Best Personal Finance Blogs in India: Top Websites List 2024

Are you searching for a list of Best Personal Finance blogs in India? Wondering, which are the trending financial websites to visit? Of course, yes…That’s why you landed here. So, I have handpicked a bunch of popular Finance blogs in India that shall offer you in-depth details on a diversified range of topics.

Just stay tuned to have a joyful ride into some of the impressive and interesting personal finance websites in India.

Personal Finance Blogs in India: Need & Importance

“Personal Finance” or “Finance” is of utmost importance in our life. There are numerous blogs spreading knowledge on a variety of financial topics. The primary purpose of these Personal finance blogs is to create financial awareness amongst people. Moreover, you get familiar to complex finance and investment related topics in an easy manner.

In other words, personal finance blogs help you learn “How to manage your finances in a better way?”

In addition, some of these blogs extend their information beyond personal finance and investment categories. Like you can gather insights on career, books and useful resources as well.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – in the words of Benjamin Franklin

So, no matter you are a newbie, a financial freak or an expert, having access to good finance blogs usually helps.

What are you thinking? Now, that you know the need and importance of a Personal Finance blog, let’s move ahead. Don’t miss to checkout this exclusive list of Top Finance blogs in India.

Personal Finance Blogs in India: Top List

I have just kept it short. You can explore details on some of the Best Personal Finance Blogs in India which I personally like and follow. My mentors, who gave me a direction to continue my blogging expedition with full energy and enthusiasm. While I have just named few other finance blogs that hold a strong place in this list.

1. Bemoneyaware:

This is my personal favourite. When I started my blogging career, this was one of the first blogs that I became fond of. Moreover, I was just impressed by a female dominating the financial blogging industry in India with her unique ideas.

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Wish to know about investing, credit cards, income tax, loans and any money related topics? You’ll all get it here. Not only this, you can also get deep insights on general, daily life and trending concepts across the globe.

Author: A key initiative taken by Kirti, the founder of this blog. Being from a non-financial background still she managed so well to address the financial issues faced by people of India. Indeed, a true inspiration for me and all the women!


I might be sounding a bit biased here. But, you are the best judge. So, you can surely have a look at this growing personal finance blog simplifying things for the common man. You’ll get a whole bunch of categories to dig into while scrolling this informative and interactive financial blog.

You can learn on finance, investment, taxation, accounting, career, finance books and global topics. Therefore, if you are planning to enhance your financial self, just peep into this massive platform meant for you.

In addition to it, you can get an answer to your financial queries, initiate a discussion and share your opinions on any financial topic of your choice at our Fintrakk FAQ Portal.

Author: Started by Harleen Kaur, a Chartered Accountant cum passionate finance blogger. In fact, the idea of launching this blog clicked me 7 years back when I felt the need to bring a “Financial Knowledge Sharing Platform”. With this wonderful perspective of financial awareness, my very focus is to explain complex¬†financial concepts in an easy to understand language.

Rest, I’ll hear it from you!

3. Jagoinvestor:

A yet another addition to the list of best personal finance blogs in India. You’ll get a lot to learn from this financial blog. All about investments, mutual funds, tax planning, insurance and overall financial planning as well. You’ll also gain from individual practical experiences discussed here. Moreover, you also enjoy a whole set of archived articles to enhance your reading.

Author: Founded by Manish Chauhan, with the motive to impart financial education to the people. In fact, writing articles, books, offering financial planning services and conducting financial workshops just enlighten his massive profile.

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4. Relakhs:

A personal finance blog that covers a wide array of topics like investment, insurance, tax planning and banking etc. You’ll get to know helpful tips and get familiar to interesting finance, mutual funds, banking, real estate and stocks related topics. I really like the decent and unique way of explaining complex financial terminologies, so easy to understand.

Author: This blog is run by Sreekanth Reddy who is a well-known financial planner in Bangalore. In fact, I remember guest posting on his blog in my initial blogging days. Really thankful, for giving me an opportunity to share my views on 6 Financial Habits one should start today and be a part of his rising financial website. Indeed a great gesture!

5. TaxGuru:

Now, this one offers much more than what a personal finance blog offers. This can be referred to as a famous finance and tax information portal in India. It covers a comprehensive range of articles on different types of taxes, company law with latest amendments.

Not only this, you can read a bulk of investment and money management related articles. You also have access to various utility calculators to support you.

Author: Initially started by CA Sandeep Kanoi, TaxGuru has grown much bigger owing to the hard work put in by its founder. In fact, it’s user base has multiplied many times in the past few years. Really, appreciate it!

What do you think about these Personal finance blogs? Don’t they attract you?¬†

Personal Finance Blogs: List to Add On

  • Subramoney
  • SafalNiveshak
  • CharteredClub
  • Basunivesh
  • Moneyexcel

Finance Blogs run by Companies:

In the present scenario, a blog is the lifeline of any company. The reasons are many, for scoring well in search engines, attracting more readers or increasing sales and conversions. Hence, you’ll find most of the product and services companies having their own blogs.

  • Moneycontrol
  • Bankbazaar
  • Paisabazaar
  • Groww

Of course, some of these blogs are meant for informational purpose only. So, you must do thorough research on any topic, follow due diligence and seek professional financial advice before investing your money.

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Finance Blogs: How to select the Best? 

Few bonus tips to select the best finance blog:

  • Simple: It should be in a simple and easy language.
  • A Cool Interface: A friendly user interface and easy navigation.
  • Informative & Innovative: Well-researched, educational articles are posted regularly on fresh topics.
  • An Active Forum/Community: A comment section or an active question answer forum to answer your different queries.

Best Finance Blogs: Review

No doubt, you’ll find plenty of financial blogs and investing forums around. But, you can’t follow or join them all. In fact, there’s no need to add too many to your financial kit. Just stick to few good and reliable ones, and your purpose is solved.

In addition to it, broaden your learning horizon and you are good to go!

To conclude, I would just like to quote:

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for” – Robert Kiyosaki

Therefore, experts advice to plan systematically and wisely in order to live a financially healthy life. So, the financial aspect shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Keep adding to your financial literacy to achieve your long term investment objectives.

Important: Feel free to give any suggestions or ideas for to work upon. I’ll try to analyse the same and come up with the best results. You may even place a request to cover the financial topic of your choice. I’ll be happy to discuss on the same.

Do you follow any of the above Personal Finance blogs? If not, think again! Financial planning, investment and tax planning play a crucial role in shaping one’s future. So, if you look forward to managing your finances in a better way, you must grab as much information as you can. If you like any other Personal Finance blogs in India, do let us know in the comments.

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