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We often get confused when it comes to selecting the best credit card from a whole bunch of credit card options that are available in India.There are a number of queries that come to our mind while choosing the right credit card that suits our needs.Through this blog I shall be highlighting one such credit card : Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card, a card that qualifies in our list of Best Credit Cards in India.

Sharing my own personal experience, I was in a dilemma while choosing my credit card that particularly suited my individual needs. Actually,I am pretty fond of shopping especially grocery and other stuff. So,here I shall be sharing with you my personal opinions and feedback on Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card.

Keep reading to get deeper insights and some exclusive details based on my personal experiences on the Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card.

This is one credit card that you need in your wallet, if you are a shopping freak and love buying some cool stuff. So,the Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card is what you will become fond of after getting some really great cashback and reward offers.

Talking about Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card, one thing that makes it unique and different from other credit cards is the 5% cashback that you get on supermarkets and grocery stores. That’s pretty cool, not all cards give you such a great feature. In fact this is what initially attracted me towards this particular credit card.

Besides,cashback some other features also make it a great choice amongst credit card users.The best thing is that you can apply online easily.

All you need is to fit the eligibility criteria,have a good credit background and there you go, after requisite verification,documentation and processing you can get hold of this credit card.

Let me sum up all the key benefits of this credit card and why it has been in my list of best credit cards in India.Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit card

Benefits of Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card :

  • Annual fee : The annual fee for Year 1 is Rs.499 and the annual fee for year 2 onwards is Rs.999. But,wait if you spend in excess of Rs.30000 in year 1, you might get joining fee waiver as well. Further,if you spend Rs.60000 in year 2 you can enjoy waiver of renewal fee also.
  • 5% cashback on shopping in supermarkets and departmental stores : We all need to spend a good amount on groceries every month. Here,is a major plus point, you get 5% cashback if you shop for groceries from stores like Reliance fresh,Big Bazaar,More,Food Bazaar etc. After all you might have heard “A penny saved is a penny earned “ right.
  • Other Cashback : Everybody loves getting a cashback on your purchases. You can earn upto Rs.500 cashback monthly restricted to Rs.150 per transaction.But,wait…firstly you will have to make a purchase of minimum Rs.1000 for availing this cashback facility.
  • Other Convenient payment options.

Special offers on this credit card are also provided on regular basis like :

  • Travel : Enjoy 20% cashback of upto Rs. 600 per month on Uber rides, another special offer that makes this credit card stand out from the rest.
  • Additional reward points can be availed on registering for online banking.
  • Other cash back and discounts may be offered from time to time.
  • There are exclusive visa platinum offers as well.

If you are looking for a free credit card,you can checkout the Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card that has no joining fee and no annual fee as well.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card is a good option for salaried class, small traders, housewives and people who love spending a lot on groceries, getting cashback and rewards frequently. It is good for people whose annual spending is Rs.1 – 2 lakhs.

Credit card providers have certain eligibility conditions out of which the age of the applicant, the income of the applicant and your credit background are of utmost importance.Moreover,these days the credit card application process is quite simple and you can do so online, where the customer support shall get back to you and help you in getting the credit card of your choice.

If you clear all the verification checks and are found suitable, you can expect to get your credit card from 7-15 days of submitting your complete documents.

See for yourself if this credit card suits your needs and fits your choice, if yes, you can easily apply online right now.

Ideally Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card is a popular choice and the best credit card in India if you are looking to earn cashback and rewards.Further,this credit card is a good choice for grocery shopping plus various other added benefits that include easy payment facilities for fuel,utilities etc.

We all love using credit cards, especially after the recent ” Demonetisation” drive, an increasing trend has been seen in the no. of credit card payments.

Take an informed decision after analysing all the features and benefits the credit card shall offer you.

The views expressed here are my personal and individual preferences may vary from person to person based on the various factors like age,priorities,usage,income and experiences of an individual.

Have you used the Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit card ? Do share your valuable experiences and feedback on the same ? If you have any other credit card to add to our list of best credit cards in India, feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

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The details are on “as is” basis, there might be changes in the features and benefits of the credit card from time to time. Please check all the Terms and conditions (T&C) carefully with the respective banks/companies while applying for any of the best credit cards in India.

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