MarketSmith India Review: Pricing, Plans & Stock Market Tips

MarketSmith India is a subsidiary of the MarketSmith located and operational in the United States. The company further widened its based and came out from the US to establish a business in India. A comprehensive stock research and analysis platform, MarketSmith India was established to cater to your specific investment needs. Talk of share market in India, or becoming a successful stock investor or algorithm based recommendations, you’ll find it all.

The founder William J. O’Neil is famously known as a money coach and has been teaching people the ins and outs of trading in stock markets for 5 decades now. He has also authored several books on how to make money in the stock market and founded a financial newspaper called Investor’s Business Daily in 1993. The main purpose of MarketSmith is and has always been to spread financial literacy in a fun and engaging way.

MarketSmith India: An Overview

MarketSmith is a Fintech platform focused on the needs of traders by educating them, generating ideas for them, creating model portfolios, and enabling easy and low-risk trade via the CAN SLIM method of investing. This method was brought forward by the Founder of MarketSmith William Neil who believes that a good way to predict future stock market winners, you need to carefully analyze the past ones.

When you visit the MarketSmith India website, you will see a plethora of information including live market reports, stock market advisory articles, investor awareness webinars, and various explanatory videos. The main focus of the firm is education and has gained much appreciation in the industry for the same.

Now, let’s understand the CANSLIM method in detail.

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MarketSmith India: Model Portfolio

MarketSmith India creates a Model portfolio for its clients according to their needs and goals. The portfolio is prepared on the CANSLIM method of investing.

CANSLIM Method of Investing Explained

Here, every letter of this word “CANSLIM” investing denotes to the 7 characteristics of some stocks that made it big in the market. Neil developed this research method on the basis of data from the last 100 years!

C- Current Quarterly Earnings

This refers to looking for stocks that reported good profits in the last quarter. A growth of 25% is considered a standard quarterly growth and anything above is positive only.

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A-Annual Earnings Growth

In this step, the last annual report of a particular stock is taken into consideration. For this too, a minimum of 25% growth is a good way to start. You could also look for the returns in the last years. Stocks that have performed well in the long-run are very important for your portfolio.

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N-New product, Service, Management, or Price high

This devotes to the factor of a big change in the company whose stock you are researching for. Stocks have made it big in the past with the initiation of a new product, merger, or activity happening in the company that gives it a boost.

S-Supply and Demand

It is the basic economic factor that dictates that when the demand for a product(stock in this case) is high, and the supply is less, the price will rise up, and when the supply is more and demand is less, the prices will stoop. The entire economy and market work on this concept.


This step simply refers to including such stocks in the portfolio that have been market leaders or as it is sometimes referred to as the ‘sharks of the industry’. It is beneficial to invest in such stocks that they have a high reputation and simultaneously high standards to adhere to.

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I-Institutional Sponsorship

It refers to stocks that have a well reputed and established parent institutional body at their back. For instance banks, Mutual Funds, and Asset Management Companies (AMCs). It is beneficial to invest in such stocks as their sponsorship drives high accountability to them.

M-Market Direction

Although highly volatile, Smart investors over the years have been able to determine a specific trend in which the market moves. It is said that 3 out of 4 stocks perform as per that trend. So, while preparing your model portfolio this feature is also kept in consideration, and stocks with a confirmed uptrend are suggested.

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MarketSmith India: Services 

The main aim of MarketSmith is to provide valuable research to its traders. they offer various research tools, reports, yearbooks, wall charts along with videos, articles, and webinars. They also provide access to what is termed as the ‘investing university’ wherein they teach the basics of investing and stock market.

MarketSmith India Pricing Plans

As far as trading with MarketSmith India is concerned, they have curated a single package for its investors called ‘premium investing content and exclusive stocklist’ to provide its traders the best of research, advisory, and trading facilities. They also offer a trial plan before paying for the premium plan so that you can try their services for some days and only pay if you are satisfied and want to continue.

Trial Plan Services:

This is a one week plan for people to try out MarketSmith India services before signing up for the premium i.e. paid plan. There are a variety of services clients can avail of during this period. Let’s look at them:

1. Idea lists:

MarketSmith algorithm generates these lists that provide insights into some of the top stocks, their volume, and strategy. This feature will give you access to the model portfolio, recently viewed stock, and 49 premium stock ideas.

2. Evaluation:

This tool offers technical analysis of stocks including factors like EPS strength, Price strength, buyer demand, and group ranking. You can find the complete details of a particular stock using the evaluation tool, from history to quarterly earnings, key ratios, ownership, and financial statements.

3. Market Outlook:

It provides a daily and weekly analysis of the Indian capital market to help you choose what’s best for your portfolio. It contains learning articles, top funds and stock market trends.

4. Model Portfolio:

The model portfolio is a set of handpicked CAN SLIM stocks to suit for financial needs. we already described CAN SLIM stocks for you in this article.

Premium Plan Services:

If you are satisfied with the trail services, you can take up the premium plan MarketSmith offers. The quarterly price for the same is Rs. 4000 and the annual price is Rs. 13,900. Let’s look at some of its features:

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1. Pattern Recognition:

It studies market trends and deciphers the patterns of how specific stocks are performing. It highlights the buy and sell zones, compares them from peers/related stocks, and prepares an extensive checklist for you.

2. Growth 50:

Every Friday, a list of 50 growth stocks is created by the MarketSmith algorithm. It intends to show the next big player in the market.

3. Gurus:

This is the place where you can get your stocks analyzed according to the philosophies of the top investors of the world like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, and William O’Neil.

4. Blue Dot:

The Blue Dot appears on the graph analysis of a stock when its relative strength line reaches 52 weeks high and when it builds a pattern that indicates growth or when a stock breaks out of its base.

5. Trend Templates:

It compiles the stocks that show an upward moving trend. It contributes to a better decision making process.

6. Income Stocks:

It is a list of highly-rated stocks that are known to give out high ROI and dividends.

MarketSmith India Trading Tools

MarketSmith India has 2 tools, both of which are mobile applications based on a technical interface for extensive research and trading.

1. MarketSmith India Swing Trader:

If you are into Swing trading or short-term trading, this platform might just be the right thing for you! The key features include fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, live notifications, and market watch. It is available on both android and iOs store and is accessible on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

2. MarketSmith India App:

This is the common platform for all kinds of traders is it intraday or long term. The key features include pattern recognition, market commentary, research methodology, and analyzed reports on different stocks.

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Being from a fintech base, MarketSmith India can be a little complicated for first-time users. It might be better if you first take the trial and then opt for premium once you are sure you can get its money value. Happy trading!

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