Landed in a Trouble? Do not Panic! Just DoneThing it!

We often land ourselves in panic situations not because we are busy. But, just because we couldn’t manage things properly while being busy. The same is the case with me, multi-tasking is not my cup of tea. I do try to handle multiple things simultaneously but lead myself to a stressful and undesirable situation.

That’s the time when I really wish that somebody comes to my rescue to help me sort out all the mess I created and help me manage my daily tasks efficiently. And look, what I dreamt of came in the form of a personal assistant DoneThing to make my life much easier.

I play multiple roles of a professional, a homemaker, a mom and also a blogger in my free time. Now, while carrying on all my duties I usually get piled up with loads and loads of work ranging from office meetings, clients, home tasks, kids as well as my blog related tasks and so on.

Today is a similar day, I woke up at 7.30 am. A bit fresh but preoccupied thinking of the four neck to neck meetings scheduled in my office followed by a conference that I couldn’t miss attending. But, this is not what is actually worrying me, guests are coming and no one of us is free to pick them up in the evening. That’s not all I have some urgent documents to deliver. I just remembered that today is the last day to pay my phone bill as well.

It was already 8.30 am and I was getting late for my office. Relax, I can do it said my inner voice. I just opened the refrigerator to have some water, and look what I found, no groceries at home. Wasn’t that enough that when I got a call from the doctor confirming the check-up appointment for my father in law at 1 pm since the doctor was going out of station.

Looking at the list of tasks lined up for the day was not less than a nightmare for me. What to do, what not do? Everything seemed important but nothing manageable. I will have to miss one of my meetings, no not possible, the boss won’t allow me. Should I order readymade food for guests, but they like home cooked food for which I needed to go and get groceries. I was so worried about these things that didn’t feel like having my breakfast also.

But, wait what came to my mind now was exceptionally great, how could I forget it on such a stressful day. My friend had told me about a mobile personal assistant called DoneThing that is a perfect fit for such panicky situations. The solution to my problems, my daily task manager was just a call away or I could simply place a request through their Mobile app.

This is what I was looking for an assistant that helped me to overcome this panic situation (or Bhasad  as we normally say) and make me tension free. Starting from delivering groceries, paying my phone bill, delivering my documents, taking my father in law for the health checkup, booking a cab for my guests for dropping them at our home, all these tasks could be delegated. So, I placed a request on their app and outsourced all these tasks that too in a very cost effective manner.

I took a sigh of relief and went to my office just thinking about my meetings now. As usual, I came in the evening and found all the tasks done as requested.What I really liked is that DoneThing had booked a cab and also sent an executive to receive my guests and helped them reach home safely.That was really appreciable!

Now when I look back, I realise…Had I done all these tasks myself, I would have wasted much of my precious time which I actually spent for doing something productive in my office. Besides this, the commuting charges for completing all the said tasks myself would have been much higher and would have certainly disturbed my monthly budget.It was anyway better to pay a nominal fee for these services rather than handling all these tasks myself.

Hence, this was my #BhasadKaTheEnd when things were all messed up and later on normalized with the help of a mobile app. Isn’t that great! I saved a lot of my precious time, money and not to forget restored my peace of mind as well.

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