Best Mutual Fund Apps in India: Top Investing App 2024

Are you interested in mutual fund investment? And, looking for the easiest way to invest in direct mutual funds? If yes, this post on Best Mutual Fund Apps in India is surely going to entice you. We have compiled a collection of some of the top mutual fund investment apps in India. So, it would be easy for you to pick the investing app that suits your requirements.

This is the dynamic “Tech era” or “Digital age”. The mutual fund industry has also seen a significant growth in the past few years. No only business wise, but technology wise also mutual fund platforms have come-up with innovative solutions to customer needs and queries.

In fact, investing in mutual funds is quite common investment choice. Therefore, having a reliable handy mutual fund app on your smartphone simply adds to your comfort zone. Right!

Mutual Fund Apps in India: A Glimpse

As an active investor you surely need to be aware of trending and best mutual fund investing apps.

What Mutual fund app can offer best?

  • Easy and quick online transactions.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Easy access and friendly user interface.
  • Timely and regular market alerts .
  • Investment Portfolio Tracking.
  • Mutual Fund Scheme Ratings.
  • Returns and NAV of mutual fund.
  • Statements of your portfolio.
  • Latest Financial News and events.

So, all this to help you for taking smart mutual fund investment decisions.

Best Mutual Fund Apps in India, direct mutual fund investing apps

Best Direct Mutual Fund Apps in India: Top List

Here we shall emphasise on Direct Mutual Fund Investment Apps in India. Now. let’s dig deeper into the several mutual fund apps built for your Android  or iOS devices. Wondering!! Where to get these helpful apps for direct mutual fund investment? You can easily download them from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

1. myCAMS Mutual Fund App

From viewing your portfolio to opening new folios, purchasing new MF units, redeeming or starting an SIP, this mutual fund app offers much more. You can do transactions in an easy and fast manner. Also, referred to as the “single gateway to multiple mutual funds” it provides a simplified access to your investments.

This is one of the best direct mutual fund apps available both for SIP as well as lump-sum investment.

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myCAMS Features:

  • Direct Mutual fund investing: SIP and Lump-sum both.
  • Invest Online Brokerage Free: No brokerage charges or broker fee.
  • Simple Login Process: Through Mobile Pin, Pattern or Password.
  • Common One Time Mandate (COTM): In-app investment, set-up SIPs, by providing a one-time mandate form.
  • digiSIP: A convenient way to commence new SIPs.
  • NFO or New Fund Offer: Purchase NFO schemes directly through this app.
  • myWatchlist: Monitor your investments and view their performance.
  • Two-factor authentication: For ensuring and enhancing the security features.
  • Consolidated Realized Gain Statement: Including LTCG on equity shares also.

Hence, you can keep a check on your mutual fund portfolio just through the myCAMS app.

2. Zerodha Coin App

Who hasn’t heard of Zerodha? You all surely must be aware of this topmost discount broker in India. Zerodha has been a pioneer of discount broking in India. In the past few years, it has launched numerous tools like Zerodha Kite, Zerodha Pi, Sensibull etc. All these applications have been introduced for the convenience of its customers. Zerodha Coin is also their one such impressive product and India’s largest direct mutual fund platform.

Here we shall be focusing on Zerodha Coin Mobile App review in specific, as our topic of discussion highlights.

Apply Here for Free Share Investment Account with Zerodha

Zerodha Coin Mobile App Features:

  • Free Investment: All investments on Coin are free.
  • No DP charges: Zerodha has also waived off the Depository Participant (DP) charges on Zerodha Coin redemption. (These used to Rs.5.5 per redemption earlier). Now it’s completely free! Indeed a great move towards better customer experience.
  • Instant Account Opening: Even if you don’t have a Zerodha account, you can instantly open account using AADHAR and start investing.
  • Direct Mutual Funds: Invest in 3000+ commission free direct mutual funds across various fund houses.
  • Savings: Upto 1% more p.a. in comparison to regular mutual funds in India.
  • Instant SIPs: You can start, pause or modify your SIP anytime.
  • NAV Tracking: This app facilitates purchasing or redeeming mutual funds based on NAV.
  • Unified Portfolio View: You can have a single portfolio for all your investments. This includes mutual funds, stocks, ETFs and bonds.
  • Track Investments: Zerodha Coin helps you keep a check on annualized and absolute returns, capital gain statement, P&L visualizations etc.
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3. Groww App

Another addition to make in the list of direct mutual fund apps in India. Groww app has gained a lot of traction recently. If you are thinking to invest in multiple mutual fund schemes without any commission, this can be your choice.

Groww App Features:

  • Invest Online Free: No transaction charges or subscription charges.
  • One-touch Login: You can login through your Facebook or Google ID.
  • Seamless transactions: Easy access anytime and anywhere.
  • Services: You can use this app for investing, redeeming, re-investing folios.
  • Track Portfolio: You can track your investments, returns, holdings and mutual fund NAV also.
  • Single platform: All mutual funds companies are supported on this investing app.
  • Regular to Direct: You can switch over your regular schemes to direct schemes, that too free of cost.

Groww Mutual Fund app is definitely categorised as a fast growing app with increasing user base across India.

4. Paytm Money Mutual Fund App

Similar to other direct mutual fund platforms, Paytm Money also offers a free investment platform. As a result, Paytm also introduced its dedicated app for mutual fund investments.

Paytm Money App Features:

  • Quick Account Opening: You can simply open your online account through Paytm registered mail or mobile number. And, then you can easily install the Paytm Money App too.
  • Free Investment: Zero commission and zero transaction charges. So, you don’t have to pay anything for buying or selling mutual fund schemes.
  • Easy Access: A simple and transparent platform for direct mutual fund investing.
  • Direct Mutual funds: Invest in mutual funds of leading companies through a single app.
  • Manage SIPs: You can track and manage your mutual fund SIPs real time from anywhere.
  • One tap Investment: You can automate your investments both for SIP and lump-sum also.

Mutual Fund Investing Apps List: Adds Ons

And, the list goes on. The existing as well as emerging players are launching new and useful apps every day. No doubt, there may be a lot more to include in our app collection. But, we have handpicked and highlighted the most popular mutual fund apps for your reference.

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Mutual Fund Apps India: Review

Mutual fund apps are primarily meant to manage your investment portfolio. In fact, these handy investing apps are designed to simplify the investment process and make it more accessible for you.

However, you need to follow a one-time KYC process (mostly digital KYC) while investing in mutual funds. Hence, before registering for these apps, you must complete all the formalities. There’s a set standard procedure to start your investment in mutual funds. Once you are done with it, you can initiate using any of these mutual fund apps.

Moreover, present day apps let you view beautifully designed charts and graphs plus top mutual funds listings. You also get to read latest finance and investment related news and trends.

It’s not possible to install app for each and every mutual fund company. Therefore, the above listed direct mutual fund apps come to your rescue. You can enjoy investing in multiple mutual funds through a consolidated single app only.

To conclude, having secure transactions is our topmost priority. So, do check the security features for any of the mutual funds apps or other mobile banking apps that you normally use.

Disclaimer: This post is not a financial advice. Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Please follow due diligence and be cautious while investing your money in any of the risky asset classes or consult your financial adviser before taking an investment decision. or any of its representatives are not responsible for any loss that might happen due to your investments.

Now, if you wish to add any other good investing app, do share the details in the comment section.

Which of the investing app do you prefer? Have you tried any of the above mutual fund apps in India? Don’t forget to give your feedback on one of  your favourite mutual fund app and its features.

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