Best Courses after 12th: Creative Career options to look for!

Looking for the Best Courses after 12th standard, you might have gone through or heard of various career options after 12th standard. But, still confused which way to go. Don’t worry…You have landed at the correct place. Here, you shall explore a whole range of creative career options to pursue after completing your 12th class.

Here, we shall not cover traditional courses after 12th standard, but a wide variety of creative and upcoming career options that are gaining traction amongst students.

Gone are the days when medical, engineering, law were the only popular career alternatives one could think of. In fact, this usually happened in the past decades when students were supposed to choose from these common professional courses only. But,time has changed…these days even parents encourage their children to pursue innovative and upcoming after 12th,career options after 12th,creative courses,career options

Your career choice basically depends upon your interest, passion towards a particular field and the subjects that you have opted in 12th standard.

When we published our post 9 Best Courses after 12th Commerce we got an overwhelming response from the students all around with hundreds of comments thereon. We came across different thoughts and queries wherein some students were interested in building a career in the regular fields, while others wished to learn about some creative career options apart from the regular ones.

Hence, we thought of sharing certain innovative and creative career options, different from the typical ones. Get ready…If you have the zeal to do something new, these might be the career choices for you.

Moreover, with technology moving at such a faster pace and numerous opportunities pouring all around in the various creative fields, its definitely a good time to start honouring your distinct skills.

So, let us take you along and analyse some of the common creative career options and different courses you can go for after completing your 12th class.

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Creative Career Options or Different Courses after 12th standard:

Here’s a list of creative career options to choose from:

Designing Career Options after 12th:

Thinking to build a career in the designing field, here are some courses to look forward to:

1. Fashion Designing:

This is a lucrative field for youngsters having innovative designing skills and wish to be a part of this creative profession. Indian fashion industry has expanded hugely owing to globalization. Fashion designing is not limited to designing dresses, but this includes a wide array of designing options like accessories and other stylish clothing to suit the consumers needs.

A fashion designing school helps you learn all the aspects and techniques of fashion designing and the ways to implement and finally present your designs. Various institutes are providing Degree and Diploma courses in this field to build up the future fashion designers.

2. Interior Designing:

Interior design is concerned with designing residential areas, offices, industrial space, hotels, restaurants or any other building interiors that may include designing walls, furniture, lighting, texture etc. Interior designer need to possess good drawing, designing skills along with some technical knowledge to meet the clients needs.

Bachelor’s and Diploma programs are offered from various universities/institutes. Some may require you to clear an entrance test for joining this course.

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3. Textile Designing:

This basically provides you with the knowledge and skills to work in companies that produce textiles and apparel products. This includes selection, product development, designing and merchandising the products of various design driven industries.

You can enter this field by pursuing degree and diploma courses related to textile, apparel, merchandising, product development etc.

Animation & Multimedia Career Options after 12th:

If you have keen interest in graphics and multimedia, these could be your ideal choices:

4. Animation:

A career in animation is yet another upcoming career option after 12th that is getting quite popular. You can use your creativity to establish moving images, videos, movies, apps and websites. Adding motion, movement and special effects to images is the basis of animation. You might have seen different 2D, 3D, 4D and other animated movies, that’s the specialised work of animators.

A combination of technology, art and designing is what leads to beautiful animation. This is not limited to game or movie designing only, but nowadays animation has extended towards architecture, programming, news broadcasting etc.

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5. Graphic Designing:

As a graphic designer you assemble ideas, images, graphics and create a visual design. We can simply say, you create sketches by hand or through software and visually present the data to the audience. Your creative designs can be used by advertisers, media, publishers etc. if they meet their specifications and requirements. You may get to work at a good position in a Company if you have great designing skills.

6. Web Designing:

This refers to the designing and development of a website. In the technology and internet driven world, having a website is a pre-requisite for any business to flourish. Here, comes the role of good web designers having sufficient knowledge of web designing applications and programming. A creative mind coupled with technical skills are the keys to becoming a proficient web designer.

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7. Digital Marketing:

This is another addition to the list of creative courses that one can opt for if you wish to build a strong career in the field of online marketing. The correct and effective digital marketing techniques play a key role in influencing public opinions and actions. So, the demand and scope for digital marketing professionals is on the rise especially amongst various growing businesses who further wish to aggressively promote their products/services.

You can choose to become an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) expert, content marketing expert, an e-mail marketing expert or an SMO(Social Media Optimizer) expert to name a few. However, it may involve requisite analytical and technical skills to excel in the world of digital marketing.

Travel/Hospitality Career Options after 12th:

Currently not so popular owing to the drastic changes taking  place in the travel and hospitality industry. But, once things stabilize, these could be the various options in this vibrant industry.

8. Travel & Tourism:

If you want to establish a career in tour operating companies, travel agencies, airlines, travel & tourism offices, tourism education offices etc. pursuing a career in this field shall help you. This is a service oriented industry and requires you to be sociable and adaptable to changes. Understanding and solving people’s problems and being humble act as an added advantage.

