SBI Unnati Card: A Free Credit Card Review!

Have you heard about a new addition to the list of free credit cards : SBI Unnati Credit Card. If not, don’t worry, we shall make you familiar with the features, benefits and other useful details of the SBI Unnati Credit Card.

We have already covered a whole range of free credit cards in one of our earlier posts.This one is an exclusive review on the SBI Unnati Credit Card : A card with zero annual fee or a free credit card in India.

Besides being a zero fee card, it has numerous other rewards and benefits attached that have been discussed here.

SBI Unnati card,SBI Unnati credit card

SBI Unnati Credit Card : Features & Benefits

1. Secured Credit Card : The primary thing to know about SBI Unnati Card is that this is a Secured credit card.It is issued with a lien on the cardholder’s fixed deposit with SBI. In simple words, SBI Unnati credit card is issued against your SBI fixed deposit amounting to Rs.25000 or more.

2. Zero Annual Fee : What does this mean ? You don’t have to pay any fee for the first 4 years.Yes, this is a Zero fee card and the annual fee is waived off for first 4 years.In the 5th year also the fee is quite nominal @ Rs.499 only.

Now, this seems to be quite economical or we can say you can enjoy benefits available on this credit card without paying any fee.

3. Reward Points : This is the major attraction for any of the best credit cards in India. Talking about the reward points available with the SBI Unnati Card, it does have something in store for you. When you spend Rs.100 through your SBI Unnati Card, you get 1 reward point.These accumulated reward points can be redeemed for a wide array of gifts from the Rewards Catalogue.

4. Milestone Rewards : If you spend Rs.50000 or above in a year, you can enjoy Rs.500 cashback on your spending.These milestone rewards are really enticing.

5. Fuel Benefits : You also get fuel surcharge waiver of 1% for each transaction ranging between Rs.500 to Rs.3000. But, the maximum surcharge waiver is limited to Rs.100 per credit card statement cycle.

You can also apply for add on cards for your family members. SBI Unnati card is widely accepted at lakhs of outlets in India thereby making shopping and other payments easier for you anywhere.

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A Final Review :

SBI Unnati Credit Card is offered by a renowned name State Bank of India.You can expect some real attractive benefits in the coming months as this card gets more and more popular.Moreover, SBI is planning to make the credit card application process simpler and convenient for the common masses.This further adds up to the advantages of applying for SBI card.

So, looking at the overall features and benefits, this seems to be a decent credit card especially for the lower and middle income groups who wish to build their CIBIL or credit score. Although it has limited features and privileges to explore, but still this seems to be a good credit card.

Its a free credit card and this is the major plus point that is surely going to attract customers.A great fit to pay for your basic necessities,utility bills and your other shopping needs.

Did you like this SBI Unnati Credit Card ? Are you thinking to apply for it or for some other free credit card. Feel free to share your opinions.

If you wish to add any views on the SBI Unnati Card, you can do the same in the comment section below.Your valuable feedback shall be much appreciated.

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