The volatility of the Indian stock market can either make investors/traders fortunes or scrap their profits to considerable losses in a matter of seconds. Despite having such odds, people from across the world are seeking chances to invest in the country’s stock market. 

However, suppose you are an NRI and are looking to invest in the Indian stock market. In that case, you’ll have to go through an NRE account to have trading features. It’s a way in which your bank will let you trade in the India stock market with proper regulations and formalities. Allowing you trade effortlessly without any restrictions. 

Choosing one can be a tricky option, but there is an ample number of stock brokerage companies providing services of opening a Demat account and using their trading tools. Thus, to know the best stock brokers offering NRI Demat and trading accounts, we have enlisted them below.  

Top NRI Demat and Trading accounts for NRIs 

Here’s the exclusive list of Best NRI Demat and Trading Account in India:

1. Zerodha NRI Demat and Trading Account

Zerodha happens to be one of those few stockbrokers that provide excellent NRI services and features. It’s a stockbroker that helps complete assistance from opening a Demat/trading account to help learn how to use their platforms and much more. 

The brokerage fee is quite reasonable on the platform. They charge anywhere around the range of 200 rupees for every order executed. There is also a percentage of the order, but whichever is lower is charged. Furthermore, the stockbroker has ties with the Axis bank and HDFC banks as well. So, if you’re planning to trade on these accounts, you will require to have an NRO account with either of these bank accounts. 

But the major selling factor about the stockbroker is the trading platform (Kite), which is simple, robust, and relatively easy to use. It’s free of charge as well, but then a few features might be paid depending on your requirements.  

2. Pro stocks NRI Demat and Trading Account

Pro stocks are a Mumbai-based discount broker company that offers 2-in-1 trading and Demat accounts, which helps NRI’s trade in various derivatives either from the BSE or NSE. Hailing to be one of the cheapest stockbrokers on the list, it charges 100 rupees per trade as a brokerage fee. 

The company does provide a powerful trading platform through a mobile application, website, and desktop software. There are no annual maintenance charges, but a onetime refundable deposit of 1000 rupees must be deposited—zero charges on opening a Demat or trading account. Furthermore, a NO PIS NRO trading account can be opened by NRIs to trade seamlessly like an Indian resident.  

3. Sharekhan NRI Demat and Trading Account

Share khan happens to be the third-largest stockbroker in the country right after Zerodha and ICICI direct. While being this huge, it offers a wide range of services about the stock market sector. The stockbroker has tie-ups with Axis, Indusland, IDBI, and HDFC banks to streamline your account NRI Demat/trading account opening procedure.  

The NRI account opening charges through Share khan is at 2000 rupees, and the annual maintenance fee is at 3000 rupees. However, the brokerage fee is 250 rupees per trade or 0.1% (whichever is lower). Share khan also provides its trading tool, which can be accessed through mobile, website, desktop, and low-bandwidth websites. They do have a stock analysis tool as well.

4. Kotak Securities NRI Demat and trading account

Kotak Mahindra Bank holds a brokerage arm, which is known as Kotak Securities. The transfer of funds from your trading account to your NRI bank account and vice versa becomes seamless, and that’s one benefit of choosing this stockbroker. However, Kotak Securities offers a 3-in-1 account, which comprises of Demat, trading, and savings account for NRI’s. 

The fees are a bit expensive, but then to open an account, its 3750 rupees with 70 rupees per month for account maintenance and 1% of the trade executed. The stockbroker does provide a wide range of trading tools, such as Stock trader (mobile application), Kotak Securities Website (online trading website), Small case, Xtralite (website for slow connection) and Fastlane (for outdated computer).

Along with this, users can access “Kotak University,” where there are different chapters and subjects that help in covering everything there is to know about the stock market. Users can use the phone facility to carry out trades as well. 

5. IIFL NRI Demat and Trading Account

Hailing as a full-service broker, IIFL securities offer a 2-in-1 account, a Demat and trading account. The platform helps investors/traders/NRI’s trade-in multiple of investment platforms in the stock market. They have headquarters all over the world and offer some explicit stock brokering services in the process.

The account opening charges are at 750 rupees with 400 rupees + GST for account maintenance annually. The stockbroker charges a 0.50% brokerage fee for every trade executed. The trading tools offered by the platforms are a mobile app, trading website, and desktop software. Furthermore, they have a dedicated relations manager, account opening process through video verification, and a broad range of investment products. 

Moreover, the broker has ties with banks such as Axis, HDFC and Yes Bank to assist NRI’s in opening relevant NRE accounts.  Also, ICICI bank are allowed by the stock broker for trading in equity derivatives. 

Best NRI Demat & Trading Accounts – Add Upon List

  1. ICICI Direct
  2. Angel Broking
  3. HDFC Securities
  4. Axis Direct
  5. Karvy
  6. Venture Securities

Through the above lists stock broker companies, your stock trading/investment opportunities will not go in vain. But it’s a better practice to check out all of them and decide the ones that give you the best offers and the products for trading. 

But for those looking to still trade in the India stock market while retaining the NRI status, convert your savings account to an NRO account. Link the particular account with your Demat account from any one of the above-mentioned stock brokers. 

For better services and bang for the buck, it’s better to skip banking brokers and go for non-banking brokers as they provide better features and services. Finally, it’s all up to the personal touch that makes all the difference and helps in getting the most of your stock market expedition.