With the advent of technology and fast emerging era of digital investing platforms, the significance of having a demat account can’t be ignored. Demat account is a place to hold your securities in dematerialised or electronic form thereby eliminating the need of physical certificates. Opening a demat account is essential for trading and getting instant access to easy and faster online services.

Looking at the growing range of stock brokers around, you are bound to get confused. So, if you are in a dilemma, which is the best stock broker in India to open your demat account? Don’t worry, it’s better to have a look at the merits of popular stock brokers before taking a final decision.

So, here we present to you a complete review on one of the topmost stock brokers in India: Angel Broking. You shall also become aware of the various advantages of opening a demat account with Angel Broking.

Angel Broking: A Glimpse

Angel Broking, demat account

Angel Broking, a renowned name and one of the leading stock brokers presents a gamut of retail stock broking services in India. As a full service stock broking company, Angel Broking provides financial services like equity, commodity, currency trading, ETFs, IPOs, mutual funds etc. The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and bulk of financial benefits associated to it, further strengthen its vast services horizon.

10 Advantages of Opening Demat Account with Angel Broking:

Let’s analyse the advantages of opening the technology driven Demat and Trading account with Angel Broking.

1. A Simple user Interface:

Angel Broking offers its customers a user friendly online trading platform. You can follow an easy and hassle- free browser and application based trading.

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2. Fast Account Opening Process:

A simple account opening process needs to be followed and you are all ready to start your investing activities. Less paperwork leads to a faster account opening procedure.

3. Speedy financial transactions:

The biggest advantage of opening an online trading account is the speed factor. In fact, an online demat account ensures a secure and convenient way to manage and track your investments accurately.

4. Free Demat Account Option:

Presently, a free demat account opening opportunity is made available to the potential customers in selective cities across India. So, it’s indeed a great chance to grab it!

Angel Broking Demat Account, demat account, angel broking, demat account opening

5. Enjoy Flat 20% off on Brokerage:

When you open a demat account with Angel Broking, you earn flat 20% discount on the brokerage charges for your online transactions. Isn’t this lucrative? Wait! There’s still more to know!

6. Digital KYC:

A quick paperless KYC process helps you easily initiate your investing and trading activities. This saves a lot of your precious time. That’s what you probably look for in this busy life.

7. Free access to Angel Broking App ARQ:

This is surely a huge value addition to the services offered by this popular stock broker. You can enjoy simple and speedy stock trading through the unique mobile trading application, Angel Broking App ARQ. No doubt, this new hyper intelligent investment engine ARQ is surely a bonus to enjoy!

8. Easy Products/Services for Clients:

For the ease of its customers, Angel Broking has introduced different handy tools in the past few years. “Angel Broking Trade” and “Angel Speed Pro” are two such perfect examples. These products not only guide you in making and managing your investments but give you trade monitoring capabilities as well.

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9. Value added Investment Advice:

Being a full service broker, Angel broking scores over discount brokers in providing expert investment advice through experienced team of professionals.

10. Great Customer support:

Angel Broking, powered by a dedicated team and good support staff is there to look after your different investment needs.

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Angel Broking: A Final Review

Angel Broking has come a long way offering a whole range of impeccable services to its clients. Known for its wide offline presence since the past few decades, this full-service stock broking house has achieved multiple levels of growth.

Considering the features of this robust investing platform, a secure and seamless investment experience awaits you. Keep your long term investment goals in mind and go ahead with the best available option.

Don’t miss this simple, speedy and secure stock trading journey with one of the biggest players in the stock trading world.

Have you opened an online demat and trading account or still thinking? Do keep these benefits in mind while making the best choice for yourself.