Global Investing HDFC Securities Review

Here we are with a yet another interesting topic to discuss i.e. Global Investing HDFC Securities, a complete review on this investment option.

Trading in the BSE and NSE is quite lucrative, given that you can easily gain profits based on your investment strategy. Well, this is only true if you have assessed your investments and know your plan would work out. But then, looking at the broader view, making money is quite the end goal of every investor and trader. Maximizing your profits can only be done if the valuation of your earning is multiplied.

Well, you might be thinking, what am I even saying?, but then what if you could trade in globally, meaning you could trade in the US stock market while sitting at your home in India? Sounds exciting, right? Well, not many brokers are offering this feature, but then HDFC sure does, and we are going to look into every bit of it to see what it’s all about and how it can benefits. Thus, without further ado, let’s get started.  

What is Global investing HDFC?

HDFC securities are part of HDFC banking institutions that allow users, traders, and investors to trade in the country’s stock market. However, with their global presence, they have started to offer Indian citizens trade in the US stock market through their global investing platform. While trading in the US stock exchange, traders and investors are opened up to 3,500 securities that they can trade within. The brokerage fee is relatively low at one cent but can vary based on the order type and number of orders.

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Why should you invest through global investing?

Well, many pointers would give you the right notion as to why you would want to choose global investing HDFC to invest in US. Market. Here’s why.

1. Fractional share purchasing

There is no need to buy a complete stock or share of a company. Traders and investors can easily buy a fraction of the share where it can be half or one-third of the share-based on your requirements. Thus, investing in popular stock such as Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft becomes way cheaper and affordable. 

2. Thematic investments

There are pre-determined investment plans based on the situation of the global stock market. You can choose to invest in them, or the platform would suggest you different options to execute your trade in the best possible scenario. Moreover, investing in high-growing stock is quite readily available for investors and traders using the platform. 

3. Elimination of minimum investment

The best part about using global investing to invest in the global market is that you don’t need any minimum investment. You start your investment journey from as little as a dollar and go up to $250,000 a year as per the RBI guidelines and rules. Moreover, the broker’s fees are 1% to 2.5% of the investment amount that you might have invested in the global markets. The charge could be weekly, monthly, or on an annual basis. 

4. Support for remittance

If you’re looking to transfer your funds from one account to another, then the currency change from rupee to dollar can be easily availed. They offer a streamlined service based on the dollar’s market price; the currency is converted and then imbrued into your overseas account to trade seamlessly in the stock market.  

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5. SIPC insurance

All your investments that you make on your overseas account are protected by SIPC, where the account is insured with up to $500,000. The amount is divided in half, where $250,00 is dedicated for your brokerage account, and another $250,000 is for your holdings account. 

6. Expertly managed portfolios

Well, portfolios are often referred to as stacks. These are expertly oriented, where you get a cocktail of high-performing stocks in a portfolio for you to invest. The minimum amount required for such an investment to take place is $1000. Following this, you can choose from different segments as these stacks are curated while keeping all parameters in check, including a thematic approach to maximize your returns on investments.  

How to start your investment with global investing?

If you want to invest in the global markets, you will first have to open an account with HDFC securities and global investing. For this, all of the steps are provided below.

1. Create an account

Firstly, visit the global investing site of HDFC securities and then click the create account options. Here you should get multiple parameters that have to be filled. These include your name, email address, number, password details, and other things. 

2. Complete KYC

Following this, a KYC will be carried out. Here you will need to provide all your address details, Aadhar card details, pan card number, city, pin code, and so on. The documents will need to be uploaded as well. It could take time before you receive a confirmation number for the same. 

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3. Add funds

Once the account is created, which could take anywhere from 1-2 business days, you should get a prompt indicating that you can transfer money from your account to an overseas account. However, there would be a $5 fee imposed as per the taxes while transferring money from an overseas bank account into the US. Do remember that you can only invest about $250,000 annually in global markets

4. Start trading

After all the procedures are carried out successfully, you can easily trade in the US stock market through the Stockal Inc platform to trade in US stock market. Certain features help you out but could vary on the preferences from one trader to another. 

NOTE – Do keep in mind that it will take 1-2 business days after all the confirmation and verification is carried out to open your account. Also, you are only allowed $250,000 per year for trading and investing purposes as per the rules regulated by Liberalized Remittance Scheme set up by the RBI.

Bottom line

The broker is entirely trustworthy and does provide interesting brokerage fees and other trading and investment endeavours. Through its international securities platform provided by Stockal Inc, you can execute all your trades in dollars. Moreover, transferring funds to your account is quite simple. Withdrawing can be done by transferring the funds to your overseas account and then through net banking to get to your account in the country.

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