Kotak Securities was founded in the year 1994 and it is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Through this post, you shall get a complete Kotak Securities Review, Trading and Demat Account Opening Charges & Brokerage Charges. Ina addition to it, you shall also get to know some of the salient features of opening a demat account with Kotak Securities.

Kotak Securities: A Glimpse

Kotak Securities is one of the fastest growing stock brokering house in India. They are the corporate member of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) as well. It has Depository Participant with both NSDL and CDSL.

Kotak Securities is present across 359 cities with 1209+ branches, franchises and satellite offices that serve 11.95 lakh customers generating 5 lakh trades daily.

It offers a 3-in-one account:

  • A Trading Account
  • Demat Account and
  • A Savings bank account

So, you can have a seamless trading experience.

Kotak Securities: Product and Services offered

  • Stock Brokering Services
  • Portfolio Management Service
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Fund
  • Car Finance
  • Institutional Equities
  • Investment Banking
  • Kotak Mahindra International
  • Kotak Private Equity
  • Kotak Realty Fund

Kotak Securities Demat Account: Brokerage Plans

As we already told, it offers a three-in-one account to its customer. Therefore, it facilitates a smooth transaction between bank, Demat and trading account. Further, you get different account plans according to your requirement. Basic Charges for opening an account are:

Kotak Securities Trading Account

  • Account opening fees: Rs 750 (one-time)
  • Annual Maintenance Charges: Nil

Kotak Securities Demat Account 

  • Account opening fees: Nil
  • Maintenance Charge: Rs 50 per month for resident Indians, Rs 75 per month for NRIs.

Kotak Demat Account Fees

Account HeadRateMinimum Payable
DematerializationRs 50/ request and Rs. 3/ certificate-
RematerializationRs 10/ 100 sharesRs 15
Regular ( Non- BSDA Account) Market/ off- market Transaction (Sell)

BSDA Account Market/ off- market Transaction (Sell)
0.04% of the value of securities ( NSDL Charges Extra)

0.06% of the value of securities ( NSDL Charges Extra)
Rs 27 (NSDL charges extra)

Rs 44.50 (NSDL charges extra)

Regular Account maintenance chargesResident- Rs 65/ month for upto 10 transactions
Rs 50/ month for 11 to 30 debit transactions
Rs 35/ month for more than 30 debit transaction
NRI- Rs 75/ month
Pledge Charges0.05% of the value of securitiesRs. 30
Invocation of pledge0.04% of the value of securitiesRs. 30
Charge for Client Master change intimationRs 25-

Types of Brokerage Account

The company offers five types of Brokerage plans for its customer. These brokerage plans are as follows:

  • Dynamic Brokerage
  • Fixed Brokerage
  • Advanced Brokerage
  • NRI Brokerage
  • Shubh Trade

1. Dynamic Brokerage Plan:

The plan opens the gateway to the world of investing opportunities for you. The account is specifically created for those customers who are looking for a good bargain on their brokerage rates.

Key Benefits of Dynamic Brokerage Plan:

  • Access to Kotak Securities Knowledge Center, that helps you learn more about stock markets and investments
  • Enjoy higher returns by investing early through Easy IPO.
  • Access to Kotak Securities’ research reports on the economy, select industries and companies, which help you make informed investment decisions.
  • Research advice via Kotak Securities SMS alerts, so you don’t miss out on important buying and selling opportunities.
  • Buy and sell stocks on phone using the Call and Trade facility.
  • Access to the top-performing mutual funds through Easy Mutual Fund.
  • Free news and market updates.
  • Low brokerage rates.
  • Exposure of up to 18 times your initial margin on selected stocks with the Super Multiple features.
  • Currency Derivatives trading.
  • Free access to KEAT Pro X.
  • Special services charges.
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Brokerage Details:

Cash Delivery 
SlabsBrokerage Application
Less than 1 Lakh0.59%
1-5 Lakh0.55%
5-10 Lakh0.45%
10-20 Lakh0.36%
20-60 Lakh0.27%
60 Lakh-2 crore0.23%
>2 crore0.18%
Cash Intraday
<25 Lakh0.06%
>25 Lakh0.05%
<2 crore0.07%
>2 crore0.05%
  • Options (applicable both side)
Monthly Premium valueIntraday BrokerageSettlement BrokerageMinimum Brokerage Per Lot
Upto 4 Lakh2.5%2.5%Rs. 300
4-11 Lakh2.25%2.5%Rs 240
> 11 Lakh1.8%2.3%Rs 180

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2. Fixed Brokerage Plans:

The scheme is well suited for new investors in the market.

