Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis: Top Research & Tips

Stock market investing is a risky venture. You need to be very cautious while putting your hard earned money into it. Before diving into the dynamic stock market, you need to possess the right set of knowledge and adequate information. So, as an investor, you must be familiar with some of the best sites for Indian stock market analysis.

Here, we present to you a list of Top stock research sites that provide regular updates, timely alerts and relevant stock market tips. This means, you get to know the stock market happenings from anywhere. So, you can grab latest news and learn about Indian as well as stock market fluctuations around the globe.

All have their own favourites! But, when it comes to choosing the best sites for Indian stock market research, we might have a common choice. Let’s see if our selection matches with your short term and long term investing goals.

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis:

Now, if you are seeking details on Indian share market, you can definitely plan a tour into these popular Indian Stock market sites.

1. Money Control:

This is indeed one of the highly popular stock market site for an Indian investor. In other words, it can be regarded as the most accessed website, both by potential and existing stock investors. In fact, you might have already heard a lot about it. Haven’t you?

You can find latest stock market news, charts, live stock prices, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, upcoming IPOs etc. Think of any of these, you shall get loads of useful data stored in there. So, you get insights on Nifty and Sensex value plus any other relevant financial market regularly.

You also have a platform to track your investments and create a wish list too. Moreover, Money Control mobile app is even more convenient to install and use. So, a complete package for a stock investor, whether a newbie or an expert.

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2. NSE India:

The official website of National Stock Exchange (NSE) is up to date with financial data of any company. Since, each company registered with NSE has to give detailed information. So, you can easily locate useful and reliable details on domestic companies, foreign investors and new listings.

It ranks well in the top stock research sites in India. You get to see tons of historical data regarding NSE and Nifty as well. You also enjoy free technical analysis of Indian stocks, reports, charts and other website tools.

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3. BSE India:

BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange, another popular Indian Stock Exchange. If you are looking for some more historical data about a company, this is probably the best place to visit. Since, BSE is Asia’s first stock exchange, and World’s 10th largest stock exchange.

So, you can find the oldest data about a company. Not only this, you also get to learn about domestic as well as foreign investors.

You can explore stock market statistics, listings, results, trends, charts etc. Hence, you can dig into all the important stock trading related information on this website.


Screener, a stock research tool especially meant for equity investors in India. With this, you can have access to long term financials of different companies and further simplify it. Thereby, turning lengthy data into small useful chunks through customised reports. So, you can easily make yourself acquainted with useful financial information of a company.

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Moreover, with the help of it’s screening tool, you can design your personalised screen and get automatic alerts to track results. A combination of a “Company analysis” and a “screening” tool, this is one of the best stock screeners that surely attracts readers to navigate through it.

5. Economic Times Market:

ET Market is also amongst the best sites for stock market analysis in India. This is quite similar to Money Control in terms of features. So, you can obtain free latest Indian financial market news with updates on global news as well.

Any information on stock prices, Nifty, Sensex, charts, graphs, market stats is all you get here. Know about trending stocks and market trends. A watchlist and a portfolio section is there to support you in your stock market moves. Moreover, you can also have expert opinions on various financial concepts and investment topics.


This is yet another well received and informative stock market analysis site. Its wide range of tools and comprehensive data can surely incline any investor towards it. Stock screener, Fed rate monitor tool and currency converter are the biggest attractions. The live and interactive charts, stocks charts, indices and forex charts further add to its advantages.

A good fit for doing both the fundamental and the technical analysis. You also learn about real time financial markets, local and world indices. So, you can stay informed about stocks, commodities, currency, ETFs, funds, bonds and a lot more to gain on this site.

Stock Market Sites: List to Add on

  • Top Stock Research
  • Equitymaster
  • Live Mint

Hence, this was our exclusive bunch of Best sites for Indian stock market analysis. In other words, these can also be referred to as “Best stock market sites in India”. What do you think?┬áDid we forget to add any important name here. Do let us know!

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Keep exploring & learning!

Best Stock Market Sites India: A Final Review

No doubt, Stock market websites guide you in conducting a fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. They not only provide you ample details and ideas on investing. But, you can enjoy opinions straight from industry and market experts as well.

Moreover, you can also have access to useful stock market apps and tools to further ease out the entire investing process.

In addition to it, gaining requisite stock market facts & figures usually helps us to stay updated. Above all, you are in a better position to take good investing decisions.

However, you need to do an in-depth research before acting upon any of the stock market tips. Keep in mind your investment objectives and then decide what is best for you.

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Disclaimer: Stock market investing is subject to market risks. We are not promoting any of these sites and haven’t earned any monetary benefits from them. This post is just for informational purpose. It should not be regarded as a professional advice in any regard.

Are you engaged in Stock market investing? If yes, please follow due diligence while investing and trading. After all, it’s your money. So, you have to be extra careful while handling it. And yes, if you have any other name to include in the list of best sites for stock market analysis in India, do share with us.

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