5 Best Stock Market Trading Apps in India: Beginner’s list!

Do you have keen interest in stock markets? Are you taking your first steps towards stock trading? If yes, learning the basics of stock markets and discovering Best Stock Trading Apps is very essential for you as a newbie investor. In today’s times, getting useful stock market insights is just a tap away. You can have access to multiple sources like informational websites and mobile apps to update you on the latest stock market details.

Some of the popular and Best Stock Market Trading Apps in India that you must know about to ease out your trading journey.

Stock Trading Apps – Importance

The true essence and beauty of stock trading lies in its accessibility. With stock trading applications everything seems so easy and simple. Someone who is just starting can also become an expert in no time. These apps are not only just platforms but also a center of valuable services like education. If we dig deeper and analyze the usage percentage then it will come as a positive shock that people between ages 25-35 are the most active ones.

There was research done by a private broker who is very prominent in India. It revealed that demat accounts increase by 26% every year. As of August 2023, there were around 12.7 crore Demat accounts in India. And, for having a smooth investing journey you must have access to a good stock trading app. Right?

So, here we shall be highlighting several android apps that have made trading so easy for the amateur investors.

Best Stock Market Trading Apps: Features

  • Timely and quick updates on the Indian as well as the Global financial market.
  • Tracking of Indian stock exchanges: BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.
  • Tracking of Indices (Sensex, Nifty): Latest data for stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, commodity, currency.
  • Relevant informational and supporting interactive charts, historical and trending graphs.
  • Provide recommendations and guidance from experts through reviews and discussions.
  • Guide you in building your financial portfolio and help you manage investments better.

The stock market trading apps may guide you in tracking various performances and portfolio management. But, you need to be cautious enough to take a wise decision based on your own knowledge and priorities.

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Stock Market Tips for Newbie Investors:

  1. Open a Demat and Trading Account: These days it’s quite easy to open a Demat account and trading account with a leading and reliable stock broker online.
  2. Improve your Financial literacy: Read a lot of stock market investing books and personal finance books.
  3. Start with a small amount: Little initial investment can save you from huge risks at an early stage.
  4. Refer blogs and join good financial forums: Gather relevant and useful details through active community of members who share their experiences. Not to follow them blindly, but learn from the feedback you get.
  5. Learn from your make mistakes: Be prepared for risks associated with stocks. A newcomer is likely to make mistakes, try to take lessons from it.
  6. Have patience and control your emotions: Investing in stocks involves huge risks. Don’t get carried away looking at the profits your friends earned. Act wisely and systematically to reap good benefits.

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5 Best Stock Market Trading Apps in India: Beginner’s list

Not in any sequential order, this is just a random list of Stock market apps in India. You can easily download them for free at Google play store.

1. Kite by Zerodha:

A highly interactive design and a strong user interface, Zerodha introduced Kite 3 mobile app for catering to the requirements of active as well as passive investors. Embracing new technology and crafting a fresh design, Zerodha Kite 3 app came loaded with speed improvement, Bio-metric 2FA( Two-factor Authentication) and a seamless experience for its users.

Open Zerodha Demat & Trading Account

Advanced TradingView Charts, multi-exit on positions, multi-market watch views that can be customized, and an universal screen view of different instruments are some of the key highlights of this highly popular mobile trading app in India. And, of course how can we forget to add, you get a quick access to other applications in the Zerodha universe. Sounds, quite interesting! Isn’t it?

Once you Open a Free Equity Investment Account with Zerodha Online, which is quite simple, you can unlock the numerous features offered by its robust platform and apps. You can easily trade in Equity, Stocks, Index, Currency, Futures, etc. through the web portal or mobile trading version.

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2. Moneycontrol Markets App:

Moneycontrol Markets app is one of the highly popular stock market apps in India. This is also referred to as India’s no.1 Finance App. A comprehensive android app that comes packed with a wide range of benefits like: In-depth financial information, latest news and easy access to market statistics across stock exchanges. Available in English, Hindi and Gujarati, this stock trading app provides live streaming of all CNBC channels.

Portfolio management, timely alerts related to stocks and tracking through watch list are some of the added advantages of this mobile application.

3. Stock Watch: BSE/NSE

A highly rated Indian stock market app that helps you track important stock exchanges: BSE and NSE. A Stock Watch list keeps track of your stock portfolio in a simple way. This application gives you access to stock market news, developments in futures, options, intraday charts, stock quotes etc..

