Best Trading Platform in India: Online Portals by Stock Brokers

Tighten your seat belts, so today we’ll be taking you on an exciting financial ride discussing the Best Trading Platforms in India, some of the leading online portals offered by popular stock brokers out there.

Online Trading Platform in India: Introduction

The success in stock market is mostly related to the well-planned strategy and the trading platform any trader uses for his or her transactions. It is very important to use a reliable trading software as it can turn a losses into big profits in a fraction of second. Of course, if the trading software is one of the best, reliable and provides a plethora of benefits to its users.

These days, a number of online trading platforms are available that it becomes very tough to pick the right one. So here we are going to cover the best online trading platform in India right now.

The online trading platforms we’ll discuss are some of the common choices among day to day traders. Most of these online portals are free but for some of them, users need to pay a monthly charge for accessing the various premium services offered by these online trading platforms. So without any further delay, let’s unfold the leading software and applications in the stock trading arena.

But before that, let’s take a quick look at the meaning of a trading platform.

What is a Trading Platform? Meaning

An online trading platform which provides the required technologies for trading and performing various operations such as opening, closing, and controlling market positions through an intermediary, known as stockbroker.

Stock Brokers offer their services online by using various trading platforms either for free or at a discount rate. Therefore, the best online trading platforms are those who provide a combination of robust features at minimal fees.

For traders, fees is the most important part while choosing an online trading platform but for day traders and other short-term traders may also require some additional features, like Level 2 quotes and market maker depth charts for better decision-making.

On the other hand options traders may require online trading platforms specifically designed to model options strategies.

Now by keeping all these things in mind let’s explore the Top Online Trading Platform in India.

Best Trading Platform in India: Top 7 List

Let’s figure out the main features and advantages of each of these 7 trading platforms (web based and apps) in India and then decide which one ranks higher amongst others.

1. Zerodha KITE

Zerodha KITE is one of the most sough-after trading platforms with more than millions of users. The platform is offered by Zerodha, one of the leading stockbrokers of India.

Zerodha Kite Features: Analysis

  1. Zerodha KITE is a lightweight and minimalistic trading platform which offers over 100 technical indicators and 20+ drawing tools.
  2. The trading platform is equipped with chart types such as Kagi, Linebreak, Helkin-Ashi, Point and Figure, Range Bars and Renko.
  3. It has over 5 market watch list with each offering 20 scripts.
  4. Zerodha KITE can be integrated with Quant, which is another advanced tool offered by Zerodha for fundamental and behavioral analytics.
  5. With the new Zerodha KITE version, users will get a new login screen and desktop notification. So even if the platform is not open it will send notification of any new changes so that users can be updated with what’s going on in the platform.
  6. By using the platform users can very easily place an order and the platform supports multiple orders at once.
  7. The dashboard offers a birds-eye view of everyone on one page.
  8. On the right side of the dashboard, users can see their investments whereas on the left side users can see the market watch list. Users can simply click on any item on their market watch list to get various charts and analysis where they can analyze the numbers or buyers and sellers in each stock.
  9. Finally, the trading platform can be further enhanced by using other tools such as Z-Connect, brokerage calculator, pulse, margin calculator and so on.
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Zerodha is one of the prime and best discount broker in India and as this trading platform is offered by them, users will get an exceptional customer care support as compared to anywhere else. The most attractive part, Zerodha KITE is also available in multiple regional languages of India, which makes it easier to understand for everyone.

2. 5 Paisa Mobile App

5 Paisa App is another dominant trading platform in India which has a lot of users. The app from 5paisa stock broker allows trading in equity, investing in mutual funds, buying gold, getting insurance and availing personal loans as well.

