Free Indian Stock Research Reports: Where to Look for?

When it comes to stock market investing, company analysis is the first step of a smart investor. You need to know all about the company, that you are investing in. The stock analysis includes fundamental as well as technical analysis which might be a little complicated for a new trader. For this purpose, several financial websites offer free insights on stocks, market analysis, and complete review of a company, all for free!

In this article, we explore the best spots to land in, for stock market analysis. But before getting into the list, let’s look at why it is absolutely important to perform this analysis.

Stock Market Analysis: Significance

The obvious answer to the significance of stock research is, potentially better returns. When you analyze a stock, read reports, and then come to a decision to buy or sell, you are most likely to create wealth in the market. The stock market may look unpredictable but they also follow a certain pattern. Some are good signs, some are bad. Once you start reading reports plus follow the financial news, you develop analytical skills over time.

With such skills, you can form your own opinion about a particular stock, rather than being manipulated by crowd biases. It lets you stand out of the box and make decisions customized to your needs and goals. However, keep in mind that reading reports and being influenced by the author’s opinion are two different things with a fine line. When reading a report try to focus on the credentials and data provided. Avoid reading the personal opinions of analysts.

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Sometimes, reading a lot of reports on the same stock may create confusion. Pick one or two reliable sources and read reports every day. Speaking of which, let’s look at some reliable sources of stock analysis.

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

There are two ways of stock analysis. the first is, just Google the name of the company whose report you want, and on its official website, you will find all the necessary documents. Company reports, technical analysis, records, etc.

However, it may be a little complicated or lethargic for newbie investors. Certain websites ease the job for you. They compile such official data, prepare reports in such a way that is understandable by a common investor, and then give a conclusion.

The best sites for this purpose are listed below :

1. Money Control

It is the most sought-after destination for research by investors all over the country. It is a comprehensive website containing everything you might want to know about stocks. fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, live news, live stock prices, commodities, the launch of IPOs as well as detailed blogs about trending market affairs. You can also create your custom watch list on the money control dashboard and track your investments in real-time and with convenience.

2. NSE

It is the official website of the National Stock Exchange of India. NSE is one of the two national exchanges of the country from where all the trading takes place. It’s this status of the website that makes the information available on it, credible and trustworthy for the readers. Most professional traders visit NSE’s website on a daily basis for the market watch, reading informative blogs, and digging insights into stocks.

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3. Economic times-

The economic times’ newspaper is a domestic name in India and is one of the top finance newspapers. However, with everything going digital, economic times also has a website domain to impart financial literacy to its readers, digitally. In this E-paper, you will find live market watch, trending news, company analysis, and much more. They also have podcasts and Youtube videos for the written content, So you can choose the way you want to intake your content.

4. Livemint-

Livemint is another valuable source of information for the stock market. It contains news and blogs relating to not just finance but not also about the Indian economy, politics, and business sector. Keeping a tab of such news plays an important role in your research as a new development ina company directly affects its stock price. For instance, a new merger or a subsidiary body in a company affects how it works, how much profits it will earn, and therefore how much dividends can it provide to its investors.

5. is a technical analysis website that tries to simplify company data such as fiancial statements, balance sheets, debt arrangements, etc. It contains annual, half-yearly, and quarterly results of a company. You can also compare companies from its peers’ section to know a standard of comparison within a specific industry. The screener is preferred by heavy traders to extract exact numeric data and information.

6. BSE India

Just like NSE, the Bombay stock exchange also has a digital platform for learning and investing. It contains numerical as well a graphic data on different investment products such as equity, debt, commodities, and currency. In its market turnover section, you can view comprehensive market reports. The difference between this and the NSE website is that here you can find more historical data as it was established before NSE.

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7. is a website created especially for stock analysis, both fundamental and technical. It has several tools for the purpose such as stock screener, Fed rate monitor, Forex correlation, pivot point calculator, profit calculator, margin calculator, and many more.

8. Bloomberg Quint

Bloomberg Quint is an India media house focused on business and financial news. It is a trustworthy source of news for thousands of daily readers on the Bloomberg quint platform. However, the platform is not limited to news. It provides financial software tools such as analytics and equity trading, data service, etc. It also has a terminal of its own to facilitate trading.

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Indian Stock Research Reports

These were the top few resources of stock analysis. However, the list doesn’t end here. There are many more sites that offer enriching reports and data. As an investor, you should select one or two that you want to check every day for news and analysis.

Did you find this list helpful? Are there any important stock research that we missed? Do let us know in the comments below!

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