How to Make Money Online in India? 5 Ways to Grow Rich

Food, Clothing and Shelter maybe the basic necessity of every human being. But, the only factor involved in satisfying each of these needs and many more is “Money”. Yes, a very powerful 5 letter word (MONEY) on which everyone’s life depends on. And, here we shall be learning important ways as to: How to Make Money Online in India?

Remember, how we all used to strive to get the best grades to land the highest paying 9  to 5 jobs. In these millennial times, we don’t think it holds 100% true anymore. With the expansion of other industries and sectors, there are a variety of jobs and ways to earn money on a regular or part-time basis. And many rebellious individuals are breaking these norms and finding interesting and innovative ways to earn money.

Working from home has become the biggest trend! The world is getting connected through virtual channels.

5 Ways to Make Money Online: India and Beyond

So, here we will throw some light on the different ways to make money online not only in India, but from anywhere around the world.

1. Grow as a Freelancer:

Freelancers are individuals who are self-employed and work around in their expertise areas. So under this bucket of bread earners, you’ll find professional people displaying their specializations and the things they are good at. Like:

  • If you excel at writing, you can be a content writer, a copywriter, or a combination of both.
  • You are master in coding or programming, you be a developer, a scriptwriter, or a website designer.
  • One who is a marketing wizard, he or she should can expand their career in and as a marketing agent, an SEO expert, or a Digital Marketer.

You definitely would have heard this saying in the 21st century: “Be whatever you like and if you are better than others, you get paid for being oneself.”, and it applies to the basic rule of being a freelancer and excelling in your own skills.

Once you start your freelancing business, and get hold of good clients (of course, hard work, consistency, and patience matters) you can grow in your freelancing career.

Freelancing Tip of the Day:

Build a Good Portfolio Site highlighting the best of your work. After all, you have to impress prospective clients with the quality of freelancing work you can deliver.

2. Be a Stock Market Trader:

Understanding stock markets isn’t a rocket science! But, it’s not that easy also. However, with crazy internet availability and a wide range of training options available online, it’s very convenient to learn about the stock market. Therefore, if you have a liking and you are great at crunching numbers, this can be your break.

With every company data available at the tip of your computer, you can transition from a beginner to an advanced stock trader in no time. And surely higher the risk higher the returns is the golden rule of stock trading. And the options are unlimited for such trading: interday, intraday trading, stocks, bonds, debenture, future, derivative, commodity trading, etc. Have you heard of Warren buffet, the greatest and one of the successful investors? The great value investor is surely an ideal example of tremendous success through stock trading.

Stock Market Tip of the Day:

Stock trading is not everyone’s cup of tea! You may gain or you may even lose it all! Analyse the stock market fluctuations (the downfall) in the first quarter of 2020 and that’s something to keep in mind. A lot of risk is involved!  So, beware while stepping into this fickle market arena.

3. Be a YouTube Star:

Irrespective of your age, liking, most of us are glued to YouTube. You might already be following a whole bunch of Youtube channels. Isn’t it? From cooking tips, political discussions, to do-it-yourself tasks, there are impressive videos on any and every topic for you to navigate. But, do you know people make a great amount of money through these videos?

Like we all would have heard the story and success of BB Ki Vines (India’s top solo channel with 16.7 m subscribers) or Lilly Singh #Superwomen (with 14.9 m subscribers) and many many more. Look at the number of followers these YouTube personalities have gained and are one of the highest-grossing individuals on the platform globally.

If you have a fire inside you and love interacting with people then get that camera out of your cupboard (or buy new one) and start recording!! You never know your next YouTube Video goes viral!

YouTube Star Tip of the Day:

It’s not an easy job to find interesting content and post it regularly. Firstly, look for you own interest and then what’s in demand? It’s about exploring fresh content, delivering it to the public, and making yourself popular star.

How to Make Money Online in India, earn money online

4. Be a Blogger:

Just like YouTube, blogging has turned from a part-time hobby to a full-time mode of earning money. Blogs are informative articles/content (like this one) which is posted on a regular basis to promote one feature, activity, or products/services. The blogs can be on anything and any topic from important financial terms and details, business, food, diet planning, just mere make-up, or attractive travelling posts. It could be a personal blog where the authors share opinions in their chosen niches in their own voice. Or with a more professional touch to create awareness among general public.

Heard of the movie Julie & Julia,? It explains the actual like and ascends of the blogger (Julie) who used to write cooking blogs.

Thinking to start a blog and establish a career in this field? As simple as that! Firstly, you need to choose your domain name (like we did for “Fintrakk”), purchase the hosting name ( and start writing. Your blog can be a complete knowledge platform (like us) or a your digital diary (your thoughts) or any other article to post and publish for the public.

If you have any queries on making money through blogging, you may express that in the comment section below! We’ll be happy to guide you through our experiences.

Blogger Tip of the Day:

It’s not a day’s or few months work! Blogging needs consistency and patience. Like any other business blogging also takes time to scale up. Be original and unique! Develop your writing, marketing and presentation skills, these will help go a long way in your blogging expedition.

5. Become an Affiliate Marketer:

What is Affiliate marketing? A method of earning income by promoting someone else’s products or services. In simple terms, if a business gets leads and conversions and earns profit through your marketing techniques, then you earn a percentage of sales as commission.

Let me explain the affiliate marketing money cycle here:

  • You start your own blog or website in a specific niche
  • You enable ads of a product or service in your portal or page or platform
  • You put a Call to Action (Visit Client’s page or Buy the Product/service)
  • Your subscriber or visitor of the page clicks on such ads
  • The member buys such product or services
  • The sale is tagged in your name and you ultimately earn your income through.

Some of the popular affiliate networks used are Clickbank, Shareasale, JVzoo, Hotmart, Clickbooth, Ads 4 Dough, Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate Program, and eBay Partners Program.

Affiliate Marketing Tip of the Day:

It seems simple linking of ads to your platform, but the activity involves deep research into product and services, understanding the current ongoing trends and interests of general public to choose the correct set of ads plug-ins. Ah! It’s not as simple as it looks! You must have an audience willing to purchase the products/services that you promote.

Making Money Online: Final Words

In recent times, we have seen a strong shift from the conventional jobs to more creative career options and market-oriented work. And these innovative earning opportunities have not only uplifted the spirits of youth, but have brought up the growth of industry sectors as well.

With a large number of start-up projects, it is also giving rise to employment and ultimately brings India at par with the world economy. The best parts of these jobs are that there is no time or location restriction, which simply means you can work from anywhere-anytime.

All the working enthusiasts out there, Remote Working is now a new trend! Are you ready for that? Feel free to discuss your genuine ideas on making money online.

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