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Through this blog we shall take you on a journey to explore the Best GST Books in India. A list of books on GST or Goods and Services Tax (latest editions) that can help you understand this new tax in a simple manner.

GST or Goods and Services Tax is a new concept for all that has been made applicable in India w.e.f.1st July 2017. So,whether you are a tax consultant, an industrialist, a small businessman, a service provider or a common man, you need to gather requisite information in order to comply to the new GST provisions.

Although,internet is full of information that proves quite useful.But when it comes to choosing the best source of knowledge, you look for reliable and good books to support you. Right !best GST books,GST books India,GST books,top GST books

Books are a man’s greatest friend, as is normally quoted.This is quite true even when it comes to gaining knowledge on any new tax reforms, laws or policies.

GST being a trending topic these days, don’t miss to checkout the whole list of popular GST books mentioned below…

Whenever a new law or reform emerges, you get it simplified through the various form of content in books. Isn’t it ! So,this time as GST has been rolled out, we thought of sharing an exclusive and latest collection of Best GST books from some of the famous authors and publishers.

This will surely guide your way to get deeper insights on the momentous tax reform : GST or Goods and Services Tax in India. A number of amendments are made in GST laws from time to time. So, getting hold of revised editions shall be a great help for tax experts, consultants, traders, service providers or anyone wishing to know about GST.

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We try our best to update this list on a frequent basis, so as to let you know about the latest editions. Still, just make sure to check for the latest and updated edition before placing your order for buying any of the books.

Just have a look at some of the popular books from great authors and add to your knowledge on GST.

10 Best GST Books in India to learn GST :

Latest editions to the list of GST books:

GST (Goods & Services Tax)

GST E-Way Bill (2nd edition May 2018)

GST Input Tax Credit (4th edition May 2018)

GST Law Analysis & Procedures (May 2018)

GST Mini Ready Reckoner (Amended upto 20.04.2018)

GST Ready Reckoner April 2018

GST Ready Reckoner Feb 2018

GST Master Guide (Amended upto 20.04.2018)

GST Made Simple (Third edition: April 2018)

GST Refunds (Amended upto 17.04.2018)

Older Editions of GST Books:

1. GST-How to Meet Your Obligations (Set of 2 Volumes) -Incorporating Notifications Issued on 14-11-2017 (Updated Till 3-12-2017)
3.  GST Made Easy-Answer to All Your Queries on GST (December 2017)

4. Systematic Approach to Taxation: Containing Income Tax and GST : November Edition

5. GST Manual (November 2017 Edtion) By Taxmann
6 .GST Ready Reckoner (Incorporating Notifications Issued till 17-11-2017)

7. GST Acts with Rules & Forms(Incorporating Notifications Issued till 17-11-2017) (Bare Act)

8. GST Made Simple: A Complete Guide to Goods and Services Tax in India (Second Edition: 20 November, 2017)

9. GST Tariff (Set of 2 Volumes) with GST Rate Reckoner : November Edition

10. GST Law Manual 4th Edition (November 18, 2017)

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Hope you liked scrolling the list of Best GST books in India.Have you gone through any of the above GST books ? Are you thinking to get any of them ? Do share your experiences and feedback on any of the GST books that you read in our comment section below.

Grab as much information as you can, to help you in a smooth transition from the earlier system into the new GST system.

And,yes don’t forget to share this massive list of GST books with your family and friends.Let them know better about the historic tax reform in India with its complete details.

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This post contains affiliate links.I might be earning a small commission if you purchase.Of course,at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my blogging adventures !

If you wish to add names of some other useful and good GST books in India, feel free to mention them. We shall be updating our list on regular basis thereby adding any new names and latest editions of books on GST in India as provided by the readers.Also, we shall be upgrading our GST books list as and when we get to know of the new releases.

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