RBL Bank Credit Card Review 2018-Apply Online !

Through this blog we shall be highlighting a collection of RBL Bank Credit cards especially the RBL Credit card that fall under the premium category, a general review on them to help you take a wise decision for selecting the best credit card for yourself. You will become familiar with an exclusive list of Credit cards that will surely guide you to select the best RBL Credit card suiting your specific requirements.

If you are planning to select the best credit card in India, especially in the premium credit card range, you must checkout the bunch of RBL credit cards that we have discussed below. Some of them might just be a perfect fit and you can probably get what you are actually looking for in a credit card.

The credit card fees and the associated benefits are the primary factors that we see while selecting the right credit card. However, there are certain other important factors that need to be kept in mind like :

  • Your income and expenses.
  • The main purpose of getting a credit card.
  • Rewards offered through a credit card.
  • Cashback facilities and other special offers.

RBL Bank is known as ” India’s fastest growing small bank “ that offers different banking functions and also comes loaded with numerous credit cards to fit in your wallet.

Simply stating, RBL Bank has an exclusive range of Credit Cards providing various benefits, deals and offers. You can choose the one that suits your lifestyle,purpose,needs and above all the one that is the best fit for your pocket.

You can easily apply online for RBL Credit cards. You need to meet a specific eligibility criteria and submit the requisite documents.If you have a good CIBIL score or credit score and are found eligible you shall be issued the desired RBL credit card in few days.

So, here we bring to you a variety of credit cards, some of them may be categorised as luxury credit cards or premium cards that shall satisfy your shopping, lifestyle as well as entertainment needs. The benefits and rewards are attractive plus the enhanced security through a PIN based EMV chip that helps you proceed with safer transactions is an added advantage in these credit cards.

RBL Credit card,RBL Credit cards

RBL Bank Credit Card Review 2017

1. RBL Blockbuster Credit Card

This RBL Credit card offers you some exclusive joining and other benefits on movies,dining,airport lounges etc.

Key Benefits :

  • You get a joining benefit in the form of 4 free movie tickets worth Rs. 250 each that amounts to Rs.1000 at BookMyShow. A really good offer for a movie freak !
  • You get 8000 Reward Points at the time of joining that can be redeemed for products and services when required.
  • You can avail discount of upto Rs.500 at Bookmyshow every month if your expenditure exceeds Rs.20000.
  • You tend to get 20x rewards on all your dining spends at weekends.These accumulated reward points can be easily redeemed.
  • You also get complimentary access to airport lounges throughout the country.
  • If your expenditure during a year exceeds Rs.2 lakhs, you will get a bonus of 15000 reward points.Now,for this you need to be a regular credit card user.But,wait…don’t overspend to avail exclusive benefits ! It is always better to use a credit card optimally and wisely.
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 2. RBL Icon Credit Card

Another RBL credit card specifically designed to cater your premier lifestyle needs.However,this RBL credit card is full of rewards and benefits related to shopping,dining or travelling etc.

Key Benefits :

  • You get a great joining benefit of 20,000 reward points on payment of Membership Fee and activation of your RBL credit card.
  • 1+1 Free movie tickets upto Rs.200 twice every month.
  • You get access to 2 free airport lounges across the country.
  • You also earn 2 reward points for every Rs.100 spent.
  • You get 20 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on dining and international purchases at weekends.
  • If your yearly expenditure exceeds Rs.3 lakhs then you are eligible to receive 10000 reward points. If annual spending exceeds Rs.5 lakhs, you earn 15000 additional reward points. Further,if your annual spending exceeds Rs.8 lakhs you get to earn 20000 reward points.Oh…now that sounds pretty expensive.
  • You get access to popular golf courses and some prestigious national and international events through this RBL credit card.Now,this is some high profile treatment that you can avail here.

“Spend more, earn more” is the simple basis for this RBL Icon credit card.Anyways, spend where you actually need to and not otherwise.

3. RBL Movies & More Credit Card

This card offers some special movie discounts and deals, as the name itself suggests. You get 4 free movie tickets worth Rs.250 each on BookMyShow, as an exclusive joining bonus.However,the benefits are spread beyond movies and extend to dining,fuel surcharge waiver,reward points etc.