9. Hotel Management:

Hotel management is also emerging as a popular career option amongst students having interests in the hotel industry and hospitality sector. A whole range of courses are available to make you an expertise in different hotel management aspects like general operations, front office, sales marketing, catering, food & beverages and other hotel services.

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10. Event Management:

Event management includes planning and organizing an event that may be in the form of a seminar, a wedding, a party, a fashion show, a musical concert, an award ceremony, a school event, a company event or any other event for that matter.

You might have observed different events in real life or on television like the Grand movie award nights, the Grand Finale of a Musical show and so on…these all have to be managed in a planned way. Who organizes all this? An event manager, of course.

Journalism/Media Career Options after 12th:

The rising role of media and journalists can’t be ignored these days, so if you are interested in growing a career in this stream, these could be some of the feasible options:

11. Journalism and Mass Communication:

Journalism and mass communication are gaining popularity at a faster pace. After pursuing courses in this field you can explore a wide range of career options in reporting, writing, anchoring, advertising, editing, Public relations, Media Management, Television, films etc. Journalism is just a small component of mass communication. If you have a dynamic personality and ready to take challenges, you shall enjoy presenting your talent and skills in this direction.

With the growing influence of mass media on our lives, the younger generation is keen to join this industry and become an exclusive part of it.

Creative Courses: Your Pathway to Success

Adding a new and fresh skills help to build a stronger profile! When you choose a creative career path for yourself, things may not be easy. But, you can surely craft new and innovative ways to reach your career objectives.

These are just few of the Creative Courses that you can enter into, after completing your 12th standard or high school. The actual list is pretty long, so we have highlighted the ones that are growing in popularity and capturing the attention of students all over.

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Have you selected a good course for yourself? What are your interests and passion? Do you wish to get into the common professional fields or your interests are different? Do you have the feelings to do something out of the box and achieve your dreams. Feel free to share your thoughts and queries if any in the comment section below!

Regarding the traditional career options like being a doctor or entering the engineering field or becoming a Chartered Accountant or becoming a lawyer etc. you might have already read and heard a lot from your family and friends. If you are a finance freak, you may also like to gather information on How to become a Chartered Financial Analyst? Or you might be satisfied pursuing any of the above creative career options.

Whatever course you choose after 12th standard, whether a regular one or a creative one, make sure you pursue it with full dedication and commitment. Your dreams can be fulfilled as far as you have the courage to move forward and turn them into reality.

Do you wish to add any other interesting courses that qualify for our exclusive list of Best Courses after 12th class? Any other Creative career options after 12th class, that you want us to talk about. If yes, do share them and any details thereon shall be much appreciated.

49 thoughts on “Best Courses after 12th: Creative Career options to look for!”

  1. B.Sc (Hons.) Physics program provides a strong base for students in fundamental knowledge in Physics-centric courses. B.Sc. Physics program includes theories and concepts of physics based subjects and also open-elective interdisciplinary subjects such as learning Computer Science and Mathematics. After completing B.Sc. in Physics, various opportunities are available for the candidates. Either, they can opt for higher education, i.e. M.Sc. in Physics or they can go for a job in the relevant field.

  2. A sea of career options, starting from in industry, government to academic, are available for Chemistry graduates. Pick the one that’s your call – Chemist, Pharma Assistant, Geneticist, Lab Assistant, Clinical, Research Specialist, Radiologist, Researcher, Lecturer, Biochemist, Pharmaceutical Sales, Executive, Cytologist, Technical Writer etc. Here I am the student of B.Sc hons. Chemistry. The other best part is I am also following a passion program, wherein students are asked to choose a passion of their choice such as singing, dancing, photography etc. and to showcase talent, so I can pursue my passion along with the studies.

  3. There are so many universities out there to enhance your skills. Across all, you have to choose the one as per your preferences. The curriculum of some of them is designed in such a manner that it aims to revolutionize the way higher education is delivered in India. e.g. The aim of B.Sc Agriculture is to educate and train students in scientific methods to affect agricultural productivity in a sustainable way. A large part of the agriculture program is based in practice inculcated via field trips, study tours, and projects. So, if you want to go for something different which makes your future bright than opting a creative career is a good choice.

  4. The major advantage that science students have over non-science students is that they are eligible for science as well as non-science options – a privilege not available to students from commerce and humanities streams. It’s the stream leading up to popular courses including B.Tech, BCA, IIT, MBBS, BAMS, Pharmacy and allied disciplines. Option of courses after 12th for science students are huge. Science students can also choose to take up further studies in applied science at graduation and post graduation levels. I am the student of B.Sc hons. Mathematics.

  5. Science and commerce has been the most popular streams of study among students. there are so many courses in both streams but the different thing is that you can study both streams at a same time. Yes its possible wherein different universities provide you this opportunity to study science with commerce by choosing major-minor. You can also study B.Tech with Economics, Agriculture with Hotel management, Radiology with foreign language and so many other courses.

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    Please look in to this .
    Thank you
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