Top 10 Best TradingView Alternatives 2024

TradingView is one of the best trading tools, also referred as the super-charting platform by traders and investors. But, if you landed here means, you are looking for some of the Top TradingView alternatives. An exclusive collection of stock analysis and charting software for traders and investors!

TradingView – Is it the Best Stock Charting Tool?

In simple words, TradingView is a stock screening, charting and technical analysis platform. The platform helps users analyze different stocks and securities tradable in the financial markets across the world.

TradingView offers an extensive and feature-loaded platform. This includes a wide range of indicators you’ve heard of such as different types of moving averages and different drawing tools, figures and various chart patterns. TradingView offers even more features such as strategy back testing through different types of premium memberships.

However, TradingView is not the only stock charting platform in the market. Many different platforms have similar features with different additional features which contribute to their credibility and ease of usage by the user. Let’s have a look at the top 10 TradingView alternatives.

Stock Analysis & Charting Software – Importance

Now, what’s the significance of having a good and reliable stock analysis tools?

A good stock analysis and charting software guides you in:

1. Selecting the right tradable security: Stock screening platforms help determine the right security to be traded. By applying certain filters, you can analyze price movement in several stocks which are suitable for trading purposes.

2. Determining entry and exit points: Charting platforms provide different technical indicators which assist in making decisions and help determine the entry and exit points in a particular trade.

3. Determining trade direction: Drawing tools on stock analysis platforms help you determine the direction of the trade. If the trade is not favourable then you can act accordingly by determining the market direction from charts.

Let’s delve into some popular charting and analysis software that can be great alternatives to TradingView.

TradingView Alternatives – Features to Look for

TradingView is an enormously famous platform with ratings 4.9 out of 5. It has millions of active users. Deciding on an alternative can be tough. In order to choose the right one you must look for certain features like:

  1. Real Time Data
  2. Historical Data
  3. Variety of Assets
  4. Technical Indicators
  5. Drawing tools
  6. Customization
  7. Alerts
  8. Paper Trading
  9. Ease of use
  10. Mobile App Interface and availability
  11. Customer support
  12. Community
  13. Pricing
  14. Security
  15. Broker Integration etc.

Top 10 TradingView Alternatives to Explore:

Here is the list of trending TradingView alternatives (not in any sequential order) highlighting the key points of each software/application that we liked:

1. FinViz:

FinViz stands for Financial Visualisation is a global stock screener which provides a wide number of tools and charting features which helps in analysis of companies both fundamentally and technically.

FinViz – Key Features to Know

  • Simple User Interface: Finviz provides a seamless user experience because of the design of the interface. The stock screener tab is placed at a primary location making it handy to use. All the charting tools are placed in the left panel for easy access by the user.
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  • Heatmaps: They also offer the feature of “Heatmaps” which help in analysing the returns and performance of the particular security. It also provides a powerful stock screener comparable to TradingView due to a vast number of screening filters. It also provides information related to fundamental analysis of a company such as market share, and details about the companies in its competition. 
  • News and Updates: Finviz also offers access to news related to major happenings in the economy and related to insider news of different companies. This helps you to stay updated with all the major stock indices and the overall sentiment of the market.

2. Tickeron:

Tickeron is an AI based stock screener and analysis tool which helps you with stock analysis and real-time insights related to fundamental analysis of the company.

Tickeron -Key Features to Know

  • AI Integration: Tickeron offers one-of-a-kind market analysis through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which contribute to efficient and accurate stock analysis. Thus, this platform provides a more advanced stock charting experience than TradingView.
  • Analyses Sentiments of the Markets: their Ai enable technologies also helps in analysing the current sentiment of the market about a particular stock. This helps in trading correct moons as per the demand and supply of the particular security.

3. TrendSpider:

Trendspider involves extensive use of mathematical methods to figure out market conditions properly and provide an in-depth analysis. It’s offerings are more than sufficient for experienced traders and investors.

TrendSpider – Key Features to Know

  • Fibonacci-Related Tools: TrendSpider provides Fibonacci-related tools which assist in determining the potential target levels of the stock price and the stop loss levels of the securities and thereby contributing to better trading decisions by you.
  • Advanced Drawing Tools: It provides various advanced drawing tools which help the user to draw various figures, patterns and lines on charts by using various technologies by automated processes. Through this, the user effort is reduced by a huge amount and the overall efficiency of the process increases. 

4. Seeking Alpha:

SeekingAlpha hosts expert investment news pieces. A stock investor service platform offering free as well as paid subscription content. It provides in detail financial information of companies, stock pricing and charts, stock ratings, etc. which helps you make informed decisions as per market conditions.

SeekingAlpha – Key Features to Know

  • Analysis of Dividend: It provides a proper analysis of the dividends provided by different companies. You can check the dividend history of different companies, and their percentage dividend yield. This feature is extremely useful for investors seeking income from high-dividend stocks.
  • Tracking Investments and Portfolio: you can create your portfolio on this platform and track its progress. It also provides The portfolio analysis feature where you can check the diversification of the portfolio and other performance factors which helps determine Yaar returns and helps in managing investments and other decisions.
  • Price Alerts: On the SeekingAlpha platform, you can set different alerts for major events and the financial sector. Alerts such as price drops in a particular stock, any major merger or merger of companies, or other customise price alerts can be set. You can receive these alerts of market events via email, SMS or mobile notifications. 
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5. TradeStation:

TradesStation is a great alternative to TradingView due to its different user-customizable indicators and a wide range of new generation trading strategies.

