5 Best Financial Literacy Apps for Students and Teens

In this digital era, everything is happening at a fast pace. Students must keep themselves updated with all the latest financial skills and information. How do you think they will do it? There are plenty of financial literacy apps in the market.

It can be rather challenging to make the right choice of apps. Because you never know which app has the right information and is user-friendly at the same time.

No need to worry! After careful research, we have compiled a list of 5 best literacy apps that definitely help students and teens in their pursuit of learning.

5 Best Financial Literacy Apps for Students 

Let’s get started with the best 5 financial literacy apps for students in the US.

1. Mazoola

You must know how important it is to protect the privacy of a child when he is actively using the internet. Mazoola is an application that is COPPA certified. It means that it is 100% safe for young audiences. All the personal information put on the app remains confidential.

With all safety and privacy protection, it is an excellent financial literacy app for parents. Especially those who wish to impart financial literacy to their kids. This app will help the parents in not only teaching but also in developing crucial financial skills.

The app has various features like a virtual debit card, tracker, saving goals, earning money through small tasks and even sending money to friends. You can easily teach the basics of finance to your kids with it.

It also provides access to its in-store merchandise and other websites so students can buy items. Once the purchase is made, the app will automatically record it along with the amount involved.

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2. Greenlight Kids

Greenlight Kids is quite an advanced and comprehensive financial application. It has its own banking feature as well. The app is suitable for young kids, students, and teenagers to learn about investing, safety, and money management.

If you are a parent using it then you will have a totally different experience with the app. It is fair to say that in terms of user-friendliness, this application is commendable. 

There are many interesting features of it like a virtual debit card, parental control system, rewards, earning tools, saving tracker, spending trackers, and a lot more.

Apart from the above features, it has got a lot more going on like savings rewards, investing tools, cashback, and priority support. If you get the “Greenlight Infinity version” then extra features are enabled like location sharing, crash detection, SOS support, etc.

The basic objective behind this app is to promote financial literacy in kids through a family-oriented approach.

3. BusyKid

The next one is BusyKid. It is paid but the prices are affordable keeping in mind the audience. It is an all-in-one app with options for investing, donating, money-saving, money management, and financial education.

The operations are simple and they have a money-back guarantee if the kid doesn’t like it. You can use its virtual debit card option, input your weekly/monthly allowances, and even log your daily chores data.

What’s even more interesting is that it will alert the parents to give bonuses when a chore is done well or before time. Parents or kids can also put an app reminder for doing tasks. One family can get a maximum of five debit cards through BusyKid.

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The cards are compatible with Apple Store and over 55,000 ATMs in the US. Overall, this application will provide a nice financial learning experience for the whole family.

4. Copper

Copper is mainly a banking application designed to educate young children and teens about financial aspects like money management and the importance of financial freedom. With Copper kids can also gain knowledge about banking, savings, and monitoring,

It also allows parents to track their children’s spending and get alerts whenever they make a transaction or go beyond the limit. But when parents believe that kids are ready to be independent they can stop the alerts.

Parents can also send money to their children and slowly build their confidence in handling finances. Copper also offers a customized debit card to teens that can be used to purchase stuff from Apple Stores, their in-store, and even other online websites.

Children can use the expense and savings tracker to manage their money. There is also a smart investing feature that helps to learn about investment, buying, and selling.

5. Till

The last one is Till, which is an app as well as a debit card for teens and students. The said debit card can be collaborated with parents’ cards to learn about smart spending. The application also promotes financial literacy among the family.

Till is easy to use, smart, and easily integrates with family’s lifestyles and helps in managing money. An interesting feature is that it can be used to pay for everyday purchases too. For this, you can link the Till debit card with your Apple Pay.

The card can be linked with external bank accounts to earn referrals. It is very comprehensive and kids can learn a lot about financial independence. Parents also get easier access to how well their child is learning and managing money.

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Instead of being worried about how to start a financial conversation with kids, parents can remain stress-free and let kids learn on their own through Till. Aren’t these financial literacy apps amazing?

Financial Literacy Apps for Teens: Final Thoughts 

In countries like the US, students become financially independent from a very young age. But often they don’t know the actual meaning of this freedom. For them, it’s just about earning money and using it. Financial literacy apps are like a breath of fresh air for such teens.

Not only will these apps teach them the basics of everyday finances but also help them by giving tips every now and then. They are engaging, promote practical learning, and also build a strong financial base for students. 

Kids will learn much faster from such apps than from parents. So, if you are also trying to make your kid understand finance, then download a financial literacy app on their preferred device.

Which app according to you is best suited for basic financial information? Comment down below.

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