Live feeds let you stay updated on Nifty and Sensex making you aware of daily gainers and losers in the Indian stock market. You can track top fund houses and receive helpful stock tips from analysts around.

4. ET Markets App: NSE & BSE India

ET Markets App was introduced by The Economic Times. Stock market indicators in your preferred language(8 regional languages) is offered through ET market app. Latest developments in stock market, tracking BSE, NSE data, mutual fund and commodity market, technical analysis and keeping yourself abreast of stock market news are some key features. Watch ETNOW TV and audio live streaming for fresh business and financial news.

Expert views accompanied by participant discussions help you gain investment ideas. Sync stories and events online and read them offline plus real-time price quotes and advanced charts add to its utility.

5. StockEdge:

Stock Edge mobile trading app supported by different functions designed to do fundamental, technical and derivative research through simple interface. You may call it Equity market analytics research app to track the NSE and BSE data, corporate actions and market indices, daily bulk and block deals, regular alerts and announcements.

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Its My Watch List section to keep track of your stock portfolio and My Investor Group section to create your own investor’s group, My Scans section to follow daily trading activities are the major highlights.

For iOS users you can download this stock market app here.

For further details, don’t miss to checkout StockEdge Review

6. IIFL Markets: NSE, BSE Trader:

Heard of India’s leading brokerage house, IIFL or Indian Infoline Ltd. IIFL Markets app was launched by this highly established and famous brokerage platform.

Another highly rated share market app for viewing stock market news and live market prices in India. A great tool for investors and traders that allows detailed analysis and monitor latest stock market changes quickly. You can get expert opinions, set price alerts, customise watch lists and take informed decisions through this simplified stock market app.

Stock Trading Apps India: List to Add on

Besides, the above bunch of stock market trading apps, you shall get a whole range of other alternatives also like:

  • NSE Mobile Trading App
  • BSE NSE Live Stock Market New App
  • Indian Share market app
  • Indian Stock market watch
  • Stock Manager
  • BSE India on Mobile
  • NSE BSE Live Stock Quotes
  • My Indian Stock Market App etc.

Stock market mobile apps are designed for our convenience so as to make us acquainted to different features in a friendly manner. They are supposed to simplify things for us and should be meant for that only.

In addition to it, you can also scroll through the list of Best sites for Indian Stock market analysis and gather more information.

Disclaimer: There is a high degree of risk involved in stock trading. The details given on this website are for informational purpose and cannot be constituted as professional advice in any regard.

Did you open your demat and trading account with lowest brokerage plan? Have you downloaded any of these useful and best stock market trading apps in India? Which mobile stock trading app do you like? Did we miss out any important stock market app name in the list above? Feel free to ask for any queries.

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  1. Hi, I liked the way you described the importance of Digital Trading Platforms, thanks for providing the useful list of trading apps. I am also an aspiring stock market blogger. I really appreciate your effort in making us aware of digital trading tools. Please guide on future and options tools in these apps.

  2. Thanks for sharing tips for beginner. Really it is too useful to join a good course to understand basics of stock market. Nice job your work really appreciated.

  3. Nice article. Stock market is greatly raising after the great fallout due to Covid-19. These apps are amazing. But I like StockEdge app and I am using it. It looks very easy and simple to use!

  4. Thanks for the sharing this list. One app missing in this stock investing list, app that is invest19 app.

  5. Thanks for sharing this kind of list, Personally I use Motilal Trader and Investor App. I am using it from last few months. It is a good app for Stock Market and Share Trading.

  6. Thanks for the sharing this list. I have recently downloaded one more stock market app that is IntelliInvest app. It makes stock-picking very easy and is able to guide you through the ups and downs of the market with timely advice. You get full Technical, Fundamental, Industry, Market Bubble, Industry Bubble, and Investment profile analysis all under one umbrella of NSE and BSE stocks.

  7. There’s another app from PL India. You can track your portfolio and trade on the go! Get expert stock recommendations from PL’s research team. Use powerful features like scanners and analytics to zero down on the perfect trades and much much more! Stay on top of the markets with the latest market information on various Indices, Commodities & Currency markets, Top moving stocks, Bulk Block deals, Corporate Actions, and many more features.

  8. I am using the Advisorymandi app for long time and I believe it is a good app mainly for the first time stock market investors. I got a 7-day free trial period that helped to understand the prominent features of the app better. I enjoy getting guidance through this app from the reliable stock market advisors.


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