Best 10 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy in India

Are you trying to dip your toes into the Artificial intelligence stocks in India? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are seasoned or a beginner. The world of AI stocks is just taking pace and you are in the right direction.

Who would have thought that Indian investors would get attracted to investing in something like this? But no doubt, AI is growing rapidly and there are ample opportunities for both investors and businesses. The coming decade will capitalize on this trend into higher profits for all.  

In this blog, you will explore some of the trending Artificial Intelligence stocks in India. Also, discover their potential and reasons that make them stand out from the rest.

What are Artificial Intelligence Stocks? 

The very first question in some of your minds will be- What are AI stocks? It is relatively a new term and many aren’t even aware that something like that exists. 

Companies that are engaged in either the development or deployment of tech-related stuff, when they get listed in stock exchanges, we call their shares AI shares or Artificial intelligence stocks. 

As per a report given by IMARC group, it is estimated that by 2028, the market size of such shares will become approximately US $3935.5 Mn.

As an investor, it is a good option for you to diversify your portfolio. You will get to know about these companies and how they are performing. Who knows what these shares will be worth in the future? By looking at their growth and prospects right now, you can expect a decent profit in the future.

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks in India 

Here are the 10 best AI stocks in India that are worth investing in.

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1. TCS 

Tata Consultancy Services has a huge IT base in India. They have captured the biggest market share in the IT and now AI industry. You must have heard about TCS AI Studio. It is designed to make better strategic and data-driven decisions incorporating innovation and transformation.

Companies have shown quite reliable growth in the past few years. If investors are looking for a long-term investment then TCS is a great option.

Given below is a table showing relevant TCS Data 2022-2023.

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

2. Infosys Limited

Who hasn’t heard of Infosys, right? It has made some significant contributions to the Indian economy by designing the GST portal. They are continuously spending big amounts on technological developments and advancements.

Infosys has also given mind-blowing software solutions (AI-based) to clients helping them in their businesses. Its stock has also improved over the period. Again, for long-term holders, it might be beneficial. 

The below Infosys Data 2022-2023 is something you should know!

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

3. Wipro

An Indian IT services company i.e. Wipro has got strong multinational roots. Their AI-based software is being used in many famous industries. Be it cybersecurity or digital transformation, they have a lot on their plate.

The stocks of Wipro are performing steadily on the stock exchanges. You can even try SIP in Wipro. If you seek immediate profits then its shares are considered a viable option.

Want to know the figures? Here is a table of Wipro’s Data 2022-2023.

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

4. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is also an IT service provider. Buying the stocks of HCL will ensure that you can get a deeper understanding of its AI services. It provides cloud-native services, process operations, digital analytics, and cybersecurity services.

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Here is a table with HCL Technologies Data 2022-23 .

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

5. Kellton Tech Solutions Limited

Kellton Tech Solutions provides digital transformation and consultancy services. They are known to provide chatbots that are AI-driven, predictive analytics as well and automation services. More recently, they were in the news because of the AI-enabled personalized system they sold to healthcare. With this, every patient will get the care they need.

Know whether Kellton Tech Solutions Data 2022-23 is worth it or not!

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

6. Affle India Limited

Affle India is a PaaS-based company. Paas means Platform-as-a-service. It means that they provide a very secure platform for companies to monitor their customer acquisitions, engagements, and other transactions. They do it via mobile advertisements. The company also helps to provide leads to their clients and convert their online audience into clients.

Given below is Affle India Data 2022-23.

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

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7. Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi offers design and tech services to various industries like healthcare, automotive, communications, and media. Just recently they have achieved another milestone by successfully delivering video analytics AI software. It is a new step towards IoT and smart devices. If you are looking to invest in Tata Elxsi’s AI stocks then it is worth researching about.

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The table below shows Tata Elxsi Data 2022-23.

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

8. Cyient Limited

Cyient Limited is an engineering company in India that provides services to both individual clients and big companies. They focus on improving the value chain to eliminate problems. So far the company is listed on NYSE. The prices go up and down which is normal but try researching more about its performance before investing. (Got to do it for all the stocks, right!)

Here is what you should know about Cyient Limited’s Data 2022-23.

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

9. Happiest Mind Technologies Limited

This company is in Cloud computing services. They are focused on developing better technology to improve AI, IoT, cloud computing, and VR. Just like you see in video games, they also use AI for language processing and image generation.

The table below shows Happiest Mind Technologies Data 2022-23 .

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

10. Persistent Systems Limited

Persistent Systems Limited is a Pune-based company that is known for providing digital transformation and cloud space. Using it, businesses can modernize their operations and assist clients in a better manner. Their stocks are one of India’s best as they are increasing their customer base annually.

Given below is a table showing relevant Persistent Systems Limited Data 2022-23.

Market Capitalization (Cr.)Face Value of sharesROE %Debt to Equity

Artificial Intelligence Stocks in India: Should you invest? 

In the coming years, Artificial intelligence stocks will take a boom and become a very attractive opportunity for all investors. You have to consider various prevailing factors that affect the performance of these stocks.

There are different types of AI-based companies. So wherever your interest lies, choose that. Do a little market research on your own based on financial health, overall performance, competition, and growth potential.

Thus, investing in AI stocks in India can give fruitful results if investors are diligent and smart. 

Which Artificial Intelligence stock is most lucrative in India? Feel free to comment on the same.

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