10 Best Real Estate Apps for Canadians 2024

Technology has made a lot of things possible for us that we didn’t even imagine a few years back. Similar strides have been made in the world of real estate. Brokers, realtors, and even landlords are coming up with Real Estate Apps for buyers.

Try to think of these apps as a way for third parties to make more money. And for customers to get services at their convenience. With people becoming tech-savvy, it was important to make certain leaps in the property sector. 

If you are about to make an app, then it will be challenging in the start. Or if you are looking for an app, then also it will be hard to find the best one. 

Don’t worry! Because here you will read about some of the best Real Estate Apps in Canada. 

Best Real Estate Apps for Canadians 

If you want the best services but do not like to wander here and there for information. Then the following Real Estate apps will do the trick for you.

1. Real Estate Dictionary

The terms used in property dealing can be weird sometimes if you don’t know their meaning. But you cannot risk sounding confused while investing in real estate. What can you do? 

  • The app “Real Estate Dictionary” has thousands of terms along with their meanings.
  • By learning, you can detect any danger signs during the deal.

2. Realtor.ca

Are you a rookie investor? Don’t worry because Realtor.ca has got your back. It is one of the most used apps in Canada. What makes it so good?

  • It has the most diverse locations of inventories in Canada.
  • The application is user-friendly and you can use various filters to get what you want.
  • You can also connect with any agent nearby at your convenience.

3. Zoocasa

Compared to Realtor.ca, Zoocasa has faster services, and trends are always updated quicker here. What else does Zoocasa offer:

  • The customizable filters are much much better.
  • You can use anything from square footage to years built to find the perfect house.
  • There is a feature named “Imagine Yourself Here” which is exciting to use.
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4. Zillow

Zillow is the most popular real estate application in North America. It is made for everyone- first-time user, pro-investor, or even a serial mover. This app provides the following features:

  • Its robust filters can show properties nearby school districts, the most-viewed ones, and even the interior features of any potential home.
  • If you are in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver, then you will get the best results.
  • It does not cover small markets in Canada.

5. Zolo.ca

Zolo.ca has the most accurate information as it is directly pulled from the MLS listings. On this app you can find the following information:

  • Average Price, sale status, and even the days since listing of property on the app.
  • They have their brokerage agents.
  • Quebec and Winnipeg markets are yet to be made available on Zolo.

6. Canadian Mortgage App

Just like the name suggests, this app is made to compute all your mortgage payments irrespective of what frequency you decide. It uses CMCH indicators to predict the best result. 

Once you have decided on the right property. The next step is to complete the transaction. What aid will the Canadian Mortgage App provide?

  • It will help you calculate the down payments.
  • You can compute closing costs and transfer fees

The only drawback is that they will ask you to share the location. But your data ain’t shared with anybody.

7. Around Me

You know that once you buy a house in Canada, it will stay in Canada. You can’t put wheels on it and move around. So, you need to have an app that gives you all the little details like:

  • Nearest gas station, 
  • ER, 
  • Grocery stores,
  • Hotels and 
  • Banks.
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Around Me will be a handy application for this. Just search for what you need and it will provide you directions too. Do you know what’s even best? You can search for all this before making the offer. Terrific, right?

8. Google Keep

It can be extremely daunting to go from place to place in search of a perfect house. If you are too bored to do this, then Google Keep might be an interesting option. 

Once you have seen a property, you won’t go back to it. Google Keep will keep a tab on all such places and houses you have already seen. If you want to make it more riveting, you can do the following:

  • Color code all the places as per your liking.
  • Add notes, voice notes to highlight something.

Then again, it is your choice how you wanna do it.

9. Sortly

Have you finalized the house? Now you must be thinking about moving everything. If you want to accomplish this huge mission, an app called “Sortly” is present in the market. Here is what it does:

  • It will help you create an inventory checklist of all the household items. (be it your socks, shoes, or even a pen)
  • It will also assist you to create customized barcode stickers for each box.

When you start unpacking, all these little checklists and stickers will be extremely helpful.

10. Houzz

The last one is Houzz. It is an interior decoration app. In North America, it is quite famous and people love to use it. They have customized filters like:

  • Floor Plan
  • Design Type
  • Budget
  • Materials, etc.

You can connect with a professional designer to know more about decorating your new home. They will provide complete assistance right from buying the furniture to assembling it.

Reasons to Use Real Estate Apps 

Real Estate Apps are a great option for customers that have issues going from place to place in search of property. But this is definitely not the end!

Here are some more reasons why using an app is so much better:

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1. Enhance the user experience-

If you have ever used apps like Zillow, you will know that their interface is so supreme. It is much better than the websites. You just click and swipe to get everything you need.

2. Generate Engagement-

An app brings in more engagement than websites. You don’t have to open the website every time you have to check some details. An app is easy to use and people usually use it more frequently. 

3. Versatile-

The app is much more versatile than the website. You can find properties for sale, rent, buyer information, tools to compute mortgages, ratings, and how to contact the seller.

4. Updated with Recent Trends-

The US, UK, and Canadian markets have started using Real Estate Apps significantly more than websites. Everything that is happening is constantly being updated on the apps. Therefore, people can learn about every recent trend.

Imagine a realtor doing business without a website or an email. Can you? Now, you know how much technology has changed the property market recently. 

Real Estate Apps: Which one is the best for Canadians? 

Real Estate Apps have now become a very powerful tool for sellers as well as buyers. Mobile applications are always a better option because they are much more versatile and easy to use. 

You can use them to compute mortgage payments or even book a private show-in before buying a house. Everything is just a click away. Whether it is your first time buying a property or your third time, these apps are a very good option. 

Which platform do you think is the best one for Canadians? Comment your views.

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