Not exactly an app, but a great website for home service providers looking for some extra work! UrbanTasker is getting popular as the best platform in the home services/handyman category in Canada. A digital marketplace for home owners and taskers (service providers) to connect! You can bid and give your quotes as a handyman for multiple tasks and earn some extra dollars.

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If you are interested in plumbing, HVAC services, doing electrical work (with proper license and insurance) or painting, snow removal services, etc. this one is for you. You can Sign up and Become a Tasker at UrbanTasker and start getting leads and grow your business!

They will prospective clients looking for different home related tasks. But to be eligible to work on this platform, you need to have the required skills and licensing. They are very thorough in checking the background of the workers. 

3. InstaCart

InstaCart is one of the biggest grocery delivery services in Canada. They continuously look for people to work for them. You can deliver groceries to customers and earn money.

To be eligible you must be 18+, have your own car(to deliver orders), be allowed to work in Canada, and have an active bank account.

4. Rover

Do you love animals? If yes, then Rover is a platform that is made for jobs like pet sitting and dog walking. Here you are free to set the prices, time, and rate. 

Once it’s done, you are free to choose any task you like. There is also an option to combine two or more pet services together.

When the job is done you can withdraw your income after two days from the bank account you have provided.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is another popular gig app choice among Canadians. If you work rigorously there are very high chances that you can earn up to 100 CAD on a nightly basis.

To use the platform, you have to make an account and upload pictures of your space along with all the details. This will give all the potential tenants a clear idea about the accommodation.

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To increase your income, you can be regular with your postings, updates, and communication with the tenants.

6. Care

People who love to care for others and feel empathy can use the Care app. Through this app, you can earn as a carer and offer services like senior care, child care, housekeeping, pet care, tuition, and even care for people with special needs.

Moreover, the platform will provide you with all the necessary tools and aids to help your care seekers. All you gotta do is sign up and choose the job you like.

7. Gigwalk

With Gigwalk you can earn a small share of money to as big as your office paycheck. Just by making an account and searching for local gigs on the map, you can earn money.

The map will show you the location of the job along with some details. It can be very close like 5 minutes or very far taking several hours. 

But once you finish the job you can take your money. The payout range starts from $3 and goes up to $100, maybe more.

8. Handy

Handy is for providing services related to home needs. Anyone searching for household help can book the service within 60 seconds. 

If you are skilled in cleaning, painting, moving, assembly, plumbing, or even electrical services, you can become a service provider on Handy.

Payments are given directly to the provider and sometimes the clients also give bonuses or other perks.

9. Wonolo

Wonolo is for hourly and daily basis jobs. You can find opportunities like cooking, housekeeping, forklifting, operations, etc. Basically, anything that can be done on an hourly or daily contractual basis.

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You are free to decide the work and sometimes full-time work options are also given. The payment depends on client approval. So, when the client is happy, Wonolo will credit your payment.

10. Job Spotter

The last one on the list is Job Spotter. It is owned by Indeed and works in a very unique way. It will ask you to click pictures of signs where it is written “Help Wanted” and upload those on the app.

For posting such pictures you will be given Amazon gift cards. In addition to it, 50 points will be rewards for each approved posting. You can convert the points into dollars and withdraw. Every 100 points is equal to $1.

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Gig Apps in Canada: Are they for you? 

By creating an account on Gig Apps, you are improving your chances to earn money and get more opportunities. The income you earn this way can be used towards your personal expenses or maybe your desires.

In addition to money, you can secure a full-time position in any of the companies of your liking. So, the scope of opportunities is not just limited to part-time work. 

Do remember that just by earning some extra money you cannot end all your financial troubles. You must look into other options too.

Which gig app according to you has the highest success rate in hiring part-time? Do share your opinion and feedback on any of the above discussed Gig Apps in Canada.

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