Toady we’ll be discussing about the Kotak 811 Account, a trending savings bank account in India, its features, types of accounts available. You can also have sneak peek into the various benefits, charges and fees for opening Kotak 811 account.

Kotak Mahindra has been very popular amongst millennials, all thanks to its digitalization procedures in opening a bank account. Gone are the days we were going to the bank and waiting long hours to open a bank account, this has been now transformed into a matter of minutes: 20 minutes or less to be precise. It’s the advent of technology and Kotak is banking heavily on their odds to expand bank account opening opportunities to millions of people in the country through technology. 

Any resident of India can open Kotak 811 Digital Account, all you require is your PAN card and Aadhaar card to open your savings account. Customers can get instant access to their account and start using it from the same day of opening. Virtual debit cards are also offered with zero balance accounts. 

Compared to all the other leading banks, Kotak offers 4% interest on all its savings bank account compared to the 6% that it provided initially. But even in Kotak 811 account, there are different types of accounts being offered where each one has their differences. Along with this, other features do make it different from the rest.

To learn more, we have enlisted all the significant factors about Kotak 811 below. Do check it out. 

Kotak 811 – Bank Account Variants

Here are different types of Kotak 811 accounts that you’ll probably find:

1. Kotak 811 Limited KYC Account

The procedure for opening this type of bank account is relatively standard where you will have to produce your Aadhaar card and PAN card details. Customers also get 4% interest rates which are absent from the Kotak 811 Lite account. The maximum balance that a user can keep in the account is one lakh rupees and up to 2 lakh rupees worth of deposits in a year.   

To upgrade from a Lite account to a Limited account, the bank gives the user one year to complete the full KYC procedure. Failure to do so, the bank account will be closed. You can go for this type of account if you have transactions that are limited to one lakh rupee. 

2. Kotak 811 Lite Account

To open this type of bank account, you need the least amount of documents and bare minimum requirements such as PAN card. The minimum balance that you can have in the bank account is 10,000 rupees per month and one lakh rupees per year. You get no facilities for having a cheque book or a debit card as well. There are no interest rates applicable to such an account. 

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The Kotak 811 Lite account is a temporary account that you can have only for a year. Post the period; you will have to complete the full KYC process. 

An important thing to know, the account should be taken up if and only if you don’t have your Aadhaar number linked to a mobile number. If you do, then try out for a Kotak 811 Limited account. 

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3. Kotak 811 Edge Account

The bank account acts like a regular savings account but with the inclusion of monthly minimum balance of 10,000 rupees. Failure to do so, and there is a penalty of 5% charged for the shortfall. The account can be opened by those who wish to have all the services offered under the savings account tag where cheque books, ATM and RTGS facilities are available. 

Almost all the services are free, but do consult with the respective bank to learn more about the actual services and other incentives provided with Kotak 811 Edge account. 

4. Kotak 811 Full KYC Account

To open this account, the procedure is quite complicated but brief. Customers will have to forgo a complete KYC process, including FATCA declaration with submissions of relevant documents in the process. The particular type of savings accounts come with all the bells and whizzes of a regular savings account without the minimum monthly balance requirements.  

For a long-term savings bank account, Kotak 811 full KYC account should do justice for that purpose. With unlimited transactions and regular savings, the account is perfect, and there is no minimum monthly balance requirement capped on the account. 

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Kotak 811 Primary Charges & Fees

There are different charges levied on the type of transaction that is undertaken. All of which have been provided in the table below.


Kotak 811 Lite

Kotak 811 Limited KYC

Kotak 811 Full KYC

Kotak 811 Edge

NEFT/IMPS/mobile banking/RTGS

Outward fund transfer not available



Non-maintenance of minimum balance.




5% of the minimum balance shortfall

CDM/cash deposit through branch

No charges on first transaction. After which 50 rupees will be charged per transaction

No charges on first transaction. After which 50 rupees will be charged per transaction

No charges on first transaction. After which 50 rupees will be charged per transaction

No charges on first four transaction. After which 150 rupees will be charged per transaction

RTGS/NEFT/IMPS through branch

Outward fund transfer not available

Facility unavailable

Up to 40 rupees based on the amount transferred

Up to 40 rupees based on the amount transferred
Kotak 811 Account Primary Charges & Fees Table

Kotak 811 Account – Minimum Balance Required

Zero balance accounts are eligible for Kotak 811 Limited KYC, Lite and full KYC accounts where there are no penalties or any money deducted if there is no balance whatsoever.

