How to save money while Shopping online ?

While online shopping offers a large number of benefits, like the convenience of shopping from your home or on-the-go, quick delivery, order tracking, easy returns and great customer support.A major reason for their popularity is the amazing savings that one can avail when shopping online.

In most cases, there can be a significant difference in the cost of a product offline at physical stores and online. Combined with all the other benefits, the savings make online shopping the best way to shop.

But while there is generally a significant difference in the price of products online and offline, What if I tell you that there are additional ways that can help you save even more when you shop online ? Well, trust me there are a handful of best and really easy ways to maximise your savings every time you shop online. And we have listed some of the best ones for you.

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Best Ways to Save Money while Shopping Online :

1. Use comparison portals :

Visiting multiple stores in search of the best price for a product can be a time-consuming process. A better option is to visit comparison portals that help you compare prices across multiple e-commerce portals to help you buy the product at the best online price. Many of these portals, apart from the price, also allow you to compare the products and their specifications to ensure that you only buy the best.

2. Look for sales and discounts

Almost every popular online store regularly organises sales across different product categories. You can keep an eye out for such sales to buy products at heavily discounted prices. Moreover, popular stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc. now run advertisements on television too to inform shoppers of their latest sales and discounts. Make a note of these announcements to buy your favourite products at amazing prices.

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3. Follow stores on social platforms :

Most of the e-commerce portals now have their accounts on social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.Start following your favourite store on these platforms as they regularly update new offers here. Many of the offers and codes are only made available on these pages, making it a great way for the shoppers to save more when shopping.For instance, you can follow Amazon India on these platforms to get Amazon Coupons which can be used for massive discounts.

4. Use coupon codes :

If you really want to save big when shopping online, using coupon codes is definitely the best option.But there is no need to rummage the internet in search of these coupons.There are coupons and deals websites where you can easily find the latest coupon codes for your favourite store.For example, if you like to shop from Flipkart, you can search for Flipkart Coupons at these portals and you are sure to find a wide array of amazing coupons and deals.

5. Use e-wallets :

Most of the online stores now allow you to pay for your purchase in many different ways.Some of the most popular options include debit card, credit card, net banking, cash-on-delivery and e-wallets.In most cases, you can get cashback when you pay for the purchase through e-wallets.There are now many popular e-wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik etc. that offer such cash back.Try to use these wallets when shopping and you can get great cashback and other offers.

Try these tips when shopping online and you are sure to be amazed at the massive discounts and other great offers that you can avail.If you still prefer offline shopping, try shopping online at least once and trust me there is no going back to the offline world.

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The e-commerce industry in India is growing at an impressive rate and it is because of the great benefits that the portals offer to the shoppers.Take advantage of these benefits and shop for your favourite products online.

Have you tried any of the above ways to save your money while shopping online ? If yes, do share your experiences and valuable feedback on the same.If not, what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and grab some exclusive online shopping deals for yourself  especially during this festive season.

Happy Savings!

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