What are the Main Subjects in 11th Commerce? A Complete List

Are you interested in the Commerce stream? If yes, the most common queries that you shall have after completing 10th standard board exams are: What are the main subjects in 11th Commerce? What will I do if I pursue my career in the Commerce stream? What is the scope in Commerce? Which optional subjects can I choose from? Ah!! A whole bunch of questions that make you think harder! But, no need to worry!

Commerce Subjects & Stream: An Overview

Commerce is a diversified field that comprises of a wide range of insightful topics, so much to discover and learn. So, are you the one planning to enter this vast sphere of education, but lack the relevant details? No worries…You are at the right place! Students are curious to collect information on various feasible career options.

Choosing an appropriate career is not so easy. It’s a lifetime decision and the right path chosen at this stage shall build a solid foundation for a bright future.

Commerce is quite popular when it comes to making a good career choice. But, students are usually unaware as to what exactly they will study if they choose this particular field.

So, we thought of sharing a list of important commerce subjects that shall become a part of your study. Now, if you wish to go ahead with building a career in the commerce field, then this post might help you grab minute details on it.

Commerce Subjects in Class 11

Go through this comprehensive list that contains the primary commerce subjects that you will come across in class 11th if you choose the commerce line. So, we are highlighting the common ones that are a crucial part for a commerce student.

However, the compulsory as well as the optional subject choices may slightly vary as per the specific board i.e. CBSE, ICSE or any other board as applicable.

Moreover, you should check beforehand with the college or university regarding the subjects.

Most importantly, you basically have to study 5 main subjects comprising of 4 compulsory subjects and 1 optional subject. In some cases, you can also opt for a 6th subject, if you really wish to do so.

Compulsory Subjects in 11th Commerce:

Here’s a list of the major subjects that are mandatory if you choose commerce in your 11th standard:

1. Accountancy:

Accountancy is the basis or we can say the stepping stone to enter in the field of commerce. Not only in the 11th standard, but if you establish a career in commerce, Accountancy is going to be an indispensable component of your entire study. Further, accounting shall be an integral part of your 12th commerce subjects list as well.

You shall start off with an introduction to accounting, meaning, useful terms, basic accounting principles and concepts, golden rules of accounting, debits and credits, financial accounting and so on.

Accountancy includes theoretical as well as numerical part, the later one being a highly scoring portion in the examinations. In fact, this is the most interesting subject for a commerce student. You shall become well versed with the ways to analyse and represent the financial information of a business entity. So, Accountancy or Accounting is the foundation of your commerce stream. And you know, if the base is strong so shall be the infrastructure!

Moving ahead, as you climb up the ladder of success, in your graduation or any other professional courses after graduation, accountancy shall be an integral part of your curriculum.

2. Economics:

Economics is a vast subject covering details on the country’s economy, its economic development over the past years. It further deals with the production, distribution and consumption of various goods and services. The concepts of demand and supply, privatisation, globalisation and comparative development of various sectors shall be broadly discussed.

Although, this is more of a theoretical subject, but consists of meaningful charts, graphs, statistical data to support different events and occurrences. You shall be get to know about Micro-economics and Macro-economics as you move forward in your commerce career.

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Just mentioning this separately, it’s generally a part of Economics subject only wherein you deal with collection, presentation and statistical analysis of numerical data. Concepts like sampling, mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation etc. shall be studied. Statistical formulas, graphs and numerical problem solutions is what you shall primarily cover up in this portion.

If you like playing with numbers, facts and figures, this could be your subject to score high in the commerce examination.

3. Business Studies/Organisation of Commerce:

An in-depth information on business, its objectives, nature, scope and types of business, you’ll get to learn it all here. You shall also become aware of popular and useful business related concepts and take a ride into the diversified corporate culture. You get to know various details about the operations and organisation of business entities. This acts as a base to understand how different business activities impact the society and the overall economy.

No doubt, in 11th commerce you may deal with limited set of business features and details. But, as you move further in your 12th standard and graduation in commerce, you will explore a set of wider details on numerous business topics.

4. English:

English core is usually a compulsory part of your course. Rest it depends upon the state board/university you are pursuing your education from, CBSE, ICSE and ISC has it. Some state boards don’t have English as a compulsory subject. Moreover, if you have selected the medium other than English, then of course, this won’t be compulsory for you. So, do check it with your university.

If you make yourself well acquainted with all the subjects at an initial stage, this shall be a guiding map for choosing the best course after 12th commerce.

Generally you are given a choice for the 5th subject. The options include- Mathematics, Information Practices and Physical Education. This is what happens in most schools in India as per the CBSE pattern. There are many schools that offer other subjects as well like- Psychology, Political Science, Home Science and even subjects of the science stream. The usual “Best 5” subject rule of CBSE will help students for further studies in colleges like University of Delhi wherein percentage of the best 5 is considered.

