6 Best Cashback Credit Cards in India: Review 2024

While choosing the right credit card for yourself, you need to consider various factors. The cashback feature is one of the primary factors that is considered when you think of getting a credit card. Through this blog we shall be highlighting some of the Best Cashback Credit Cards in India or you can refer it as Best Credit Cards for Cashback in India that will help you take the correct decision.

Cashback Credit Cards in India: Importance

How would you feel if you earn some money while spending money. Yes…you read it right! This is what a cashback credit card offers you.

Further, this is a major reason that usually attracts potential credit card users and provides the Cashback credit cards an important place in your wallet. Simply stated, you can earn cashback on the purchases that you make through a particular credit card, if it offers so.

Everybody likes saving money and availing free offers, if you are also one of them, don’t miss to checkout this useful credit card: Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card – A credit card with nominal joining fee and you can get annual fee waiver as well! Get instant approval by applying online. This can probably save you a lot of time and money as well.

Best Cashback Credit Cards in India

Here, we bring to you a whole range of exclusive and best cashback credit cards in India. No doubt, these provide a lot of benefits besides the cashback feature. But, our main motive is to shortlist few of them based on the cashback facility that they offer.

List of Cashback Credit Cards:

  1. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card
  2. Citibank Cashback Credit Card
  3. ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card
  4. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card
  5. SBI Simply Click Credit Card
  6. HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

If your credit card gives you the cashback offer, it simply means that when you spend money, you will get an opportunity to earn cashback on your spending. All this is earned, in an easy and friendly manner as per the specific credit card offers.

We have discussed the cashback plus the rewards feature in this post, there are various other benefits that each of these credit cards may provide you from time to time.

6 Best Cashback & Rewards Credit Cards in India

Here’s a lit of some of the popular cashback credit cards in India:

1. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card:

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card is a good credit card to earn cashback in different ways. Of course, one of the favourites of credit cards users.

A host of cashback features and discounts to checkout! You have cashback, reward points, discounts and enticing offers, all in one card.

Let’s see the number of benefits you get while using this Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit card:

  • Enjoy 5% cashback on shopping in supermarkets and departmental stores.
  • Earn 3x rewards on every Rs.150 you spend through this credit card.
  • Get an instant discount of Rs.1000 on Yatra app.
  • Avail upto 25% off at INOX with your Standard Chartered card.
  • Get 15% off on Samsung Mobiles.
  • Get around Rs.1200 off on domestic flights booked at GoIbibo.
  • Earn BookMyShow Vouchers worth Rs.2000 on your first transaction with this credit card.
  • Much more offers keep running every now and then. So, it’s quite possible that you get extra privileges at the time of applying.
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There might be certain conditions for grabbing all the offers. But, overall Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit card seems to be a fairly decent Cashback credit card.

You also have the benefit of Renewal fee waiver if your spending exceeds Rs.120000 during a year. And, looking at the high cost of living in India these days, you can easily grab the fee waiver opportunity.

Note: If your annual spending is not that much and you still wish to avail fee waiver option. You can have a look at Standard Chartered Rewards Credit Card. The joining fee of this card is Rs.250 only. You get a renewal fee waiver if your annual spending is Rs.60000 only. And, that’s pretty normal as per the rising cost of living. So, this also turns out to be a free card, if you can grab the easy waiver!

2. Citibank Cashback Credit card:

This is a good credit card for earning cashback rewards and also paying utility bills online. So, this one is an ideal fit to pay online bills and movie freaks.

Key Benefits:

  • If you love watching movies frequently, this credit card can give you 5% Cash Back on movie ticket purchases.
  • You get 5% cash back on your utility bill payments like electricity bills.
  • Enjoy 5% cash back on telephone bill payments.
  • Also, get 0.5% cash back on any other amount spent.
  • Please note that cash back is restricted to Rs.100 per month for each category mentioned above.

Looking at the cashback offers attached, this seems to be an ideal cashback credit card. Indeed a great fit for the best cashback credit cards in India. You can easily apply for Citibank credit cards and get instant approvals if you meet their eligibility criteria.

If you wish to checkout a good rewards credit card, don’t miss Citibank Rewards Credit card. It gives numerous rewards points and offers plus no joining fee. You also get annual fee waiver if your annual spending exceeds Rs.30000. Now, that’s really an attractive offer!

3. ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card:

We can’t refer it as a cashback card directly but yes… this is actually a good card to earn reward pointsICICI Bank Platinum Chip Card provides a reward program powered by PAYBACK i.e. India’s largest loyalty program. You get an opportunity to earn payback points on your various purchases and redeem them for exciting gifts.

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Guess what! There’s a lifetime free offer on this ICICI card running for a limited period only. You can grab Free Lifetime ICICI Platinum Credit Card Offer & Get instant approval!

