ET Money App Review: Invest in Mutual Funds, Get Insurance & Loans

ET Money App is a complete solution for your diversified financial requirements. So, let’s catch up with some useful details about this application.

Money Apps: Importance

With an increase in money market trends and Indian economy, there are so many money management applications and internet portals. Earlier when we needed to understand any monetary concept we used to roam around for lectures and seminars.

But, now every required answer and concept is just a click away. You have user friendly apps for every important task. Now, all these talks bring you to my topic of discussion which is a very popular financial app “ET Money App”.

What is ET Money App?

This application provides oneself with all their financial needs. A money app that helps you to manage your finances better and in an efficient manner.

ET Money App: Features

This app helps you to:

  • Track all your bills and categorize the same into personal and business.
  • Collate all bills and provide you alerts for all payment due dates.
  • Get all balance details each month basis for all linked credit and debit cards and all bank accounts.
  • This portal also provides weekly-monthly and yearly updates on account balances and useful insights.
  • Apart from managing your personal finances, you can link all your investments to the account. This enables the ET Money app to send you report on your portfolio performance on a real time basis.

There have been 60 Lakh + downloads and with 4.5 ratings as per “Google Play App Store”. That’s really amazing number! ETMoney app is considered as India’s most trusted app to manage ones’ financial life from anywhere and anytime.

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ET Money App: Services provided

Let’s understand the different products and services provided under this investment application:

1. Tax Saving:

This investment app provides you with many alerts for different tax saving schemes. By using that information, you can choose and directly invest into any tax saving scheme.

2. Direct Mutual Funds:

ET Money provides a unique platform to help you invest into the market. It allows you to invest into the market directly without commission. That simply means you can earn a minimum of 1% extra on your investment each year.

3. Loans:

Loans can be stressful. So, this money app also allows you to enable and enjoy the benefit of instant, hassle-free and paperless loans.

4. Insurance:

You can choose and compare different insurance policies (term, health, car, and bike insurance) to help you decide the best-suited policy for yourself.

5. Expense Manager:

With proper expense categorization, bill payment alerts, and spending pattern information, this tool can help you keep track of all your expense. So, you can properly plan your expenses in an efficient way.

To start using this app, you need to sign up on the portal. You can easily download at Google Play or App store. Once registered, you can start using the app from anywhere and at any time.

As per customer reviews, ET Money App a safe application with many in-built firewalls to secure your personal details.

Further, this automatic tool divides all details and provides insightful excels and reports to carve your path to a great financial future. It provides real-time insights which empower you to plan your finances in a more realistic way.

I maybe not wrong in saying, that this app is a Simple, Smart and Secure way to help you manage your funds, expense and long term investments.

What do you think? Have you tried the ET Money App? What feedback you have for it? All have their own experiences to share. I had a good one, so shared with you.

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