Key Benefits of Fixed Brokerage Plan:

  • Best suited for new investors which charge fixed brokerage despite varying amount of traded volume.
  • Get access to Kotak Securities Knowledge Center, which helps you learn more about stock markets and investments.
  • Access to trading alert via Sms and email which include buy and sell recommendation.
  • Easy access to the new companies listing on the stock market by investing in IPOs in the primary market.
  • Take advantage of the margin trading to enhance your profits. You can get exposure of up to 18 times your initial margin on selected stocks with Super Multiple.
  • Trade in currency derivatives through your Fixed Brokerage Kotak Gateway account and mutual funds through Easy Mutual Fund.

Kotak Fixed Brokerage Plan Details

Brokerage Structure 
Square off (both sides)0.049%
Futures (both sides)0.049%
Options Rs 300/ lot
Minimum Brokerage4 paise for delivery and 3 paise for intraday and future orders

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3. Advance Brokerage Plan:

The Advance Fee account helps you earn back your brokerage charges. You pay a certain amount in advance, and slowly get it back as an when you trade. To encourage consistency in trading, the scheme provides extremely low charges during the validity period. The plan rewards your steady trading. The plan is available under different categories with Rs 5000 to Rs 2 lakh with a validity period of 12 months.

Key Benefits of Advance Brokerage Plans:

  • No Account opening charges
  • Low brokerage charges
  • Validity period
  • Call & Trade facility
  • Trade in Currency Derivatives
  • IPO and MF
  • Research Reports
  • KEAT Pro
  • After Market Orders

Advance Brokerage & Plan Details:

ParticularsPlan APlan BPlan CPlan D
Advance FeesRs. 5,000 (+GST)Rs. 10000 (+GST)Rs. 50,000 (+GST)Rs 2,00,000 (+GST)
Validity12 months12 months12 months12 months
Brokerage Details
Cash Intraday0.040%0.035%0.030%0.015%
OptionsRs.225/ LotRs.225/ LotRs.150/ LotRs.150/ Lot
Currency Futures (Each Leg)0.024% or Rs.12/lot whichever is higher0.020% or Rs.10/lot whichever is higher0.016% or Rs.8/lot whichever is higher0.016% or Rs.8/lot whichever is higher
Currency options (Each Leg)Rs.12Rs.10Rs.8Rs.8

4. NRI Brokerage Plans: 

This plan offers a very competitive price on brokerage plans and currency exchange rates by investing in India. This is an ideal NRI investment plan in India.

Charges for NRI Brokerage Plans:

Brokerage and other fees 
Account opening chargesRs.3,750
Brokerage1% of the turnover or 25 paise/ share, whichever is higher
Securities Transaction charges0.1%
Average Quarterly Balance in SavingRs.10000
PIS Account Maintenance fees (AMC)Rs.1000 per year
Demat Maintenance fees Rs.75/ month

An average quarterly balance of Rs. 10,000 should be maintained in the savings bank account.

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5Shubh Trade: 

The scheme is specially designed for festive season for specifically trading in the Derivatives segment.

Key Benefits of this scheme are:

  • In the Equity Options trading, a flat brokerage of Rs. 21 per executed lot .
  • What you need to do is to bring a minimum cash margin of Rs. 1 lakh only.
  • 100% cash margin is mandatory for trading in derivative segment. Whereas if you wish to trade in the Cash segment, they accept margin in the form of cash, securities and other acceptable form of margin.
  • Also, the Shubh Trade option is available for trades placed on their online platform only.
  • Call & Trade facility will be charged at Rs. 20 for placing trades in Options only. Whereas for trades in Cash segment and Futures, the standard pricing shall be applied. So, the  first 20 calls will be free. From the 21st call onwards, you’ll be charged Rs. 20 thereon.
  • Dealer assistance will be provided for placing trades in Cash segment only.

Brokerage Details

Brokerage Structure 
Cash Delivery0.49%
Cash Square off0.049%
Options (both side)Rs.21/lot
Futures (both side)0.049%
Currency Futures (both side)0.020% or Rs.10 whichever is higher
Currency options (both side)Rs.10/ lot

Kotak Securities Review, Kotak Securities brokerage

Kotak Securities Special Intraday Charges for Traders:

Kotak Securities offers special Intraday brokerage charges for traders. Two online plans are:

Happy Hour Trading:

It offers 50% discount in brokerage for intraday trades done during Happy Hours through online mode. Basic rules are:

  • Happy hours will be announced on our trading platforms.
  • You will get flat 50% off on brokerage in online trading.
  • Only square off trades which are placed and executed within the Happy Hours will get this offer.