Key Benefits:

  • This comes with an embedded chip that ensures secure transactions and gives protection from the risk of fraud.
  • You earn 2 payback points on every Rs.100 spent except on fuel.
  • If you swipe ICICI Platinum chip card on ICICI merchant services swipe machines at HPCL fuel stations, 1% fuel surcharge waiver can be availed on transactions of maximum Rs.4000.
  • You can save a minimum of 15% on your dining bills at over 2500 leading partner restaurants spread across 12 cities with ICICI Bank Culinary Treats Program.
  • If you spend Rs.50000 or more annually, your annual fee of Rs.99 for subsequent year shall be waived off.

4. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card:

This seems to be a perfect credit card when it comes to earning cashback offers while spending your money.

Isn’t that great that you can earn cashback on fuel, on your telecom payments as well as on your utility bills. What else can one expect as a credit card user?

Key Benefits:

  • You can earn 5% cashback on all fuel purchases. Here, you are likely to get 2.5% surcharge reversal and 2.5% cashback at any of the petrol pumps.
  • Enjoy getting 5 % cashback on your telecom payments from all service providers.
  • Enjoy 5% cashback on your utility payments like electricity, gas and water bills. Who doesn’t like saving money on utility bills? All of us do… So, this is one major factor that attracts me towards this particular credit card.
  • You also get 20% cashback upto Rs.600 monthly on all your uber rides.
  • The minimum transaction amount to be eligible to avail the cashback facility is Rs.750.

This credit card comes loaded with a whole range of cashback offers that can help you save a portion of your hard earned money. So, it qualifies for the best cashback credit card in India.

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5. SBI Simply Click Credit Card:

You can refer SBI Simply Click Credit Card as one of the popular SBI cards and a good rewards card. A common choice for frequent shoppers who wish to enjoy attractive deals and rewards on their online purchases.

Key Benefits:

  • Enjoy 10X rewards on your online spends with partners like Amazon, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Foodpanda, Zoomcar, Ola Cabs, Fabfurnish, Lenskart etc. A whole bunch of big names that you come across while shopping. Grab the reward points and exclusive offers and you can save a lot.
  • You can earn 5X rewards on all your other online purchases.
  • If you spend Rs.1 lakh or above, the annual fee of Rs.499 gets waived off. This is a key attraction for shopping freaks whose expenses are likely to go beyond up Rs.1 lakh during the year.
  • Grab additional benefits in the form of Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.500.
  • You also get 2.5% waiver of fuel surcharge for transactions between Rs.500 and Rs.3000.
  • Get exciting e-vouchers as per your annual spending through this credit card.
  • Simply wave your card and your transaction is done. Make sure to do the same at secured readers.
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6. HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card:

This card is basically designed for people who want to earn money while shopping. The cash back and rewards attracts a number of shopaholics.

  • You earn 2 Reward Points (RP) on every Rs. 150 spent.
  • Get 2X Reward Points on online spends.
  • These reward points can be redeemed as CashBack on your HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card.
  • Here, 100 Reward Points is equivalent to Rs. 20.
  • Once you accumulate a good number of reward points on your HDFC Money Back credit card, you can easily redeem the same.

Premium Cashback Credit Cards

Besides, the above list some popular premium credit cards in the cashback category are:

  • American Express Gold Card
  • SBI Prime Credit Card
  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card
  • HDFC Diners ClubMiles
  • IndusInd Iconia Credit Card

Of course, you have to bear a higher joining fee or annual fee if you look for a premium or elite category card. It’s worth if you have the budget and wish to gather extra privileges from your credit card.

Cashback & Rewards Credit Cards: Factors to Consider

However, Cashback and rewards should not be the sole criteria while choosing the best credit card. You should go through all the important features like annual fee, interest rate, cashback or reward points, special offers being provided and any other additional benefits etc. while selecting the best credit card for yourself.

The choice of a credit card should be primarily based on the following crucial factors:

  • Your usage
  • Your income
  • Your expenditure
  • Your needs
  • Your lifestyle
  • Fee charged
  • Interest rate
  • Other benefits etc.

Moreover, having a good credit score improves your chances of getting easy approvals for some of the best credit cards.

The details are on “as is” basis collected from the respective credit card websites. There might be changes in the features and benefits of different credit cards from time to time. Please check all the Terms and conditions (T&C) carefully with the respective banks/companies before applying for any of the best credit cards in India.

These are general opinions, the individual preferences may vary as per your usage, selection criteria and priorities.

Have you used any of the best cashback credit cards in India? If not, are you planning to get one for yourself. If yes, do share your valuable feedback on the best cashback credit cards in India to help our users make the right choice.

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  1. I applied for Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card but they refused my application. Is there any other card that gives cash back on grocery?

  2. Standard Chartered Bank greatly reduced cashback eligibility. The spending limit for cashback has been increased. When I got Manhattan Platinum credit card, I used to get 5% cashback if I spent Rs.750 in super markets and grocery stores. Cash back is 5% and monthly limit is Rs.500 and transaction limit is Rs.250 only.
    Now, every thing changed for the benefit of the banks.

    • Nice post! Thanks for sharing useful info on credit cards. I was looking for good cashback card and visited this page. Liked the way you have shared minute details.


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