Goalwise Review: Direct Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Go through an exclusive Goalwise Review, an online direct mutual fund investment platform in India. In the today’s world, “TARGETS” or “GOALS”, form a very important catalyst. The world is moving towards their set targets and is caving pathways only to ensure that the targets are achieved at any cost.

For most of our goals, we need money to help us enjoy the benefits. And, investment can be one of the ways wherein we can earn returns. We are not masters of all trades and some of us are not that a great expert in their financial planning.

So, here comes the function of “GOALWISE” to help us set and achieve our financial goals.

Goalwise: An Overview

Goalwise is a service platform provided by “Alphafront Finserv Pvt. Ltd.” which is a Bengaluru based company established in 2015. Goalwise portal provides user benefit by helping you and me to set financial goals, track the portfolio’s progress and achieve them.

The service provider is involved in guiding their users through financial and investment jargons and simplifies the task at hand by personally managing the funds.

A direct mutual fund investing platform with a zero commission model, Goalwise offers data driven mutual fund selection.

The company is also involved in risk profiling of their user, so that they can do the appropriate fund allocation in between equity and debt. They also closely monitor the performance of the portfolio and re-balance and redistribute the funds (if needed) efficiently to always keep you on track to achieve the defined goals.

How does the Goalwise system work?

This mutual fund investment portal uses smart algorithms which automatically detect any the pathway of investment pattern needed for achieving such goals. It tracks any discrepancies if your portfolio is falling short and performs such activities which need to be done to get you back on track.

They have a very dedicated and expert team to help them to develop this data and help you and me to accomplish our planned goals.

Goalwise: Steps to Follow

Step 1: You need to select your financial goals:

  • General Investing
  • Tax Saving
  • Emergencies
  • Other life goals like buying a house or marriage or holidays

Step 2: Set your financial goals i.e. target money and period.

Step 3: Once your goals are set, you will get an array of options of mutual funds to select and invest into. Select the option which suits your need the best. If you are confused then ask the advisors.

Step 4: Goalwise meanwhile monitors your portfolio performance and help you check any discrepancies from the determined target. Thus, if needed, it advises you to re-invest more funds so that you don’t miss your set goals.

Goalwise Fees & Charges

Goalwise is completely “FREE”. Since June 2019 the portal has moved to direct equity plan system and have changed their pricing policy for their accounts. The accounts don’t have any account opening or annual maintenance charges.

Also, the account users are not liable to pay any hidden charges or commissions charged for the account and investment usage. They charge only for the financial planning and advisory services.

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The Bottom Line

Hence, Goalwise is a service-oriented platform to help us understand the investment and succeed by managing our portfolio in an efficient and well-organized manner. Do share your feedback on this growing mutual fund investment platform.

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