4 thoughts on “NRE Account vs NRO Account – Facts you need to know !”

  1. Hi, I am in Europe. Before I started I converted my savings bank account into NRO account. I have no source of income to be deposited regularly into my account. As I tried to learn the difference between NRE and NRO I could come to know that NRO is a taxable account.At this juncture I prefer to convert my account to NRE. Is it a right decision? I use Western union to send money back at home to any of my relatives occasionally.What should I do to change the status of my account to NRE? How to do it ? Thanks.

  2. Dear sir,
    If I am going for a study in any foreign country,I can only be able to hold some amount in hand. If the conditions are good I may be able to do some part time jobs and earn money. In the case of some emergency if I want to arrange some money,which I am not able to get from the foreign country, how can I get it from India ?

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