Upwardly Review: Charges, App to Invest in Mutual Funds

While talking about mutual fund investment platforms in India, Upwardly deserves a mention here. So, let’s pen down an exclusive Upwardly review covering its charges and benefits. You’ll also get familiar to Upwardly App to invest in mutual funds online.

Upwardly: Introduction

“TARGET”, it has a different ring to it, isn’t it? You go to your boss or doctor or your counselor or any professional, everyone talks about targets. In my opinion, targets motive us to move ahead. Every industry and sector nowadays work on target based approach for its various function. Then why not our investments are target based?

So, this brings me to our new topic for discussion, “A target based investment platform: UPWARDLY”.

Our first and most important question is:

What is Upwardly?

Upwardly is a Bengaluru based “Investment Platform Company” which aims at serving their consumers, to enhance their income and to allow you to fulfill your desires, aspirations, and dreams.

This investing platform allows its user to set up financial goals and then decide their investment portfolio. As an investor you can directly invest in mutual fund through an open market with no middle or broker.

Upwardly Account: How to Open an Account?

You can access the Upwardly login portal through an online website. You can register yourself, either by using your Google+ login or create your login by providing simple details viz., email id, password, Country, mobile number.

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Upwardly Account Opening Fees

This mutual funds investment platform operates on “NO BROKERAGE” policy and is a free account facility. Thus opening, transacting and managing your account and portfolio on Upwardly is “free of cost”.

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But, the platform does charge for annual maintenance cost for account operating on the application. Even though the account is free, all statutory cost for operating the investment through the stock exchange and banks will apply as usual.

Why Choose Upwardly?

Upwardly continuously monitors your portfolio and navigates the user through different investment option to achieve their targeted goal.

It provides three basic investing options to choose:

  • Investor (of age less than 35 years)
  • Investor (of age more than 35 years)
  • Skilled investor

Depending on the investor’s skill buckets, Upwardly team provides suggestion and navigates their user through various investment options. Apart from dedicated wealth advisors the platforms are highly secure thus all your data and investment is safe.

There are no minimum funds required for investing under this platform. You can start with Rs.100 itself.

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Upwardly App

You can easily download the Upwardly Mutual fund app, SIP Calculator for free. Upwardly offers an investment app to invest online in mutual funds.

Upwardly App Features:

  • Invest online in mutual funds. All AMCs are supported by this app.
  • Get access to SIP returns calculator and calculate your returns on SIP investments.
  • You can invest SIP or lump-sum through Upwardly app.
  • Gain expert advisory services to meet your financial goals.

Let’s replay the complete above report,

  • Personalized advisory services based on needs.
  • Targeted investment solutions.
  • Free account opening facility.
  • A user-friendly app to track, redeem or top up your investments.

However, there are numerous such investment sites and apps to support investors. Many of them coming up with “Free Account Opening” and “Zero brokerage Models”. One gets confused which one to choose.

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Overall, Upwardly sums up for a good option to choose and direct your funds towards them. After analysing the complete details I would like to say “Upwardly would take your earnings upward and maybe sky rocket”. So, it may prove good to invest through Upwardly!

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Important: Mutual fund investment platform “Upwardly” got acquired by “Scripbox”: the digital investment startup in India.

Of course, depending on the risk profile and market conditions. What do you say? Do share your feedback on any of the mutual fund platforms in India.

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