With Rentomojo, Say Goodbye to the Horrors of EMIs!

Are you relocating to a new place or thinking to furnish your home, but, are scared of the high purchase cost of various home essentials? The horror of repaying EMIs further gives you sleepless nights. Don’t worry! Rentomojo is here for you. It is the perfect and complete online rental solution, an affordable and convenient platform that can easily convince you of the benefits of renting over buying.

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Rentomojo: A Glimpse

Rentomojo is a Bangalore-based online rental marketplace to cater to your home furnishing needs. A furniture rental website that provides you all the primary requisites for setting up a beautiful home in order to match your unique lifestyle.

Working on the business model of “Own less and Rent more” in a smart and cost-efficient way, it has built a great user base across various cities.

In short, this growing start-up capitalised on the needs of millennials and came up with an online subscription rental platform. It emphasises on the innovative idea of temporarily renting products instead of owning them permanently.

Rentomojo now works with banks for asset financing thereby taking a step forward for turning this into a great fintech model. The financiers pay for buying the assets, take a cut in the rental returns making a win-win situation for both the buyer of the asset and its users also.

Rentomojo, online rental sites, rent furniture, rent bikes, rent appliances,

Renting Services: Say Goodbye to the Horror of EMI’s

Rentomojo offers you a set of curated packages to suit all your home needs at a nominal monthly rent. Be it exploring a range of stylish furniture, getting useful home appliances or a plethora of branded home products, renting seems to be quite a feasible alternative for the common man. Not only this, but you also get to enjoy an amazing collection of bikes also on lease to help you commute easily.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to the horrors of EMI’s. Say yes to personalised renting services, an interesting alternative for furnishing your home in India.

Think of any item – beds, mattress, wardrobe, sofa, tables, chairs, drawers or bookshelf. You can get any of these to enlighten your bedroom, living room or kitchen. A refrigerator, a washing machine, microwave oven or an LED TV, even a bike – anything can be obtained on rent to suit your needs.

As a consumer, you can rent any item in an easy manner. You get the option to simply return the asset when not in use and complete any of the remaining rentals.

Rent versus Buy: A Final Take

‘Renting furniture’ or ‘renting appliances’ or ‘renting bikes’ is an entirely new and emerging concept to make living more convenient for you. Your subscription lifestyle is just a few clicks away! And you are all set to smartly own and enjoy an EMI-free life!

Have you ever thought, how much money you can save by availing these cost-effective rental services?  Buying and spending loads on furniture and other consumer durables can lead to unnecessary blockage of large funds.

If you have a transferable job and wish to stay at a particular place for a short duration only, then what to do? You have to shift to a new city again. Owning physical assets in such a case just seems impractical. The shifting cost can be too high. So, why not avail the renting opportunity that can save you from the stress of moving furniture and other household items along with Rentomojo’s free relocation services.

Renting anyway proves to be a better deal and scores much higher than owning. So, the next time you look forward to buying furniture or any other home utility products, think again. Renting is indeed a smart way to own quality furniture, appliances and vehicles that too in a hassle-free manner.

Rentomojo has thereby come up with a practical and accessible solution to make you burden free by letting you rent rather than buying.

Have you tried the services of this online rental marketplace? What is your take on Rentomojo and availing its multiple benefits? Feel free to share your valuable feedback.

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