What are the steps to invest in SIP ?

SIP i.e. Systematic Investment Plan is a common method followed for wealth creation in the long run.SIP is just a method of investing and not any product or investment option.It is just a process through which you can contribute small but regular amounts to build a good corpus.

When you invest money through SIP, your money is invested in Mutual funds.Mutual funds further invest your money in :

  • Debt Instruments – Debt Mutual Funds.
  • Equity – Equity Mutual Funds.

SIP is usually considered a good method if you have long term investment goals and for long term wealth creation.

Features of SIP are as follows :-

  • You invest small small amounts on a regular basis either weekly,fortnightly or monthly as per your convenience.
  • You can invest in a variety of financial instruments like debt mutual funds,equity mutual funds based on your risk appetite.
  • Investment through SIP usually gives better returns in the long run i.e.if amount is invested for a longer period.
  • You develop a habit of investing since a fixed amount is to be invested at regular intervals.
  • You can benefit out of Cost averaging i.e.Buy more units in low market and less units when market is high,thus reducing your average cost of purchasing.

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10 Steps that you need to follow to start your SIP are :

  1. Set Your Finance Goals.
  2. Measure Your Risk Appetite.
  3. Plan Your Investment Horizon.
  4. Invest Online/Offline.
  5. Invest Directly/Through Financial Advisors.
  6. Application form.
  7. KYC Compliance.
  8. Decide Date and Amount of SIP.
  9. Decide Mode of payment.
  10. Select Fund Type.

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