10 Hidden Benefits of Using Smart Credit card

Credit cards are evolving with time and they provide advantages to people more than ever. In the world of digitalization, Standard Chartered Bank has launched the smart credit card which has the potential to make traditional credit cards obsolete. They have made credit cards simpler and have also become easier to use physically and virtually.

These efforts are made because credit cards are no longer used by just a small group of people, it is becoming a utility of the common man. More people are discovering how a credit card can make life a lot more convenient and stress-free. However, due to lack of awareness, there are still many who deprive themselves of these advantages.

Here is all the information for you, if you still don’t use a smart credit card and want to know how you can reap its benefits.

1. Contactless Application of Credit Card

After the COVID19 outbreak, there was a serious need for making almost every procedure contactless. You can apply for a smart credit card from your home and receive your virtual card to start using it. You no longer have to rely on a physical card.

2. Safer Online Transactions

Standard Chartered Bank has paid a lot of attention to customer security. Through technology, they have improved online transactions and made them safer by using 3D secure OTP Verification.

3. Credit Card for Your Family

The advantage you receive through this special credit card can be extended for your family too. If you are a smart credit card holder, you can apply for a supplementary credit card and your family members can enjoy its benefits too.

4. Easy Digital Payments

Standard Chartered Bank provides a range of instant payment solutions like Bharat Bill Payment solutions (BBPS) BharatQR, and Samsung Secure Pay. This makes your digital payments a lot easier.

5. Loan Just One Call Away

With this card, you don’t have to look around for a loan separately if the need arises. This smart credit card can provide you with a loan of up to Rs 5,00,000 with flexible tenure from 12 to 60 months.

6. Conversion Of Eligible Transactions

You can conveniently convert your eligible transactions into a three-month EMI and enjoy 0.99% p.m. special interest rate with no processing fee . This helps you avoid paying huge sums  of money at one go and manage your money better.

7. Extended Interest-Free Credit Period

This smart card feels smarter when you realize that you can pay the only minimum amount due on your credit card and enjoy an extended interest-free credit period for the first 90 days post credit card issuance. Of course, you should go through terms and conditions to understand this better. However, it’s a great advantage that comes with this card.

8. Cashback with Smart Credit Card

All your offline spends via the Smart Credit Card earn you a cashback of 1%.  However, the maximum cashback is capped at  Rs. 500  a month. All your online spends earn you a cashback of 2% and the maximum cashback is capped at Rs 1000 a month.  There are exceptions to such cashbacks like Fuel spends  will not be eligible for any cashback.

9. 360 Degree Rewards

Standard Chartered Bank has a new rewards portal  which makes things a lot easier for you. The reward points you have earned can be viewed, managed and redeemed on this portal.

10. Transfer of Balance

With this feature, you can transfer balances from other banks’ credit cards into your smart credit card up to Rs. 5,00,000. This can be done at an attractive interest rate. Though, the extended interest-free credit period is not applicable to the balance transfer.

Before signing up for a card, it’s important that one must check the terms and conditions. When used responsibly, such benefits provided by cashback cards and smart cards can help you save up a lot of money and have a better lifestyle.

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