10 Best Science Websites for Kids

To satisfy the innate curiosities of your children, the world of science has every answer. In order to curb this hunger there are so many science websites, applications, and online videos for kids. 

The content is not limited to technology, the solar system, outer space, human anatomy, and even tough parts like quantum physics.

Earlier students’ learning was limited to schools and colleges. But now, they can learn anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks. In fact, teachers can use these websites and tools to make classes even more interactive and interesting.

You might be wondering about these websites and which one is the best for kids. To ease your efforts, we have carefully curated a list of 10 amazing science websites for kids in the US.

10 Best Science Websites for Kids 

Here are the 10 Best Science websites for kids in the US.

1. NASA Kids Club

Who hasn’t heard of NASA? NASA is the biggest space program in the world. Luckily, they have a website specially designed for kids. It has multiple space games, real captured photos, videos and so many activities that will engage kids.

It is a great science website for young minds to explore space from Earth. The semantics they use are very similar to what real astronauts use like mission, adventure, rockets, etc. Some of the scientists also host podcasts to impart knowledge on plants, comets, satellites, and other heavenly bodies.

2. BrainPOP Jr.

BrainPOP Jr. is a very interactive website. It has tons of animated videos on various topics of science. After each video, you will find quizzes, illustrative videos, and other options. The subject base has expanded to social science, math, and English too.

Over the last two decades, it has actively taught lakhs of kids through its videos. It is more than just a science tool. There are options via which parents can track the progress of their kids. 

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3. Science Kids

Science Kids is a very basic website. It has lots of educational content on science topics. It includes quizzes, projects, experiments, lesson plans, online games, and free activities. The topics include animals, biology, chemistry, physics, weather, and space.

There are videos showing experiments on chemistry like how water turns into steam, the action of bacteria, gadget features, animal videos, and egg experiments. The interface is very simple and everything is already present on their homepage.

4. NAT Geo Kids

National Geographic has its own kids’ website. It showcases various apps, e-magazines, videos, toys, and many web series on science. They have a very interesting show going on called “Foodtopia”, you can find the episodes on their website.

Students can witness some wow moments of elephants, lions, and even a few real-life Pokemon animals. The website is extremely engaging and filled with facts and information. Magazines include Halloween Hangout, Almanac 2024 challenges, weather reports, and future tech issues, and the list is never-ending.

5. Easy Science For Kids

Easy Science for Kids is more like a collection of online resources for teachers and parents. It can be used to make science lessons more engaging and fun-filled for kids. You will find many worksheets, and trackers that can be downloaded as handouts for children.

Quizzes and many cool science experiments are downloadable too. Most of the resources are free. They also have a color book in which children can fill colors as per the instructions. You will also find a section devoted to “Bats”. All sorts of information w.r.t to its communication, migration, sleeping and eating habits is covered in it.

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6. Cool Science Experiments Headquarters

This website was founded by a simple science teacher named Danielle. She put every kind of basic science experiment on it. These experiments are not only easy but practically possible for kids to do at home.

There are almost 50 tutorials through which students can learn the fundamentals of science. Popular experiments include balloon blow-ups, musical jars, magic milk, elephant toothpaste, and bouncy eggs

We all had a book of science experiments when we were kids and tried to do them no matter what. Danielle took it to the next level.

7. Science Bob

Bob is the founder of Science Bob. He is also an author. The main objective of this website is to teach kids about resources that will help them understand and enjoy science. This objective is fulfilled through numerous crazy experiments, fair ideas, videos, and more.

When you see the website, you will definitely notice the science graphics he has used like screws. There is also a Q&A portal where you can post your doubts and questions. In every video, Bob makes an experience in a very unique way to impress children.

8. Science Fun for Everyone

Science Fun for Everyone is an initiative by a team of professionals to encourage children to pursue the subject. They organize science programs grade-wise to educate children. Apart from that they host camps, science experiments, trivia contests and crack jokes.

You can make your account on this website and enroll your kid for camps and contests. They also have a shopping zone wherein children can buy stuff for their experiments, excavating adventure monthly boxes, and science kits.

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9. Science Buddies

Science Buddies is another website with plenty of resources for teachers, educators, children, and even parents. These resources are very unique. Some of them are STEM Activities, projects, videos, science fairs, and lesson plans.

Every activity and resource is segregated grade-wise so students can learn what is meant for them. Teachers can download it from the website and distribute it among children. There is also a science kit specially for teachers. There is complete freedom to choose any project and try it.

10. Science News Explores

The last one is Science News Explores. It started in 2003 and has won awards for being a great science publication online that imparts information age-wise to kids. It is part of the “Science News Media Group”. The group in itself is engaged in scientific research.

It is crucial to decide what is age-appropriate in science. Thus, the team is doing a good job of distributing topical science info to parents and teachers. Being an NPO, it works through donations. But the website is free for children.

Science Websites for Kids: Are they useful? 

It is extremely important to teach kids to think out of the box. Especially when it comes to science, the universe has a lot of mysteries yet to be explored. Who knows if your child cracks any of them and becomes a famous scientist?

Students thrive when their connections are made with the world and they can actually see and feel everything happening. You can check the science websites listed above to make that connection. The cutting-edge courses and topics explained will help them till they reach college.

Which science website is the best for kids? Comment down your thoughts.

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