SBI Simply Save Credit Card Benefits: Review 2024

Through this blog, we shall be highlighting all the features, benefits, fees, rewards and related offers of SBI Simply Save Credit Card. Do have a look at the exclusive SBI Simply Save Credit Card Review! It will make easier for you to decide if this SBI credit card is a good fit for your wallet and meets all your requirements.

As the name itself suggests, SBI Simply Save Credit card can help you save a lot on your spending. This saving may it be in the form of

  • Welcome offers
  • Annual fee waiver
  • Fuel surcharge waiver
  • Accumulated reward points
  • Any additional offers thereon.

If you own an SBI Simply Save Credit Card, you are eligible to avail different privileges offered on this credit card that we have discussed in detail below.

SBI Simply Save Credit Card: Key Benefits

1. Annual Fee:

To start with, as a credit card user, we are normally concerned about the credit card fee while applying for any credit card. The Annual fee for SBI Simply Save Credit Card is quite nominal @ Rs.499 only. The renewal fee is also Rs.499 only from 2nd year onwards.

However, here is something exciting to know. You can get renewal fee waiver, you might be thinking how? If your annual spending exceeds Rs.100000 during the year, you can get annual membership fee reversal in the subsequent year. Now, that sounds really great! This is probably a good news for frequent credit card users.

But, if you don’t spend that much in a year, then do have a look at the Standard Chartered Rewards Credit card. You get an annual fee waiver with this Standard Chartered card even if your spending is Rs.60000 only. And, isn’t that quite normal? After all, the cost of living is so high that such amount of expenditure is bound to be there. So, why not simply apply for a Fee waiver card?

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Apply Now For Standard Chartered Card & Get Instant Approval

You can easily Apply Online and Get Instant approvals for this credit card.

2. Welcome Offers:

This credit card gives you a Welcome offer in the form of cash back. You will get Rs.100 cash back on your first withdrawal if the same is done within 30 days of receiving your credit card.

3. Bonus Offer:

If your spending is Rs.2000 or above in the first 60 days of getting the card, you get 2000 bonus reward points. Reward points are a great way to avail a wide array of gifts and getting 2000 reward points by just spending Rs.2000 is an added advantage of this credit card.

4. Reward Points:

Not only this, you get to enjoy 10 Reward Points on every Rs.100 that you spend on Dining, Movies, Departmental Stores and Grocery expenditure.

This is what attracts me towards this credit card !

All of us like to dine out and go for movies! Isn’t it! Not to forget, grocery and other purchases are an essential part of our life. If we get to save a little bit on such monthly expenses, this can accumulate to a big saving over the year.

5. Other Rewards:

For all your other spends, you can earn 1 reward point for every Rs 100 that you spend. You can redeem these reward points (wherein 4 Reward Points = Rs.1) with an  exclusive range of gifts from the Rewards catalogue or pay off outstanding credit card balance.

6. Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

You can get 1% fuel surcharge waiver at any petrol pump. But, remember the transaction should be between Rs.500 to Rs.3000 to avail this waiver. Also, the maximum surcharge waiver shall be of Rs. 100 per statement cycle, per credit card account.

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7. Online Application:

Its really easy to apply for this credit card, you can do so online. You will receive a verification call from the customer support team and if you meet all the eligibility criteria, you shall be issued the credit card in few days.

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8. Interest free period:

There is an interest free credit period that ranges normally from 20-50 days. But, it is applicable only on the retail purchases that you make. This applies if you have paid the outstanding balance for the previous month.

9. Globally accepted card:

SBI Simply Save credit card has global acceptance i.e. you can use this credit card at over 24 million outlets all over the world (that accept Visa or MasterCard). Are you a frequent traveller? This credit card shall be quite handy to you while travelling due its global acceptance.

10. Add-on card benefits

Looking to get add on cards for your family including spouse, parents and kids above 18 years of age, you can get some really exclusive offers on the add on cards.

Just make sure that the age of the applicant should be between 18 years and 60 years in order to apply for SBI Simply Save Credit Card.

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SBI Simply Save Credit Card: Additional Advantages

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  • Easy cash withdrawal: There is an easy cash withdrawal facility from ATMs across the globe. This is what we look for when we travel around to far off places.
  • Easy Bill Pay facilitySBI Simply Save card is also a good option for paying electricity, telephone, water and other utility bills through the “Easy Bill Pay facility”. You don’t have to incur any additional cost for the same.
  • Flexipay: Through “Flexipay” option you can easily convert your transactions into easy monthly instalments. You can convert your big purchases made over Rs.2500 into smaller EMIs and reduce your burden.
  • Easy Money: With “Easy Money”, you can order a draft or a cheque against your cash limit. Not only this, you can get the same delivered at your doorstep as well.
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SBI Simply Save Credit Card: Review

To conclude, we can say that SBI Simply Save Credit Card might seem to be an ideal credit card for a frequent shopper. The one who is a shopping freak can save a lot on the shopping expenses through the rewards and benefits associated with this credit card.

However, this can’t be termed as a perfect choice as compared to other credit cards offering ample of exclusive benefits and offers. But, looking at the nominal fee and overall merits, this tends to be a pretty decent card. Further, the approval rate is quite good. So, this can be an attractive card to consider. Just make sure to check all the details before applying for any credit card.

Note: The details are on “as is” basis collected from the respective credit card website. There might be changes in the features and benefits of the credit card from time to time. Please check all the Terms and conditions (T&C) carefully with the respective banks/companies before applying for any of the best credit cards in India.

Are you impressed with the whole bunch of offers that SBI Simply Save Credit card comes with and wish to apply for it? or Do you wish to checkout a bunch of other SBI credit cards as well. You can apply for them anytime that too online in an easy and a hassle free manner.

Do you have an SBI Simply Save Credit Card? How was your experience using this credit card? If yes, do share your valuable feedback on the same. If no, Do you wish to apply for this credit card in future? Which credit card do you prefer? Do let us know in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “SBI Simply Save Credit Card Benefits: Review 2024”

  1. This SBI card is quite popular. But, I feel some more benefits added to this credit card can attract more users.

  2. SBI Simply Save is a decent card.There are not too many benefits but looking at the low cost, this seems to be overall a good card.In fact,SBI is launching various other good cards also like SBI Unnati card that won’t be an extra burden to your pocket.


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