Double or Quits:

In this offer, a trader can avoid paying brokerage in the case of loss. With Double or Quits offer, the brokerage will be charged one paisa brokerage on Loss or Double brokerage on Profit. Few basic rules for this plans are:

  • Only square off trades which are placed and executed within the Double or Quits Hours will pay one paisa brokerage or double brokerage.
  • If you book a loss on your square off trade, we charge one paisa brokerage at scrip level.
  • If you make a profit on your square off trade, we will charge you double brokerage.
  • Double or Quits hour is declared on their trading platforms.
  • You can choose to participate in this product any day, as per your interest.

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Platforms Available for Trading with Kotak Securities

  • Website: Can access to the trading platform through any web browser. Will have to log in and avail host of trading services
  • KEAT ProX: It is a free, simple and high-speed web-based trading platform. You have control over your portfolio and track the live markets. Not only this, you can buy and sell securities online that too in real time. KEAT ProX deals with scrips on the BSE, NSE and NSE Currency markets.
  • Kotak Stock Trader: It is a mobile-based application. You can trade from your mobile phone anywhere.
  • Fastlane: It allows better trading experience from workplace and doesn’t require application to install and features are similar to KEAT ProX.
  • Xtralite: It is an extra-light, super-fast trading website specially designed for trading using slow internet connections.
  • Dealer-Assisted Trading: Dealer helps in carrying with your investment transaction with investment advice and execution of the trade.
  • Call & Trade: It allows you to trade when you don’t have access to the computer through dealer and relationship manager.
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Opening Kotak securities Account: Process & Documentation Required

One can open an account in Kotak securities in three ways:

  1. Through their customer help desk toll-free numbers.
  2. Get yourself registered through online application form available in website (https://www.kotaksecurities.com/)
  3. By visiting a nearest branch or through sub-brokers.

Documents Required:

  1. 2 Photographs
  2. One photograph of nominee you wish to make (optional).
  3. Xerox self-attested copy of PAN card.
  4. Xerox self-attested copy of address proof like Passport, Aadhar card, Voter ID, lease agreement etc.
  5. One Cancelled Blank Cheque.

Kotak Securities Account: Advantages & Disadvantages


  • It provides a decent service for its customers through its three-in-one account.
  • All financial products and services are available under one roof.
  • Monthly and weekly Research reports for its customer and flexibility of choosing trading platform.


  • High brokerage charges and hidden charges.
  • In mutual fund, direct funds are not available.
  • Commodity trading is not available.

Kotak Securities Review

Kotak Securities is a reputed and user-friendly stock broking company. It offers its customers a flexible system through various brokerage plans and trading platform. From the cost perspective, the services offered seem to be a bit costly as compared to other popular discount brokers. But, the weekly and monthly research reports generated for customers help them to make take trading and investment decisions more effectively.

Kotak Securities Account: Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q. How long will it take to get access to place trades?

A. When you fill up the form on the website and make the payment of account opening fee, you will receive the account opening kit at your correspondence address. You should receive the account opening kit within 3-4 working days after your payment is received.

On receiving the form you can submit it to Kotak Securities along with necessary KYC documents. It generally takes 7 working days to activate the account from our side after receiving the complete form.

Q. What documents will I receive when my account is opened?

A. You will receive a welcome kit containing the following:

  • A welcome letter containing details of your account with us.
  • A booklet titled “Road Guide” – a detailed guide on how to activate your account and start trading
  • A CD that will help you install K.E.A.T.
  • A Personal Identification Number – a unique numeric code for one-time use for account activation.

You will also receive the initial password on your email id registered with us.

Q. What is the least amount of margin that I need to pay Kotak Securities to start trading?

A. You can start trading by placing a minimum margin of:

  • Rs.20,000 in the Gateway Account
  • Rs. 5,00,000 in the Value Account
  • Rs. 1,000,000 in the Privilege Account
  • Rs. 20,000 in the Freeway Account
  • Rs. 20,000 in the High Trader Account

* The information displayed here are sourced from the official website of Kotak Securities Ltd.

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This was all about Kotak Securities Ltd. account opening, brokerage charges and other details.

What do you think about it? Where do you prefer opening a demat and trading account? Feel free to share your feedback on any of the stock brokers services that you use.