PMI PMP: Should You Pursue This Certification Path?

The main question of this article arises in the heads of many individuals who swing between the choice of getting a certification and not attaining one. People normally hesitate in many things, so why listen to this anxiety every time and lose a whole bunch of opportunities?

To build a rewarding career in project management, it is recommended that you go through the certification path. Earning a credential validates your skills, knowledge, and competency in the area of your specialization. It shows that you are committed to learning and growing your expertise and skills in the field. Especially, if you are new in the industry.

Of course, no employer sees such a professional and easily lets him/her go. For such individuals, the IT credentials open doors to opportunities and act as a springboard for the desired career.

One of the surest ways to quickly rise on the career ladder is to attain a certificate from the Project Management Institute. PMI is definitely a leading certification provider in the field of project management. It offers a wide array of credentials for the individuals trying to build a career in this sphere. For the newbies, the company recommends gaining the PMP certification. This is an entry-level certificate, which is perfect for those candidates who are just starting in the PM realm.

So, let’s focus more on this first step of the PMI path that will change your life.

Benefits of PMP Certification

There have been many job positions requesting the PMP certification. The implication of this is that this PMI PMP Certification Practice Test credential is really in high demand. Indeed, currently, over 12,000 professionals working in the Information Technology field have earned it. And, according to the Monster job searching website, there are hundreds of job roles in other industries that acknowledge the skills of this certificate. That is why you don’t have to stick to the IT realm with PMI PMP.

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Whatever industry you are in, your task is to keep projects on track, find innovative ways to work with your schedule and maintain it. After obtaining the credential, you will have wide opportunities to function optimally in different spheres. Moreover, the PMP certification also gives you high bargaining power in terms of salary negotiation.

It is important to mention that there are other credentials apart from Project Management Professional. Therefore, whatever certificate you choose to attain, it is recommended that you consider PMP as part of your certification path. Earning this credential is a validation that you have achieved something important and significant and it can catapult you to an unimaginable height in your career pursuit.

Prerequisites for PMP Certification

All PMI credentials have their individual prerequisites. It is important that you visit the official page to learn more about the requirements you need for attaining one of them. For the PMP certification, the prerequisites are quite tough. It requires serious work and entails adequate preparation before you attempt the PMP exam.

To earn this certification, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and 4,500 hours of experience in project leading and directing. If you do not have any of these criteria, you need to work at least 7,500 hours in project management.

In addition to this, you must have at least thirty-five hours of project management education acquired through company-sponsored programs, distance learning, or university programs. Having the CAPM certificate will also be a plus.

Of course, it does not end with the certification exam. An individual with the PMP credential must earn at least sixty professional development points within the period of three years. This translates into sixty hours of professional project management service and learning. In other words, your certification criteria do not stop after earning the certificate. You must commit to a continuous learning process to maintain your PMI PMP.

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PMP Certification, project management professional

Overview of PMP Exam

It is essential to mention that the certification exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions and you have 4 hours of your time to complete them. The test evaluates 5 domains with a certain percentage of each. It allocates the following way:

  • Initiation – 13%,
  • Planning – 24%,
  • Executing – 31%,
  • Monitoring & Controlling – 25%,
  • Closing – 7%.

This doesn’t mean that you can devote less time to the topics that will appear less in the test. You need to create a plan including the learning of all the subjects in advance and develop a schedule for the days before your exam. Get familiar with the objectives and structure your plan the following way: the difficult ones are the top priority and the easiest topics are the second important ones.

PrepAway can help you with this task and guide you in the right way. And, of course, while studying, don’t forget to rest properly. Take long breaks with a cup of your favourite drink and keep a relaxed state of mind.

Honourable Mention

For new professionals in the field of project management, there are more certificates that you can pursue to get you started on the right foot.

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential that we mentioned earlier is a great place to begin your certification pursuit. To earn this certificate, you need to have a high school diploma or its global equivalent. In addition to this, you are required to have 23 hours of project management training in a formal education setting or 1,500 hours of work experience.

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The professionals with the PMP certification who work in the Information Technology field can further create a niche for themselves in other sectors of job market.

The first step to earning the certificate is to make a commitment and follow it through. Prepare yourself for a long time of training and learning, give yourself a good sleep before the test, and grab this badge after the successful completion.

It can be not that easy as you thought it would, but with determination, you can achieve your certification goals and open a path for your life to change.

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