Why You can rock Your Side Hustle & still be a Great Employee?

Have you ever wondered why and how you can rock your side hustle and still be a great employee? This post shall give you a brief idea and guide you in this simple yet interesting side hustle journey.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider a side hustle, and the lure of an extra income is quite likely the biggest part of it. While India’s income per capita has grown to Rs.80,000, there is still a large pay gap in comparison to the rest of the world. The solution, naturally, is to increase an income without risking your 9 to 5 job and that means choosing the right side hustle.

Regardless of what you choose, it’s important that you upskill yourself all the time to get the most out of your hustles.

Why & How to Rock Your Side Hustle?

1. Your Side Hustle uses Your existing Skills 

There are endless possibilities where your skills can be put to good use. For instance, teachers can do private tutoring after hours, musicians could session for studios, and general administration staff could provide virtual assistance in their free time. This way, not only will you use your skills to generate an extra income, but it will also benefit your day job to flex those critical thinking muscles.

2. Up-skilling in Your Side Hustle could improve Your Career Prospects 

There are a few skills you will need to develop if you want to run your side hustle successfully, and these range from basic accounting skills to the ability to research different business growth strategies. Once you formalize training in these areas, such as taking on a basic accounting course or signing up for business management classes, these qualifications could put you on a whole new career trajectory too.

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In order to be successful in both, however, CEOs recommend that employees have a goal, which means that they can work towards their ideal outcome. This means knowing the route to follow to get to the top of your chosen field or fields.

How to rock your Side hustle, earn money

3. When it’s not about the Money, Your Career becomes more fulfilling

One of the benefits of having a side hustle to supplement your income, is that you won’t have to compromise doing work you hate just to make ends meet. A side hustle that can carry a significant portion of your expenses will free your hands to get into the job that you feel passionate about. That means not only will your job feel fulfilling, but you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle doing something you love.

According to research, if you pursue your passion, the money will follow. With only 15% of workers feeling engaged in their jobs, it’s time to shake things up a little and pursue the career of your dreams, even if it means supplementing your income with a side hustle at first.

Side hustles aren’t always a stepping stone to get out of our job and for many, it provides that little bit extra to help with the bills or boost that emergency savings account.

Do you have any unique ideas to side-hustle and explore easy ways to earn money? Have you upgraded your skills and looking forward to different fruitful side hustles? Feel free to share your suggestions and feedback thereon.

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