Free Credit Cards India 2024: No Annual Fee & No Joining fee!

Through this blog, we shall make you aware about popular Free Credit Cards in India with No annual fee and No Joining fee. This is what some of us generally look out for: A Free Credit Card.

Everybody likes to avail free offers. So, when it comes to enjoying free credit card offers, we really enjoy having one such card. Right!

Free Credit Cards: Meaning & Importance

Free Credit cards simply refers to a credit card that is available to you free of cost. This means you don’t have to pay any joining fee plus the annual fee may also waived off in certain cases.

Joining fee refers to the fee paid at the time of getting the card issued. Whereas annual fee are the annual charges that you as a credit card user need to pay for using the privileges offered by a credit card.

Being a first time user or a moderate user of credit cards, paying high annual fee and even a joining fee might not seem wise. You have a whole range of No annual fee credit cards or free credit cards at your disposal that come loaded with numerous offers and benefits.

We have handpicked some of the best free credit cards and classified them into 2 main categories:

1. Free Credit Cards in India: Totally free i.e. No Joining Fee and No Annual Fee.

2. Free Credit Cards in India: No Joining fee plus you get an annual fee waiver on your annual spending in excess of a particular limit as specified.

Just remember…having a sound credit background coupled with a good CIBIL Score are always beneficial.

You can avail instant approval and grab any of the credit cards of your choice if you build a great credit score.

Free Credit Cards India: No Annual Fee or No Joining Fee

1. Free Credit Cards in India: No Joining Fee & No Annual Fee

1. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card: 

This is the best free credit card and one of the favourites of credit card users. What’s so special about this credit card? The joining fee and annual fee is Rs.250 only. But, you get a 100% one time cashback (upto Rs.500) on restaurant spending within 90 days. So, this anyways compensates for your fee.

Also, if your annual spending is above Rs. 60000 the renewal fee gets waived off. In addition to it, a whole range of rewards points on dining, fuel, shopping etc.

A 100% Cashback (upto Rs.500) on restaurant spends and 5x rewards on fuel are some added advantages of this credit card. Additional rewards and discounts are also available depending upon your usage. The key attraction is that you may get instant approval, if you apply online for this credit card.

2. Standard Chartered Landmark Platinum Rewards Credit Card:

Another good addition to the list of free credit cards offered by Standard Chartered Bank. The Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Card also has a Nil joining fee and annual fee. Reward points at affiliated stores, cashback features on Uber rides and a bundle of gift vouchers add up to its benefits.

3. ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card:

There is a special offer running for limited period, if you apply online you can grab a Lifetime Free ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card. Now,that’s really a wonderful opportunity! Their approval rate is also high, if you fit into their eligibility requirements.

Its features include savings on dining, payback points, discount vouchers on different brands like Provogue, Shopperstop from time to time.

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2. Free Credit Cards in India: Annual fee waiver option

1. Citibank Rewards Credit Card:

Your annual fee gets waived off if your annual spending exceeds Rs.30000. This Citibank Rewards credit card comes packed with a bulk of offers like 10X reward points on apparel purchases at departmental stores and other purchases as well. Welcome offers and bonus points further add to its features. This one is indeed a perfect choice if you are looking for a good rewards credit card.

2. IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card:

The annual fee for this credit card is waived off if you spend in excess of Rs.30000 during a particular year. This is quite a nominal amount to spend these days,looking at the high cost of living. You can earn numerous turbo points on the various purchases that you make with this credit card.

Some really exciting offers on your fuel spending are available across Indian Oil outlets throughout the country.

3. Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card:

This is in fact one of the best and most popular credit cards when it comes to getting instant approvals. It has a joining fee of Rs.999 only. The renewal fee is also Rs.999 that gets waived off provided your spending is in excess of Rs.120000 in the year.

If you are a shopping freak and want to save on your monthly grocery expenses also, this card shall surely come to your rescue. A 5% Cashback at departmental stores accompanied by other attractive offers and rewards on dining, hotels, fuel etc. make it an ideal credit card to use.

Although, the benefits and features may be limited. But its just like a free card (if you grab fee waiver), that in itself sounds so cool…Isn’t it! So, no extra burden on your pocket. Anyways a free credit card shall be a great option for anyone to try out.

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Credit Cards India: A Final take

Do checkout all the features, credit card limit and offers that apply to a particular credit card to avoid any confusions later on. Once you have applied and received a credit card, make sure to use it wisely and optimally.

Not to forget, pay your credit card dues in a timely manner and become a responsible credit card user.

Have you tried any of the above Free Credit cards with no annual fee and no joining fee? Did we miss out any important name to be included in the above list of free credit cards in India? Do mention it in the comment section below!

Share your valuable feedback to educate our audience on the best usage of these free credit cards or no annual fee credit cards.

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