Happy Loans : A Fresh Outlook to Banking !

“Fintech” is the buzz word these days. Everyday we tend to hear different startups and their entrepreneurs working hard to bring together finance and technology to help the common man. Various fintech companies are heading forward and coming up with new and interesting ideas to construct digital platforms in order to reach the general masses at large.

Recently, we came across one such emerging and innovative digital concept: Happy Loans offered by Arthimpact, a digital lending platform specially designed to cater to the credit needs of small businesses in India.

Mr.Manish Khera, a serial entrepreneur, the banking veteran and the great man behind “Happy Loans” is all geared up to give a fresh outlook to the banking industry. Manish’s ability to get into untapped areas and spreading the best of digital financial services to the unbanked is surely reflected in his new financial adventure “Happy Loans”.

Manish Khera and his Entrepreneurial journey

Mr.Manish Khera, a dynamic personality, a recognised pioneer in alternate channels and digital payments is all set to drive financial inclusion in the country. Having a vast and in-depth knowledge in microfinance, Manish enjoys building businesses having a socio-economic impact.

Better known for his entrepreneurial zeal and passion to stretch his helpful hand to the small businesses, Mr.Manish Khera built one of the country’s biggest banking correspondence through his company FINO Paytech. Having years of experience in ICICI bank, he has held other pivotal roles during his career such as CEO of Airtel Payments Bank, Co-founder of Yatra Tatra Sarvatra and also associated with big names like Mera Doctor, Farmart, Ambee, Dhanax.

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As a digital banking expert and through his robust experience in micro finance, he has come up with his latest invention: A micro lending product “Happy Loans” to cater to the credit needs of micro customers. His passion and concern about small customers has led to the emergence of happy loans, an unbeatable experience of banking for the customers.

Being a great visionary, Manish invests and leads businesses that are impact driven and are instrumental in bringing significant positive differences in people’s lives, businesses and to the society at large.

Hence, his new digital model “Happy Loans” leverages technology to construct an advanced and simpler way of banking and credit at your fingertips. This “On-tap Digital Lending” space focuses on covering areas where mainstream banking has lesser outreach. A fairer, easier and faster way of banking that is accessible and available to you anytime and anywhere.

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“Happy Loans” making Banking and Customers happy

Whenever we think of banking and loans, as a customer, we tend to fear the tedious compliances and the lengthy loan procedures to be followed. But, here is someone at your rescue, a digital lending platform extending its financial services thereby giving you an enriching customer experience.

“Happy Loans” relies on the principle of “Customer is King”. The same is proved through their easy loan assistance and the magical customer experience they tend to offer. Their main objective is empowering 600 million Indians who lack access to mainstream banking and credit facilities.

“Happy Loans” aims at providing 100% paperless, instant and affordable loans with the motive of making customers happy and fully satisfied. Its mission is to increase the financial strength of businesses like shopkeepers, traders, semi-skilled workers, housewives and early jobbers who otherwise look for informal ways of credit.

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The loans normally range anything between Rs.2000 to Rs.1 lakh thereby giving easy funds accessibility based on the repayment capability of different individuals. They offer flexible loan tenure starting from as short as 30 days that seems to be a big sigh of relief for the customers. No penalty for early or delayed foreclosure is an added advantage which is actually making customers happy.

The interest rate is generally 2% monthly that falls on the lower side if compared to other unstructured credit sources. The lending and approval process of this algorithm based digital platform seems to be quite simple for anyone to understand.

Presently running their operations across 100 cities all over India and disbursement of around 5000 loans in its test phase, Happy loans is all ready to expand its user base aggressively in the coming months.

Happy loans is a perfect banking solution ready to bring the much needed revolution in the banking industry. It aims at filling in the gaps in family finances or small business cash flows through this online and affordable lending facility providing instant availability of funds.

A Final Note

India is moving towards digitisation, so this is the perfect time, for any such bootstrapped startup with a digital framework to spread its wings nationwide through its excellent services. A fintech product like “Happy Loans” wishing to guide people in pursuing their dreams through easy credit offerings is likely to have a bright future ahead.

To conclude, we can say, Mr.Manish Khera, the Fintech leader has kicked off an exciting new digital venture offering “Easy and Instant Credit for SME or Small & Medium Sized Enterprises” in a hassle free manner. So, if you are a merchant, a housewife or anybody looking to boost up your small business, “Happy Loans” can be a complete answer to all your borrowing queries.

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Combined with the comprehensive knowledge and decades of experience of its inspiring founder, we can take “Happy Loans” as a part of the next big “Fintech revolution” in the credit industry. A big financial support to the small businesses to boost up their working capital and eventually guide them to grow their business to the next level.

Have you got any ideas or experiences to add to it ? What are your views on the “Happy Loans” making banking so happy for you ? Feel free to share your valuable feedback on this micro-lending digital platform and the financial services being offered through it.

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