Key Benefits :

  • You earn 10 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on BookMyShow.
  • Going for dining out on Wednesdays, you will earn 20 reward points on Rs.100 spent.
  • You get 10% discount on movies that you book at BookMyShow.
  • If your monthly spending through this RBL credit card exceeds Rs.10000 then you get 1 free movie ticket worth Rs.250.An additional movie ticket is given where your monthly spending exceeds Rs.15000.
  • If annual spending > Rs.2 lakhs then Reward points=5000 and if annual spending >Rs.3.5 lakhs then you get 10000 reward points through the RBL Movies & More credit card.
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4. RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card

The is no joining fee for availing the RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card. Some exclusive privileges accompanied by membership benefits are the key highlights of this premium credit card. The rewards benefits extend towards entertainment,dining,utility bills and other purchases as well. If you swipe your card within 60 days after it is issued, you get the joining bonus in the form of 8000 reward points.

Key Benefits :

  • You can earn 2 reward points on every Rs.100 that you spend on purchases.
  • You get 5x reward points while using your RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card for dining,utility bills,entertainment or fuel payments.
  • You also get 5 reward points on international spends.
  • If annual spending > Rs.2 lakhs then Reward points = 10000 and If annual spending > Rs.3.5 lakhs then Reward points=20000
  • Get free movie tickets upto Rs.200 at BookMy Show.
  • The major advantage of this premium credit card is that it is accepted globally at various merchant establishments world-wide.

5. RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card

This RBL credit card is a high on rewards card with numerous reward benefits to the credit card holder.

Key Benefits :

  • You can earn 2 reward points on every Rs.100 that you spend on purchases.
  • You can earn 1,000 Bonus Reward Points monthly if you swipe your Card 5 times for transactions where the transaction amount is Rs. 1,000 or more in a particular calendar month.
  • If your annual spending in first year is Rs.1.5 lakhs or above then you can get a waiver of fees for second year.
  • Weekends can become special while spending through the RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card.How ? You tend to earn double reward points at weekends.
  • Afuel surcharge waiver of upto Rs.150 per billing cycle.The minimum transaction amount for this waiver is Rs.500 and maximum amount is Rs.4000.

6. RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card

The joining fee is Nil for RBL Titanium Delight Credit card and this comes with a host of offers, reward points,groceries,pizza discounts,fuel surcharge waiver and gift vouchers etc.

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Key Benefits :

  • You can earn 2000 reward points as joining bonus and an additional 1000 reward points if spending exceeds Rs.10000 within 60 days of issuance of this credit card.
  • If annual purchases > Rs.1 lakh there shall be no annual fee charges.
  • You can get 5% value back on your purchases every Wednesday if you buy groceries at Big Bazaar.
  • You can earn 10% value back if you order Pizza at counter on Wednesdays through your RBL Titanium Delight card (exclusively at Pizza Hut/ Dominos).
  • If your annual purchases exceeds Rs.120,000 during the year, you can get a gift voucher worth Rs. 1,000.
  • You can also avail a fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% at all the petrol station across India. The minimum transaction amount for this waiver is Rs.500 and maximum amount is Rs.4000.

This was our list of some of the RBL credit cards that you should know about. After going through the specific benefits associated with each one of them, it might have become easier for you to take the right decision as per your choice.

If you are looking towards getting a rewarding experience, I mean a whole lot of reward points to be redeemed for some exciting gifts, these RBL credit cards might benefit you.

If you liked any, you can easily apply through the application links as provided with each one of the RBL credit card.

Just remember, excess of anything is not good. So,manage your finances well and pay off your credit card dues on time to avoid landing in a debt trap. Make it a habit to clear your credit card bills or any other bills for that matter on timely basis to live a financially secure life.

Have you used any of the above RBL credit card from our list of RBL credit cards ? Do share your valuable experiences on any of the RBL bank credit card that you have, in the comment section below.

These are general opinions, the individual preferences may vary based on one’s usage,priorities and criteria for choosing a credit card.

The details are on “as is” basis, there might be changes in the features, fees and benefits of the credit cards from time to time. Please check all the Terms and conditions (T&C) carefully with the respective banks/companies while applying for any of the credit cards in India.

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