TradeStation – Key Features to Know

  • Technology Backed: TradeStation offers a simply designed yet powerful platform for beginners as well as experienced investors and traders. Their trading services are available on all major platforms such as mobile devices and on the web. Thus, providing versatility and comfort to its users by allowing them to access their accounts from different devices.
  • Strategy Backtesting: Out of different strategies used in trading of stocks or other financial instruments, some popular ones are moving average crossover and trading on support and resistance. On TradeStation, you can test all the popular trading strategies though their backtesting feature. You can also develop your own strategies of trading or investing and backtest them on this platform.

6. Webull:

Webull is another alternative for a stock screener. It provides all the necessary features such as different chart types such as candlestick charts bar charts, line charts and other types. It also offers real-time data about different stocks, security and other tradable financial securities.

Webull – Key Features to Know

  • Stock Indicators: This platform offers a variety of stock indicators such as Bollinger bands, volume analysis, smooth and moving averages and many others making it an ideal competitor to TradingView. Users can analyze charts and draw patterns and charts using indicators at the same time to conduct a detailed market analysis. 
  • Stock Screener: Also offers a full-fledged stock screening platform like TradingView. It allows you to filter stocks using different criteria such as fundamental information about the company which includes all the major news and details about it. Thus contributing to better research and screening trading opportunities.

7. StockCharts:

Stock charts age is a well-known platform for stock analysis and screening purposes. It provides stock analysis services for different trading experience levels from beginners to professionals.

StockCharts – Key Features to Know

  • Technical Indicators: Comparing it to TradingView, it offers a cute set of technical indicators such as Stochastic, Bollinger bands, moving averages and many others.
  • Technical analysis-based alerts: You can set specific alerts as per your stock analysis and research such that when a particular price is hit or the stock/security touches support or resistance zone. It also offers recognition of patterns to recognise candlesticks which are being formed in the charts to support your trading decisions.
  • Data & Charts: StockCharts provides a huge amount of historical data to its users. You can access large mount of price data of particular security since the beginning. You can also place more than one single chart on the screen, making it more convenient to study charts and make decisions.

8. Meta Trader:

MetaTrader offers a beginner-friendly user interface. All the features on this platform Are listed with an intuitive user experience design which makes it suitable for traders and investors with different experience levels. Navigation on the platform is simple and yet offers users different advanced functionalities such as different technical indicators and chatting tools. 

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MetaTrader- Key Features to Know

  • Advanced Features: Meta trader offers huge possibilities and stock analysis and charting. This platform offers advanced features and users can use several time frames to conduct thorough research about deciding to buy or sell. It supports different four types and also allows the traders to monitor two or more charts at a single time.
  • Security and Versatility: MetaTrader is one of the most secure platforms for stock charting and screening. It is properly authenticated and encrypts user information to avoid any mishaps with user data. It provides its services on different platforms including mobile apps and desktop. It also supports different languages as per region, making it usable in most parts of the world.

9. Robinhood:

RobinHood provides all the necessary fundamental details of a company’s stock. It also shows different ratios of a particular company which help in determining its profitability and other key information such as earnings per share (EPS), price-to-earnings ratios, dividend yield, the market capitalization of the company, and other financial information helping determine the company’s fundamentals. 

RobinHood – Key Features to Know

  • Technical Indicators: Robinhood provides a limited number of technical indicators which are essential in taking proper trading decisions and identifying patterns. Robinhood provides indicators including the Relative Strength Index (RSI), different Moving Averages of different time frames and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). 
  • Charting Tools: It also provides certain drawing tools and also allows its users to draw on charts and mark points on the charts. You can draw support and resistance levels and analyze chart patterns on this platform.

10. MarketWatch:

MarketWatch is a financial website that offers a bunch of stock screening and analysis tools more suitable for beginners.

MarketWatch- Key Features to Know

  • Screening Filters and Criteria: MarketWatch offers a number of criteria such as stock price, market capture percentage, dividend information and other filters to choose from to simplify your stock screening experience.
  • Customizable Price Watchlist: You can create a watchlist of specific stocks of interest. Through this, you can monitor the current prices of different financial securities at the same time using the watchlist you created.

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TradingView Alternatives -Which is Best?

These are some of the alternatives to the TradingView platform which includes MetaTrader, TrendSpider and various others which provide services comparable to TradingView. You can consider any alternative as per your needs and convenience. Thus, many alternatives to TradingView exist in the market. All of the tools discussed above are equally good and can assist your decision and stock analysis and charting. 

Which is your best TradingView alternative? Which stock trading, charting and analysis software or application do you prefer? Do you have any other TradingView alternatives to add to our bunch of technical tools? Feel free to discuss.

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