Sixth subject is another choice given to students. It is not mandatory but students who want to learn extra and take their favorite subject can opt for any 6th subject as well. Ultimately the final subjects in Class 11 commerce are:

  1. Accountancy (Compulsory)
  2. Business Studies (Compulsory)
  3. Economics (Compulsory)
  4. English (Compulsory)
  5. Maths/IT/Phy.Ed (Optional)

List of Optional Subjects in Commerce:

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Information Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology
  • Hindi
  • Music
  • Painting etc.

Just select the optional subject based on your caliber and personal interest. Choose what you like and not what your friend likes!

Important: We have listed few common optional choices. However, the optional subjects may vary as per the school education board. So, kindly check beforehand as to which subjects are available in a particular school/college.

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Commerce Stream Subjects: A Final Take

Commerce is not as easy as people actually believe it to be. Also, it is not as difficult as it might seem to you. It’s just that you have to put in consistent efforts to actually get the desired results. And, this applies to any field you choose!

Whichever career field you select, make sure you keep all your basics clear that shall guide you throughout your life.

Initially, some subjects might be totally new and unknown for you. But, don’t worry if you have the passion to carry on and build a successful career, you are surely going to succeed. With the passage of time and once you engross yourself in the commerce stream, you shall become completely familiar with all these interesting commerce subjects.

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Now that you have a brief idea of the subjects in commerce may it be 11th class or ahead. You should take a wise career decision based on your own interests. If you have any queries just feel free to share in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and add to their knowledge as well.

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  1. I am thankful for your detailed information. To add-on I would like to tell that Sample Papers are the final step for preparing for any examination. Regular practice of sample papers helps students get comfortable and confident in the subject. As a result, students score more in the exams. I hope this can help every student who find difficulty in the commerce subjects.

  2. Hi, I have passed the 10th annual exams with 98.2% (491/500 marks). Now, I want choose a stream, would anyone help me out?

  3. What are the subjects in U.P board English medium class 11 commerce? Which publication is required for all subjects line by line for UP board English medium? Any feedback on it.

  4. Thanks, I was confused as to what I have to study in Commerce. Since it’s a new field for me. Liked the way you explained it so simply.

    • What kind of help do you want? I mean it’s not that difficult to select a subject of our choice. Relax and think about your interests and then decide. And discuss with seniors, which is a more scoring subject? Some subjects are compulsory as discussed above.
      But, you can opt from a whole list of additional subjects, the optional ones.
      Like one of my seniors told, it’s easy to score in Physical Education so I opted that. A right additional subject can add to your percentage. So, decide what is best for you.

  5. Can a Commerce student take 5 subjects Hindi, English, Accounts, Commerce & Economics/Maths also? Any suggestion on this.

    • Hi, It’s based on the college/university where you wish to study. Different colleges may have different cut offs for admission to a specific course.

    • It depends on the school where you wish to study. There may be a different combination of optional subjects, you can select the one you like based on your interest.

    • Is it beneficial to take Physical education in 11th commerce or should I choose another one? I am confused, my friends say this is a scoring subject so I should take it.

    • I got 89% and got admission easily in a good college. I think different colleges have different cut-off percentage for admission. Some may have high, others a bit lower.

  6. I have completed my class 10 from ICSE board with 79.4% and class 12 from WBCHSE with 68.2% with a percentile of 90.59. I have completed my undergraduate studies from Calcutta university in political science honours. I would be appearing for my IELTS exam in the month of September.I would like to apply for the January intake. Just wanna confirm whether I am eligible or not? If you can guide in some way.

    • Dear Raghav, anyone who has completed his/her 12th class and wants to study abroad is eligible to appear in IELTS test. So yes you are eligible for it.

      • I have passed my CBSE 10th exams and I have got 90.6%. My subjects were Hindi, English, Maths, science,SST. I am confused which stream I will choose. I am not understanding my interest.
        Hindi -78
        Science – 95
        Maths – 92
        English – 89
        Please guide me i choosing the right stream.

        • Hey, You have scored really well. It seems you are really good at Science, Maths and SST also. So, you have so many options to choose from. These three subjects seem to be your strong points. But, these three can lead to different career paths. So, relax and analyse in which direction you wish to move.

        • Firstly, find your interest & then think over it and make your decision. Remember science, commerce and arts have many courses. You have so many options, but you can choose only one of them. So, think and choose properly. Best of luck!

  7. Hello, I was just looking for the list of subjects in 11th commerce and landed on this article. Really informative and helpful for a commerce student. Thanks a lot!

  8. Thanks for sharing these necessary details. This is indeed helpful for students entering the commerce field. . Really appreciate your work.


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