5paisa Mobile App Features: Analysis

  1. An attractive part of the trading application is that it is very lightweight and can be accessed from any mobile device very easily.
  2. The app offers multiple market watch, streaming quotes, desktop and mobile alert and instant order confirmation facility to its users.
  3. It’s easy to install the app and once the user installs the application the customer care automatically call within minutes. They help the users with uploading their documents such as POA, POB, Bank details and so on.
  4. The platform offers trading at various stocks from BSE and NSE directly from any mobile devices.
  5. Users just need to can download the 5 Paisa Trading App for free from Google App Store or Apple App Store and start trading immediately.
  6. The platform is very users friendly and it can be used to buy stocks, trade-in stock, currency futures & options.
  7. It also has options to invest in mutual funds, bonds etc.
  8. User can very easily access their depository, MTM profit and loss statement and ledger book anytime they want.
  9. Apart from all of the functions mentioned above, 5 Paisa App offers advanced charting facility and technical analysis options which can be suitable for all types of users.
  10. Users can easily add funds and can choose from the various payment gateway and banks for instant fund transfers.
  11. Finally, users can easily customize their views and receive live research and news updates over desktop and mobile alerts and for any issue users can reach out to the customer care and access the live chat for an easy solution.

3. Zerodha Pi

Zerodha PI is another best trading platform in India which offers unique features to make the trading process quick and reliable. Users can use various modern technologies such as AI, neural networks and so on.

Zerodha Pi Features: Analysis

  1. It offers various trading tools which are suitable for the beginners to advanced traders.
  2. Zerodha PI offers lots of historical data which can be used for technical analysis and backtesting.
  3. The charting and pattern recognition feature can be useful for a deeper analysis of stocks.
  4. First-time traders can use automated trading advice.
  5. Zerodha PI also offers a single platform where users can trade in multiple segments and exchanges at once. Zerodha PI is a unified trading platform for trading, charting and analyzing various stocks.
  6. It has over 10 types of charts and 80+ pre-built technical indicators and 30+drawing tools.
  7. The trading platform can be integrated with various 3 part tools such as OMS and RMS for a quick and reliable trading solution. One of the best features is that users can do single click trading while viewing any chart.
  8. The platform also supports advanced strategies for coding and backtesting, pattern recognition scanner and so on.
  9. Users can view the latest news and updates and explore lots of historical data to use it as a technical analysis tool as well.
  10. The platform can be integrated with other 3rd party platforms such as Ninja Trader, Meta Trader and Ami Broker and many more.
  11. Zerodha PI supports Windows Operating System and works absolutely fine with the basic desktop configuration.
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Even though the tech-driven platform is very easy to use, but you may take more time to understand some intricate features especially if you are a first time user.

4. Sharekhan TradeTiger

Sharekhan TradeTiger is yet another superior online trading platform in India developed by one of the traditional stockbroker Sharekhan. It is one of the oldest and leading trading platforms is more suitable for day traders. To use the trading platform users need to download Sharekhan TradeTiger into their devices.

Sharekhan TradeTiger Features: Analysis

  1. The platform offers a unified platform for multiple exchanges such as BSE, NSE, MCX, Mutual Funds, and IPOs and so on.
  2. It offers multiple market watch feature which can be accessed from the dashboard and users can view everything in one place.
  3. Various charts are available and offered with Tick by tick intraday and end of day charting system.
  4. You get numerous types of graph studies such as Average, MACD, and Band-Bollinger etc. are available inside the trading platform.
  5. Users can use this advanced charting feature to make better trading decisions.
  6. You can set various desktop alerts to be updated on input and output stocks.
  7. Sharekhan TradeTiger also has various premium prebuilt calculators such as span calculator. It also offers free online sessions to its users to understand the platform better.
  8. It has options to quickly do the trading by using various tools such as heat map, real-time news & research recommendations and more.
  9. The trading platform offers several shortcut keys which makes it quick and reliable at the same time.
  10. The advanced order function let the users place an order such as bracket orders, big trades, and bulk orders very easily.
  11. The personalization feature includes various shortcuts, charts, multiple screens and so on.
  12. Fast access to the order placement and reports can be accessed from the homepage itself.

