StockEdge App Review: A Stock Market Analytics Mobile application

StockEdge is an End Of the Day (EOD) analytics mobile based application. This app helps you to do quick data analysis. In addition, it also provides you with all the information that you need at your fingertips. A complete StockEdge App review to let you know all about this useful tool.

There is a saying that, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for lifetime”. StockEdge enables the users to do self research by providing with all the information one needs. It does not believe in spoon feeding.

StockEdge is a unique platform, which is 100% focused on research and analytics. It has great features some of which are shown below.

Stockedge, Stock market mobile app, stock market app, Stockedge appThe whole StockEdge application is divided into two parts:

  • Home Screen
  • My StockEdge

StockEdge App: Stock Market Mobile Application Features

 1. Daily Updates:

When you look at the home screen, this is the most important section for someone who is not full time involved in stock market but should definitely follow stock market. If you are invested in stock market directly or indirectly or through mutual funds or even if you are doing any business, daily updates is the section that will keep you updated on all the micro and macro environment activities of the market.

Stockedge, Stock market mobile app, stock market app, Stockedge app

When you look at the Daily Updates section, you’ll find many sub sections like updates that briefs you on all the news, upcoming events, corporate actions and results, movements of indices, FII/DII activities, bulk and block deals, and results of various companies. 

Getting all these information at one platform in such a structured manner is what makes the StockEdge App different from other stock market apps.

2. Scans:

This is the most useful feature in this Stock market app that one can use. There a number of scans available in this section as you can see below.

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Stockedge, Stock market mobile app, stock market app, Stockedge app

There is price scan, technical scan, fundamental scan, futures scan, options scan etc. available in this stock market mobile app.

If you are a technical player, this app has around 100-200+ technical scans for you like SMA scans, EMA scans, CCI scans, RSI scans, MFI scans, ADX can, ATR etc.

If you are a technical trader or a long term investor, you can have a combination of both technical and fundamental scans with just a click of a button.

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3. Fundamental Scan:

A unique feature of StockeEdge is fundamental scan. When a long term investor looks to select a stock he looks for sound and improving fundamental. The StockEdge App provides a user a set of scans on financial and valuation parameters, through which one can filter out companies which are doing good business. This is not a free feature of the app.  

4. Combination scan:

One need to look at multiple factors to select an appropriate stock, be it for trading or long term investing. The combination scan feature of Stockedge is the perfect solution where a user can combine multiple criteria (both technical and fundamental) to select stock for trading or investing. A user can build and save his trading strategy in the app and check every day if any stock meets his/ her set of custom criteria.

The fundamental scan and combination scan is a paid feature and one can subscribe to the plans.

5. Information sharing and Advanced Filter:

Stockedge, Stock market mobile app, stock market app, Stockedge app

The people at stockedge want you to be your own analyst. We want to train you everything. That is why if you notice, every and any page you click on, has an i which gives you a brief information about the concept. In fact, the app also has a page info that lets you use the app effectively.

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This helps you to understand the basics of every aspect of the stock market and helps you analyze it in a comprehensive manner.

Stockedge, Stock market mobile application, Stockedge stock market app, Stockedge app

The people at StockEdge have come out with a unique feature called the advanced filter where the user can filter data according to his/her own needs. This helps them to discard the unnecessary stocks and see only those stocks that the user wants to know about.

6. Integrated Learning:

Stockedge, Stockedge app                  Stockedge, Stock market mobile app, stock market app, Stockedge app

There are two aspects to this section –

  • StockEdge Tutorials
  • Learn

StockEdge tutorials has many videos that are uploaded on YouTube by our team. As you click on any video, it will directly take you to our YouTube platform where Vivek Bajaj, the director of Kredent Infoedge, will tell you about how to use the app.

“Learn section” of this app contains brief study materials and videos about various aspects like basic finance, economics, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, derivatives, commodities, currency etc.

7. Investors:

Stockedge, Stockedge app

Many investors do not wish to follow the markets. Instead, they think of why not just invest in stocks that the big investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or Ramesh Dhamani etc. are buying or selling which is a right thing to do also upto some extent.

However, the people at StockEdge insist you on doing complete research first and then invest in stocks. For that matter, the team has tried its level best to collect information about major investors from various public sources and put all that information at one place so that it is easy for the users to do their homework.

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Apart from the above features, there are many other features that the StockEdge app offers like FII/DII activities, sector wise detailed information etc.

How to download StockEdge application? 

For android (Google Play Store) users, you can click here to download the StockEdge app.

For iOS users,you can click here to download this Stock market app.

You can also checkout the video below for a better understanding of the StockEdge application.

Video Link:-

Stockedge provides you all the analysis that you require for self research. However, if you still feel that you need more customized learning environment, they also present StockEdge club for you.

What is StockEdge Club?

This is India’s first virtual club for stock market enthusiasts. This club has following features –

  • Access to 12 paid webinars conducted on a monthly basis.
  • Invitation to become part of one workshop in your city or in nearby city.
  • Become a part of a Whats App group where there will be continuous learning, continuous doubt clearing, and continuous question and answer so that you become a more knowledgeable and learned participant of financial market in India.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The opinions given here are the personal views of the author. This post is for informational purpose only.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Tanu Shree Jain who is a Research Analyst at and StockEdge. She is a commerce graduate from Delhi University. She is Currently pursuing CA and also Studied CRTA from Kredent Academy.

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