Important Steps Needed to Pass Microsoft 70-742 Exam

Passing an exam is an exciting experience for candidates. It brings both joy and feeling of satisfaction while pursuing a long-desired goal, but also anxiety and disturbance. Well, to moderate the stress and bring the yearned result, applicants are advised to make beneficial use of appropriate preparation materials.

Getting at this point with the Microsoft 70-742 exam requires you to take certain steps supporting your goal. So, passing the test will enable you to finally get certified in MCSA: Windows Server 2016.

In view of this, from this post you will learn more about the mentioned exam specializing in Windows Server 2016 Identity, and what steps should be taken to pass it.

Let’s move on and learn the details of the exam:

Exam 70-742 Overview

Coming closer, there are three tests needed to become Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Windows Server 2016, namely, assessments 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742.

Apparently, exam 70-742 stands for the final test. It targets applicants who are already familiar with aspects of implementation and managing Active Directory Certificate Services and Federation Services (AD CS and AD FS), as well as Web Application Proxy, among other things. They also should be able to perform tasks like installation, managing, configuration, and maintenance of AD DS, and group policy implementation.

Exam labs website exam tests the ability of candidates to manage identities in utilizing Windows Server 2016 features. Going deeper, applicants will have to show prowess in implementing AD CS, verifying identity federation and access solutions, with 40-60 questions in the course of 2 hours. Question types may include short answer, multiple choice, best answer, fill-in-the-blank, mark review, drag-and-drop, and much more. To qualify for this MCSA, you need to get 700 points, and above (up to 1000). A fee of $165 is a mandatory part of the test registration.

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Important Steps Needed to Pass Exam 70-742

Confidence in taking the exam is based on comprehensive preparation crucial for your performance. What then should you do to fulfill your expectations in the exam results? Here are important steps to help you pass 70-742 test.

1. Mastery of 70-742 Exam Details

Once you’ve decided to go for the test, you need to think about how to obtain more information. The details include the registration procedure, exam targets, prerequisites, required topics and test format. It is also good that candidates find out the policies and guidelines for the exam. The Microsoft Learning exam page is the right place to begin your search for the details. This will help you be on the right track so that you don’t end up falling into the delaying trap and perhaps, losing an opportunity to take the exam at the desired time.

2. Getting Relevant Vendor-Offered Materials for Exam 70-742

Without proper exam 70-742 prep tools, you may not manage to attain the desired result. Thousands of exam study options have been uploaded online, making it even more confusing for candidates to settle on the right tools for their test.

Herewith, candidates are recommended to look for authentic and reliable materials by Microsoft to aid in their exam training. They may need to learn with a vendor-proposed course, or a study guide, practice with past tests or even get virtual labs for the purpose of gaining practical skills.

In particular, you need to give full attention to the studies like exam ref 70-742 study guide from Microsoft Press Store, and also take a look at EDX learning platform. At the spot, you can make use of the proper online courses Windows Server 2016: Directory Services and Windows Server 2016: Securing Identities and Information.

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3. Planning Your Studies

If you don’t plan on how you’re going to carry out your studies, then it’s possible to fail in the end. A realistic plan to guide you on what and when to cover ensures you only focus on things that matter in the course of preparation. More, a proper learning schedule gets a way to guide you in approaching the exam topics systematically. Above all, you may well draw up a timetable to help you include breaks when needed to rest in-between the revision intervals.

4. Getting Down to Learning

After creating a plan for studying for exam 70-742, the next obvious step is to begin preparation. Give it total attention and dedication. Depending on the path you take, ensure the used materials are supporting the target. Besides, it’s not advisable to rely on just one method of study.

Hence, you can use a study course and complement it with a study guide or practice tests that ensure your preparation approach is all-rounded. Video courses are especially great to use since you can easily rewind the topics you feel you haven’t mastered.

5. Taking Your Exam

The moment you’ve been preparing for has arrived, and you have to ace the test now! The night before this date, try to take enough rest since fatigue can cost you during the assessment. Before you begin the test, read all the instructions. And as you take on the questions, relax and work through them with full confidence. Read each question carefully and ensure you determine right how long each question should take. Finally, avoid taking too long on one question.

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How Useful Are 70-742 Exam Dumps?

Practicing for your exam is vital. This is where exam dumps for the Microsoft 70-742 test will help you. These practice files are questions that enable you to memorize all the important exam aspects. You’ll manage to understand the topics, format, and how questions need to be answered so as to get good results. With this aim, the Exam-Labs website has been created to aid in candidates’ exam prep so that they could avail of exam dumps for the practice!

So, take a chance and benefit from efficient braindumps, training course, and a study guide available through this website inside 70-742 Premium Bundle. You may also wish to use additional study resources like the VCE Player enabling you to feel the exam atmosphere and all the exam tasks and so, know how to calm down your nerves by providing the best result.


When you take the right steps, everything is possible, even more, passing exam 70-742. Just take your time through each step to ensure you reap maximum benefits.

Importantly, make sure you start your preparation early enough and don’t hurry through the topics. Also, you will need the right materials such as exam dumps for your assessment, and with these steps, you can get the desired MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credentials right away!

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