5. Upstox Pro 

Upstox Pro is one of the new yet one of the premier online trading platforms in India which can be comparable with the Zerodha Kite online trading platform. The platform is developed by a leading discount stock broker RKSV.

Upstox Pro Features: Analysis

  1. Upstox Pro is available for web, windows and mobile devices. Therefore, all the stocks can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  2. After downloading the application users can very easily open their account by just using their Aadhar card.
  3. The platform offers one of the lowest brokerage fees; low fees mean more profit to the user.
  4. Users can place any order inside the trading platform very quickly.
  5. The interface of the trading platform is very attractive and all the functions are easy to navigate.
  6. Upstox Pro has permission to trade in all leading exchanges.
  7. The platform also uses very low bandwidth so it is very easily accessible and all the data are protected by using the powerful 256-bit encryption.
  8. You can trade from various platforms such as web, mobile and desktop.
  9. Users can do universal searched access on all the available exchanges and directly place an order from there.
  10. The market watch list, the order history page, order placing window and charting window all can be found in one single window and it gives a birds-eye view of everything in one place.
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6. ICICI Direct Trade Racer

ICICI Direct Trade Racer is also one of the key trading platforms in India and is offered by ICICI Direct.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Features: Analysis

  1. This online trading platform is equipped with live streaming quotes and research calls facilities.
  2. It also offers an integrated fund transfer system and multiple watch list functionality.
  3. Apart from all the features mentioned above, ICICI Direct Trade Racer offers all the leading stocks in one place.
  4. The new version of ICICI Trade Racer also comes with various new features which offer functions to the day to day traders to analyze the market opportunities and at the same time get the feel of the trading terminal.
  5. Some of the features we like the most are market scanner which let the user spot real-time trading opportunity by analyzing various technical parameters.
  6. Users can also personalize the platform using their favourite colour combinations.
  7. It offers snap view, market fingertips, bulk and block deals, advanced decline ratio, heat map, moving averages, global indices, customizable grid layouts and so on.
  8. The platform is free for the users who generate more than 750 INR in one month for others it is just 75 INR, which is being charged with their various subscriptions fees.

7. Angel Broking App

Finally, it is Angel Broking App, that has made an entry to our list of best trading apps for mobile devices offering trading facilities to all types of traders from anywhere.

Angel Broking App Features: Analysis

  1. This app offers some of the most advanced mobile trading features and users can perform multi-asset trading, which includes Equity, Currency, Derivatives, and Commodities at various stocks from BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX etc.
  2. The investment options for investing in various IPO and Mutual Funds are also available to the users.
  3. The application is one of the most simple, quick and reliable apps out there which can be beneficial for both seasonal investors as we as frequent traders.
  4. Users also receive real-time streaming quotes and charts, latest news and updates across various funds. Users can also see multiple watch lists from one window.
  5. Apart from all that it also lets the users generate research reports, margin statements, limits, order summary and so on.
  6. Online fund transfer can also be done very easily from the Smartphone itself. Also, the best part is that the app is available free of cost to all its users.

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Best Online Trading Platform India: Final Review

Ahh!! So many choices to consider! One is likely to get confused while selecting the best stock broker and the online trading platform each one offers. Right!

You need to remember that all of them have some pros and cons but all of them offer some features which make them unique and stand out in the crowd. Whichever platform you are going to finalise for your trading requirements, prefer trying out their free features and benefits before subscribing for the paid ones.

Ultimately, a robust user-friendly online trading tool loaded with latest functionalities, fast speed, accessibility and accuracy is what you look for! Do thorough research before you pick the perfect fit.

So now you have it! This was all about the best online trading platform in India. Which one did you choose? For any queries, feel to discuss in the comments.

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  1. There are so many trading platforms these days. One is bound to get confused which is the best. Nice to read such useful information on different trading software and apps. Thanks! I prefer Zerodha Kite and have been using it for a while now. A decent one indeed!


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