GST Rates India : Your Guide to Goods & Service Tax Infographic

Are you looking for latest GST rates in India ? Wondering which tax rate is applicable on various goods ? Want to know the HSN Code for different items ? Here is your answer…Checkout latest GST rates along with HSN codes as highlighted in this really impressive GST Rate Infographic. Indeed a complete guide and a perfect solution to your Goods & Service Tax rate queries.

Present GST slabs are : 5%, 12%, 18% or 28% on different range of goods or services. As shown in the infographic below, the rates have been specified against various goods separately.

GST rates infographic,gst rates India

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Isn’t this such a beautiful infographic ? It features the GST tariffs of different items that you can find in your household. A simple and unique way to present the tax rates in an understandable manner. Being a common man also, you can simply co-relate to the variety of goods (as shown in the image) and know the GST rates on them.

In fact, have a look around…you shall find most of the above pointed items in your house easily.This is indeed the simplest way to understand GST tariffs in India.

Now, the next time you go to buy any household item, an LED TV, an AC, LED lights, a washing machine, a vaccum cleaner, a carpet or even a guitar for yourself. Just keep this GST rates infographic in mind.

You think of renovating your house and need to get cement, bricks, tiles or steel etc. This rate list will surely help you calculate the correct GST on different goods.

Do you fall in the GST or Goods & Services Tax ambit ? Have you checked which tax rate is applicable to your product or service ? What do you think about the present GST rate slabs in India ? What do you feel is the GST impact on common man ? and What overall GST impact on Indian economy you have visualised ?

How did you like the GST Rates Infographic ? Are you satisfied with the latest GST rates or still waiting for some relaxation to be given. ? Have you adjusted to this new indirect tax regime ? Feel free to share your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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