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At the same time, the Kotak 811 Edge account requires a minimum balance of 10,000 rupees. Failure to do could invite penalties and other fines which could be 5% of the shortfall balance. It’s the only drawback from keeping a Kotak 811 Edge account. 

Kotak 811 Savings Account – Interest Rate

As we discussed in the beginning, Kotak Mahindra Bank provides 4% interest on all forms of savings accounts other than Kotak 811 Lite account. The interest rate of 4% is levied for the balance exceeding 1 lakh rupees and 3.5% interest on balance up to one Lakh rupees. 

What this means? Say, if you have Rs.180,000 as your bank balance, then 3.5% interest will be levied on one lakh rupees and 4% interest on the remaining 80,000 rupees. Thus, it’s a better option to go for a Kotak 811 Limited account that can help in earning more extraordinary deeds of interest on your savings. 

Types of Kotak 811 Debit Cards with Charges


Kotak 811 Lite

Kotak 811 Limited KYC

Kotak 811 Full KYC

Kotak 811 Edge

Physical debit card


199 rupees per annum

199 rupees per annum

150 rupees per annum

Virtual debit card
No charge
No charge

No charge

At other Bank ATM


20 rupees per transaction with 8.5 rupees for non-financial transaction

20 rupees per transaction with 8.5 rupees for non-financial transaction

20 rupees per transaction with 8.5 rupees for non-financial transaction

At Kotak ATM


20 rupees per transaction with zero charges on non-financial transactions.

20 rupees per transaction with zero charges on non-financial transactions.
Types of Kotak 811 Debit Cards with Charges Table

Important: Only five transactions (non-financial and financial transactions) are allowed at any of the Kotak or non-Kotak ATM outlets in a month.  

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Kotak 811 Account – Benefits & Features

Some of the benefits of opening a Kotak 811 account are:

1. A Quick Account Opening Process

The feasibility of opening an account from the comfort of your house is quite the experience. Though the Kotak website, users can open their preference of Kotak 811 bank account in under 20 minutes and can use their virtual debit card as soon as the account is ready to use.

All that is required a laptop, KYC documents, a stable internet connection and a mobile phone.  

2. A Digital Savings Account

Users can access their account from the mobile banking app, which comes loaded with a plethora of features that can help in enabling transaction seamlessly. UPI, QR code scanner and much more are available on the app.

3. No Minimum Balance Requirement

There are very few banks in the country that offer “No minimum balance requirements” for savings bank in the country. Kotak provides this feature on all of its bank accounts except Kotak 811 Edge account which requires a 10,000 rupees monthly minimum balance. 

4. Auto Sweep Facility

Typically, the 4% interest offered on savings bank happens to be higher than any other interest rates offered by banks in the country. But for any reason, if the money deposited in a bank account is sitting idle for above 180 days while meeting the minimum threshold amount, then it’s converted to a Fixed Deposit (FD). 

In this manner, you can earn higher. However, if there is a shortfall, then the FD can be broken, and the money can be deposited back into your account. 

5. Integrated Kaymall

Users can access Kaymall (Kotak’s very own online shopping portal) through the mobile app of Kotak. Kaymall comprises of different offers for different sites such as Flipkart, Goibibo, IRCTC and more.  

6. Access to Virtual Debit Card

Kotak 811 account provides its users with a virtual debit card that can be used for online transactions and other places. But for withdrawing money through an ATM, these cards cannot be used.  

All the bank accounts offered under the Kotak 811 account have virtual debit cards, but Kotak 811 Edge only comes with a physical debit card.  

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Kotak 811 Account – Pros & Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages about the Kotak 811 Bank account:


  1. The feasibility of opening an account online. 
  2. A plethora of discounts and offers on other websites and Kaymall. 
  3. An interest rate of 4% based on your balance.
  4. The flexibility of opening a zero balance savings account. 
  5. Four different savings account to choose which provide varied offers and features. 


  1. There is no joint account operation or holding through Kotak 811 account. 

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Kotak 811 Review – A Final Take

If you are someone that wants the flexibility of having a zero balance account with the options of four different types, then Kotak 811 is the bank you should choose. With hassle-free account opening processes that can takes few minutes to open, you can skip the part where you have to go to the bank for any reason other than depositing money. 

However, coming to the account choosing part, then go for the Kotak 811 Limited KYC account which provides users with 4% interest, zero balance and offers a virtual debit card as well.

Note: The details given above are on an “as is” basis. The interest rate, fee, charges and other details are subject to change on a later date. So, kindly refer the respective bank website or a representative of the bank for any latest information.

Have you tried the Kotak 811 account? You wish to discuss on any other savings bank account in India, do share your views in the comment section.